Is “Pro-Life Super PAC” A Personhood Front Group?

One of the many reason’s former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been finding himself sliding in the polls is due to what many social conservatives view as his wishy-washy record on abortion.  In Iowa, evangelicals were disappointed in his avoidance of the debate sponsored by “family values” group “The Family Leader,” or his non-appearance at the Mike Huckabee sponsored round-table discussion preceding the opening of his new anti-abortion documentary.

National action groups have been even more vocal in their opposition, especially as they begin to coalesce around former Senator Rick Santorum as a possible standard bearer for the cause.  Anti-choice group the Susan B. Anthony List has organized a bus tour with “traditional values” groups to support Santorum in the state of Michigan, touting his signing of both their group’s pledge and a promise to push for personhood for fertilized eggs if he becomes president — two issues Romney refused to give firm answers on.

But suddenly appearing on the scene is a new player — a recently formed political action group running ads chastising Romney on his record on abortion.  “Pro-Life Super PAC,” a semi-mysterious political action group formed just within the last two weeks, has launched ads that calls misleading and “a stretch.”

With a newly launched group, disclosures, if they happen at all, won’t be available until far after the contests that the group is campaigning for is over.  And, as FactCheck notes, very little info is available about who are the people behind Pro-Life SuperPAC.  The website is registered by proxy, the contact info is mostly cloaked and, other than the spokesman, Jason Jones, no names are publicly associated with it.

The only information that is provided is a P.O. Box in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The same P.O. Box being used by “Personhood Oklahoma” back in November.  The PAC, according to Jones, launched on February 16th, the same day that the Oklahoma senate voted to pass the Personhood amendment locally.

Is the “Pro-Life Super PAC” just a Personhood USA front?  It will be hard to tell until some disclosure occurs.  But with the anger the group had over Romney refusing to sign their personhood pledge, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to find them behind it.

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LD B5 years ago

Sandy E., your mention of Hitler just demonstrates how little you know, and how poorly you think.

Please crawl back into your cave with the rest of your paleoconservatards.

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Catholic men use Viagra for "pleasure" contrary to their holy sacred religion. It is immoral for Catholic men to use Viagra. God gave them softies for a reason, it's God's will. Sign this petition!

Barbara W.
Barbara W5 years ago

Don't know or care if you're male or female, keep your judgments to yourself, no one including Christ gave you that right. I don't agree with late term abortions except in the area of saving the mother's life, but that being said, I reserve the right to choose what is right for myself. Secondly, when people start taking care of the kids already born who are starving and homeless, then perhaps you'll have an opinion that I'll find worth listening to. There are 7 billion people on this earth - how many more do you think we all should have? How many other species must be decimated before man realizes he's a virus on this planet? When will he wake up and realize that polluting the earth, water, and sky is a certain death for us all? But you whine about a child aborted that most times isn't anything more than a clump of cells - that is not viable outside the womb? And you deem it more important than the mother who's carrying it? Bite me - she (the Mother) is first and foremost - and it's her choice and no one else's to decide for her. Get your nose out of my, and other women's, wombs - we are NOT going back in time - nor are we going to be good little women who have no opinions, and no rights, who belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, except to slide across the floor on our knees when the "master" comes home. We did not invite you into our wombs, so what you're proposing is tantamount to rape. When you men allow rectal exams for Viagra, Cialis, and any other erect

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik5 years ago

Sandy E - No one is confusing Love & SEX - except perhaps the people who clamor on about not letting gays be equal. Obama IS no where NEAR, if you were looking for a candidate close to Hitler, that would be Rick Santorum.

Yes, engaging in SEX might produce a baby - if the people were not allowed birth control. But sex is more than just procreation - even tho that is all you would like it to be. Old people have sex too, you know...they certainly can produce no offspring & they don't have to worry about anything - yet they still have sex. They do so whether in a monogamous relationship or without. Young people, if given ALL the facts (not just don't do it or be abstinent) will delay sex longer & then when they have it they will generally use protection. Then there is LOVE. There is a difference between making love & having sex; but both are pleasurable.
YOU cannot legislate morality, no matter how much you try.

Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson5 years ago

DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA! He is closest to Hitler that we have had yet! Babies don't jump in a woman's body from sitting on a toilet seat as a rule. Engaging in sex is how this happens most often. Maybe it is about time we learned about LOVE again and stop relying on sex to feel loved. Seems love doesn't come with sex as there seems to be alot of women that don't even l;ove their own babies. if you are with a man you can't stand,who is forcing you to have un-safe sex, dump the bastard!

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

Absolutely. This Super Pac is nothing more than a Church on steroids.

Mark S.
Mark S5 years ago

They are another NAZI party.

Jennifer S.
Jennifer S5 years ago

Thank you, Citizens' United and SCOTUS!!! Now we may never know who is behind this PAC, but where there's smoke, there's fire, so I'm guessing that this Super-PAC is a personhood front group. This is nothing less than a new attack in the War on Women!!!