Is It the End of the Line for Susan Collins?

It was a near straight party-line vote when the Senate confirmed the newest Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, onto the bench: Only one Democrat voted†yes, and†every Republican†voted no. That result was especially frustrating for those who believed that Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins would vote against the new judge due to his extreme partisanship and the sexual assault allegations against him.

Collins, who claims to support abortion rights, ignored multiple indications that Kavanaugh would gut those very†protections if sworn in. And despite positioning herself as an advocate for women, she chose to support her party by providing the ultimate promotion to a man who very likely harassed, abused and otherwise harmed women throughout much of his high school and college years.

Could this signal her last term in office?

Collins hemmed and hawed her way through Kavanaugh’s nomination hearings, at one point arguing that she believed him when he said Roe v. Wade was precedent that he would respect. Later, she maintained that†Kavanaugh†never performed any of the actions that his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, testified that he did.

Those statements alone were enough to cause an anti-Collins political action fundraising site to crash under the crush of new donations offered to anyone who would challenge her in 2020. But it didn’t stop there.

Still trying to justify her vote against women, Collins later hit the airwaves while doing press interviews. She claimed that while she did believe that Blasey Ford was attacked, she was certain that the person who attacked her wasn’t actually Kavanaugh.

The Washington Post†reports:

When host Dana Bash asked, ‘So, do you still think that it is possible that he did it; you just donít have the proof to back that up?’ Collins replied, ‘I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant. Ö I do believe that she was assaulted. I donít know by whom, and Iím not certain when, but I do not believe that he was the assailant.”

And in an even more tone-deaf statement, Collins told CBS Face the Nation, “The one silver lining that I hope will come from this is that more women will press charges now when they are assaulted.” Because apparently the only way a victim can ever be believed is if that person reports to the police.

Between her faux pro-choice activism and her belittling of survivors, it’s no wonder that candidates are lining up now, anxious to remove†Collins from office when she is up for reelection in 2020.

The Associated Press†reports:

Half a dozen Democratic prospects are openly considering running against the Republican political powerhouse, while an online fund has generated $3.6 million ó and counting ó for Collinsí ultimate Democratic challenger.†The would-be candidates include Susan Rice, who had been one of President Barack Obamaís closest aides. Rice is not currently a Maine resident ó she has family ties to the state ó but would bring political celebrity that could make it difficult for the stateís shallow bench of lesser-known Democrats to stand out.

Rice has said that she will wait until after the 2018 midterms to see exactly what shakes out in the political landscape before officially considering a run. If she does say yes, well,†Rice has a lot of allies already working to bring Collins down. A special interest group that supports Obamacare recently bought a new ad targeting Collins for approving Kavanaugh, claiming that the new justice will help bring down the health care laws she claims to support.

“Trumpís nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be a rubber stamp on his war on health care was a true test of Senator Collinsís commitment to health care,” Protect Our Care Chairwoman Leslie Dach told The Hill. “Senator Collins failed that test, and Mainers will remember where she stood when the Court rules to rip health care away from us.”

With abortion rights, civil rights, accessible health care and more now all in jeopardy due to the 5-4 conservative majority on the court, Sen. Susan Collins will have quite a bit to justify to voters†in preparation for the†2020 election. And if all goes the way it appears to be heading, that could mean the end of the line for her long senatorial career.

Photo credit: Collins Senate/Wikimedia Commons


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Thank you.

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Susanne R4 months ago

Shelley W. - Perhaps if trump and Don McGahn had allowed the FBI more than a few days for the investigation and didn't choose and limit the number of witnesses that could be interviewed, things might have turned out differently. The investigation was rigged in Kavanaugh's favor. trump and McGahn wanted Kavanaugh to stack the court and they found a way to get the job done.

According to Vox: "But the FBI investigation wasn't thorough. From the very beginning, the investigation of the sexual assault allegations was limited - in terms of time, which witnesses the bureau could talk to, and what other kinds of evidence the FBI could obtain. That was inherent here; the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh was not the typical criminal query associated with the FBI - which could be expansive - but a limited supplemental addition to background checks that the bureau has already done for the Supreme Court nominee.

Maybe that was the point. Perhaps the FBI investigation wasn't meant to get to the bottom of the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, but give certain senators cover to vote for Kavanaugh. Because the FBI certainly did not do the former, even as its investigation is raised up to do the latter."

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Susan just needs a repugnant to lie to her, and she caves. When she first ran for office, she promised she would only serve for two terms, that senators should not take the job for a lifetime. She's still there.

Her husband, lobbyist Thomas Daffron has a slew of Russia connections. In 2008, Mr. Daffron apparently lobbied for free for "Kenai, Alaska." That place has an interesting history -- as an HISTORIC RUSSIAN SETTLEMENT.

Let's hope the voters will put her out of her misery in 2020.

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Yet another Repug who can babble on for hours saying nothing but BS, then, like Flake, revert back to whatever the rest of the Greedy Old Perverts dictate. Deplorable.

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Ms Collins no doubt is a heroine to Republicans. But she would have been a true hera in my book if she'd stood with her sisters!

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Shelley W (below) interjects with an wanted dose of reality.

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I agree with Shelley w and Susan S below.