If You Want to Fight Cancer, Turn Those Pink Ribbons Green


Written by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, Common Dreams

I’m going to make a confession. I never could stand those pink ribbons. I’ve never done a “Walk for the Cure” or bought daffodils for cancer victims or even picked a cancer-cure-themed postage stamp.

I’m glad to hear that the Komen Foundation has bowed to pressure and is restoring funding to Planned Parenthood, a worthwhile organization if there ever was one.

But in general, the idea of putting the energy and effort of well-meaning citizens behind “the search for a cure for cancer” just irritates me, because let’s face it, we know what causes cancer, and therefore we can do better than cure it, we can prevent it! Maybe not 100%, but we can take it back to the modest rates that previous generations of human beings enjoyed.

For my grandparents’ generation, a diagnosis of cancer was frightening because it was so often a death sentence, but it was rare. Not one of my four grandparents came down with cancer, and I don’t believe their parents did either. This isn’t due to some genetic serendipity, it’s just a fact that cancer rates in the first half of the 20th century (and every century before that) were way lower than they are now.

Cancer rates are skyrocketing now thanks to the environmental toxins that humans have introduced into our air, soil and water, and thus our agricultural crops, drinking water and the very air we breathe. Rachel Carson saw the effects of DDT on birds, and gave the warning just before she succumbed to cancer.

We may have removed DDT from the US market, but it’s still being used in other countries, and here it has been replaced by a whole host of alphabet-soup chemicals, each one more potent and carcinogenic than the last.

If you really want to make a difference in the war against cancer, forget about those ridiculous pink ribbons. Use the power of your wallet and your ballot to insist that the government step up and do its job in regulating the industrial agriculture sector.

Or better yet, let’s allow the specter of industrial agriculture to fade away into the dustbin of the 20th century, and start a real “green revolution,” dedicated to the health and well-being of our planet and all her denizens.

What color is your ribbon? Mine is green.

This post was originally published by Common Dreams.


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Tierney G.
Tierney G5 years ago

Thank you good points and I am glad somebody finally said it. These big toxic corporations are going to be extremely hard to fight but we can do it.

Chris Hanlon
Chrissie H5 years ago

Interesting article,thanks.

Shasta L.
Shasta Leonard5 years ago

I completely agree with this article!!! I also think religions(not knocking) should start preaching this and not just the bible and respect "gods body's"..

Sandra Streifel
Sandra S5 years ago

@Ernest R.: When you mention population control, and all the environmental harm that comes from increased population, I hope you realize you are talking about population of the INDUSTRIALIZED WORLD, because these are the people that have the environmental footprints 10 times those of people in the developing world, where we usually consider "population control" to be needed. If we really want to control the output of toxic chemicals, or the output of carbon on this planet, we have to focus on the rich population.

Karen B.
Past Member 5 years ago

@Valerie B.
You are dead on my girl!
Rick Simpson (google him) has been curing cancer now
for the past four or five years by giving away oil he makes
from the marijuana plant.
He has fled to Europe for fear of imprisionment here.
Big Pharma will NEVER come up with actual cures for any disease.
They make medications to CONTROL only,
you have to stay on them for a lifetime.
BIG $$$$$$$$$
Always look to mother nature for the cure, she has it everytime!
And bless her heart she gave us the hemp/marijauna plant.

Dorlinda Chong
Dorlinda Chong5 years ago

Well, Valerie B. you need look no farther about cannabis curing cancer than this very Care2 site, as I just read the article before coming here through a link.

Courtney Groh
Past Member 5 years ago

I definitely agree. Go Jenny!

Ernest R.
Ernest R5 years ago

Char I.. “But if we dream of a greener future, the first priority has to be population control.” I agree that overpopulation is the major problem from which all disasters flow, from chemical contamination to forest depletion to destructive agriculture to fuel shortages to resource depletion to coal burning plants to nuclear disasters.. Running for cancer, bicycling for cancer, eating for cancer has had zero results apart from enriching pharmaceutical companies. But we learn that Japan has a much lower breast cancer rate than the US, but Japanese who immigrate to the continental US and Hawaii, experience the same cancer rate as Americans. What are the results from the focused study to determine what causes the increased rate in the US ? There are none. There is no such study, just the pink ribbons.

Debbie F.
Debbie F5 years ago

totally agree with the article. Americans are being sold a fairy tale that everyone will get cancer due to old age and better detection. No way! Cancer is not natural! We are poisoning ourselves. Rachel Carson was right! We did it to ourselves and now we must not spend decades and fortunes just frantically searching for cures while our loved ones suffer and die. We must put an end to this assault on nature and our own health. We have to do it our selves because the government is controlled by corporate lobbyists and the media is also controlled by corporations. We must demand BPA free products and clean up the toxins in our environment

Pamela H.
Pamela H5 years ago

I totally agree with this article. Also something Big Pharma doesn't tell is is that vitamin D, which most of us lack, can prevent 8 out of 10 types of cancer. Check out How the Cancer Industry Controls Women: http://counterthink.com/Cancer_Industry_Controls_Women.asp
Not to mention the cruel tests they do on animals in labs which have no relation to human reactions whatsoever. My money will not be going to that.