Is Gordon Ramsay Really Going Vegan?

It’s a baffling headline, isn’t it? Can Gordon Ramsay, world famous chef and vegan-basher, possibly adopt a plant-based diet? Has the rapture come?

Ramsay, as you may know, is a British chef and television personality. Americans are likely familiar with his FOX television show, “Hell’s Kitchen.” Ramsay’s multiple restaurants have been awarded a total of 16 Michelin stars. The Queen has even awarded him an OBE, or Order of the British Empire. In the culinary world, he’s a major player.

And Ramsay has infamously jabbed at vegans and vegetarians in the recent past.

“I’m a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals,” he tweeted in response to photo of vegan lasagna.


“Oh, dear, Gordon.” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals replied. “We’ve heard that old line before. While you’re spending time mocking the future vegan we’re betting you one day become, most chefs are exploring healthy, animal and environment friendly plant based dishes.”

In 2017 Ramsay said, “I’m 100 percent never turning vegan.” In February 2016, when asked on Twitter if he had any allergies, he offered a one-word answer: “Vegans.” Later he tweeted that his response had been a joke. “It’s not vegans it’s vegetarians.”

In an interview with the Daily Mirror in 2007, Ramsay even said: “My biggest nightmare would be if the kids ever said, ‘Dad, I’m a vegetarian’. Then I would sit them on the fence and electrocute them.”

No wonder the world gasped when when Ramsay tweeted this unexpected message on April 16:

Photo credit: Gordon Ramsay/Twitter

Photo Credit: Gordon Ramsey/Twitter

But Ramsay hasn’t always had a heart of stone. For example, in this video, he watches undercover footage of piglet castration and tail docking — without anesthesia:

Watch to the very end to hear him say: “It’s enough to turn anyone f***ing vegetarian, for God’s sake. And I’ve always sort of knocked vegetarians and vegans for missing out on the most amazing flavor you get from meat, but you can see why so many people change — instantly.”

On the other hand, Ramsay accompanied his own hand-raised pigs to the slaughterhouse. He seemed honestly upset that their day had come to die, but he didn’t save them. Presumably, he ate them.

So, the world can calm down. Gordon Ramsay is in no danger of going full-on vegan anytime this millennium.

He tweeted only that he’s going to “give this vegan thing a try.” What “thing” would that be? The vegan lifestyle? That’s doubtful. A plant-based diet? Also unlikely, unless he’s had a recent health scare.

Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons/Jim G from Silicon Valley, CA

Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Jim G from Silicon Valley, CA

Perhaps it has more to do with his new London restaurant – and free advertising. Remember that vegan pizza in the photo that accompanied his tweet? Well, it’s now on the menu at Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza.

You never know, of course. And either way, he’s finally acknowledging the demand for vegan options. That’s the real good news story here.

To ensure that his restaurants remain popular, Ramsay will have to start catering to the growing number of vegan diners out there.

Just maybe Gordon Ramsay will really try eating vegan as he scopes out new dishes to add to his menus. And if he does, perhaps it will open his mind to how creative and tasty vegan cooking can be.

We can dream, can’t we?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Leon Brocard


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