Iowa Farm Resumes Selling Eggs After Recall

The smaller of the two major egg farms involved in the FDA recall over the summer has resumed shipping eggs. The larger farm may be shut down if it doesn’t clean up its act.

The two farms associated with the largest egg recall in history were Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms. It is thought that the salmonella that led to the recall originated at Wright and spread to Hillandale when Hillandale bought chickens and feed from Wright.

Hillandale recalled 170 million eggs and Wright recalled 280 million.

Back in August both farms were infested with insects, manure, and dead animals. The FDA has now found Hillandale up to spec and safe to resume selling shell eggs to customers. Until now the companies had to sell to facilities that broke open eggs and pasteurized them.

Wright County Egg, however has been a little slower and a letter from the FDA informed them that their products could be seized and their farm shut down if they don’t clean up their act.

If Wright does manage to clean up its facilities and start selling eggs again, we’ll all be one step closer to forgetting about this whole incident.

An opportunity
But should we forget it?

Each time that a tragedy like this happens we have the media’s attention for a moment to show people what animal agriculture is in the 21st century. It’s dirty, diseased, rotting animal corpses and manure swarming with insects. When things like this make the news, people react. They buy fewer animal products and more produce.

We have the public’s attention for a moment before the PR machines of the large animal exploiters get their hands on the situation, they do the bare minimum to clean up their act, assure everyone that everything is fine and a few months later we forget all about it.

The owner of Wright, Jack Decoster, has been fined for health code, safety, and environmental violations by other companies he’s owned. But the government probably won’t shut down Wright County Egg, and even if they did there’s plenty more egg farms to replace it.

The solution isn’t to clean up the farms and it isn’t to allow these farms to go back to exploiting animals and making humans sick.

The solution isn’t to sweep this incident under the rug and go back to what we had been doingeither.  The answer is that we should take the egg recall as a sign that the people who raise animals for food do not care about protecting the animals or protecting our health. They care only about profit.

The egg recall was a wake up call, an opportunity to see the truth about animal agriculture. If the egg recall had you thinking about not eating eggs anymore, cut out dairy and meat while you’re at it. Go vegan for the health of the animals and for your own health.

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jane richmond
jane richmond8 years ago

Is it REALLY safe now?? I think NOT!

Kayla C.
Kayla Clark8 years ago

Its just a bad case of eggs,it will soon pass and all will be well. :)

Dianne D.
Dianne D8 years ago

This recall changed my parents mind about buying eggs. They used to eat them daily, now they don't. I never did like the taste of eggs, and don't eat them. Now being vegan, I wouldn't consider eating an egg.

gary leigh
gary leigh8 years ago


Manuela C.
Manuela C8 years ago

I use eggs from my mother's free, "corn-feeded" chickens, and if I can't, I buy bio.

clara H.
Clara Hamill8 years ago

Another vegan propaganda lie fest. Your better off trying to get people to eat free range.

Philippa P.
Philippa P8 years ago

I buy my eggs from a small operation that allows free-range.

Robert Hamilton-Bruce

This 'Quick Poll' question is really dumb. The issue is about cruelty not becoming a vegan. This quality of question lowers the tone of the entire issue.

Jean A.
Jean A8 years ago

Be careful where you buy your eggs. But yes it is a wake up call, not just for factory farms but oil drilling and the way we have conducted ourselves in the past. Most Americans have a conscience but when it is for profit and bottom line we need to protest. Stop buying the products, lets get better.

Ronald Ellsworth
Ronald E8 years ago

Eggs - nature's perfect food. IF you ate nothing but eggs for months you would end up healthier than you started. Best to have your own production, of course. 2nd best, local small farms.