Huntsman Super PAC May Be Family Affair


Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has had low polling numbers, minimal to non-existent media mentions and fairly anemic fundraising so far in the election cycle.  But he does have an untapped avenue to use in his pursuit of the GOP nomination — at least, untapped until now.

According to Politico a new political action committee, Our Destiny PAC, has been formed to help Huntsman on his run.  The PAC treasurer, Thomas Muir, is a vice president at Huntsman Corporation.   But that isn’t Muir’s only job.  He also acted as treasurer for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation non-profit, a group that has been run by both the candidate and his wealthy father as a means of distributing part of the vast family fortune.

Without the change in campaign finance law that allows these unlimited fund super PACs to flourish, the family Huntsman would be limited in exactly how much money they could provide in order to support Huntsman’s White House bid.  Instead, they simply have to provide as much as they want to an outside group, supported and administered by Huntsman employees, to be spent “supporting” the candidate’s bid but not actually as part of the campaign itself.

Thanks to the new emerging super PACs, campaign spending will go through the roof, the wealthy can spend unlimited money to purchase politicians who will represent their special interests, and the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to get even wider.


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Arthur W.
art W6 years ago

Huntsman is running way behind but, of the gang of mean, nasty and ignorant runners, Huntsman seems the best of the lot. At least he believes in real science and does not claim to get instructions from and speak to an invisible super entity in the sky. Of course he is off the rails on a lot of other issues.
Should Obama the brave and courageous not find his balls and overcome his numerous deficiencies then, grim as it would be, our choice is very limited. And please, don't tell me a third "party" candidate is needed. We had that with Nader who helped deliver us to GWB Jr.

Arthur W.
art W6 years ago

Despite the great disappointment Obama has given me after my initial vigorous support of him, he has made a series of terrible moves: Israel, Arctic drilling, Medicare/Medicaid, Guantanamo, failure to indict and prosecute the criminals Bush/Cheney and several others,not pulling us rapidly out of Afghanistan/Iraq, the Tar Sands pipeline - and the list continues.. But if the GOP runs any one of the nut jobs now contenders , he might had a chance to win .A very bad way to earn a second term.

Robert F.

Super PACs will change the landscape of running for office. It is now possible for candidates to buy the presidency. Ads are not required to be accurate. This will create political election cycles that will become increasingly fictional, based on lies and half-truths, and delusional as more people believe what they see on the big and small screen.

Ellen G.
Ellen G6 years ago

Huntsman may be the ONLY Republican who has a chance to win the presidency. The rest are religious fanatics and with all the independents and Democrats who are done with Obama he may actually stand a chance. I am Independent, although for years I had been registered as Democratic. I would not give Obama another chance to stab us in the back. I am at this point undecided but know most of them running on the Republican side should be committed to a rubber room and wearing a straight jacket. Huntsman is someone I would like to learn more about.

paul c.
paul c6 years ago

Huntsman better use that money to buy some crazy. He's still way too in touch with reality to be a viable Republican presidential candidate.

Neal King
Neal King6 years ago

Hey guys, Huntsman is the only sane Republican in the running. The rest of them will abandon "1 1 = 2" if the tea partyers demand it; and they have.

Steve Solo
Steve Solo6 years ago

looking at the photo you pick Huntsman looks a little bewildered .."geez all that money for my campaign do I get a new life?" and that Rick Perry... finger pointing condescending looking person I wouldn't by a car from him let alone a grow house... what's with the electorate? can't you find real people to lead you or have the corporations finally won out ...

Debbie Wasko
Past Member 6 years ago

All PAC groups should be banned from contributing. The loopholes that allow monies to flow through are so complicated and legally snarled they will never be straightened out ... therefore, a ban is the only solution.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if candidates had to stand on their performance only, with one set of participation rules for all?

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

That's how huntman survives, by the donations of rich corporate backers. Bachman only won the Iowa straw poll because she bought the votes. Huntsman is a particularly insidious liar, who wants to end medicare and social security. He says social security is going bankrupt, so he wants to raise the retirement age when all we have to do is raise the 106,000 a year cap to unlimited incomes. Raising the $106,000 cap would save social security for 30 years. And like all dirty republican liars, Huntman wants to cut taxes for the rich. Huntman clearly is bought and paid for by his corporate backers as are all the other mendacious republicans.