Illinois Update(d): Republican Kirk Defeats Giannoulias for Senate, Gov Race Tight

(Updated below)

NBC just called the Illinois Senate race for Republican Rep. Mark Kirk.  He leads Democratic candidate Alexi Gianoullias 48.4-46 with 97 percent reporting.  Gianoullias was no doubt hurt by the presence of Green Party candidate LeAlen Jones whose 3.2 percent could have made the difference for the Democrat.  That said, as the pundits and politerati disect this race, the presence of secret outside money will become dominant.

I voted in the Illinois elections, and over the last few weeks I couldn’t turn on my television without seeing an American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS spot.  Karl Rove is smiling somewhere, pleased with himself that he convinced Illinoisans to hand Obama’s former Senate seat to a Republican with a compulsive exaggeration problem.

Gianoullias enjoyed huge margins in Cook and Alexander Counties, inclusive of Illinois’ largest urban centers, Chicago and East St. Louis respectively.  These accounted for the early results showing a large Dem lead initially.  After that, the Kirk camp watched IL’s electoral map fill in with various shades of pink to red.

The Governor’s race between incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn and downstate Republican Bill Brady is a barn-burner.  Quinn leading by less than 9,000 votes with 96 percent reporting.  Third party candidates are a factor.  I’ll update when results become final.

12:30 Update:

Oops.  Doesn’t look like we’re going to get a result tonight.

via Ward Room:


Just after midnight in Bloomington, Illinois Bill Brady sent his guests home. The gubernatorial election is too close to call, he said.  

“With more than 3.5 million votes cast in this election, it’s not going to be decided tonight,” Brady said…


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anne C.
anne C7 years ago

the MAJORITY have spoken, but I think the Dems will still be in angry denial...lets hope sanity returns and Obama swings from his far left position to the middle, to help get the country back to a two party system that works together for the GOOD OF THE COUNTRY! His attitude of "I won" was arrogant in ignoring suggestions that Republicans had to offer, especially from the Chamber of Commerce, re JOBS! maybe he'll learn the lesson that he represents ALL the people! even those who did not vote for him! I hope and trust that Republicans will be more gracious than Obama was in reaching out across the divide for the greater good of America..

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W7 years ago

Another resounding rebuke of Obama.