Is Romney Floating VP Picks Already?

We’ve still got months before primaries even start, but GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney is already planning life after endorsement.  In fact, he’s slowly leaking his Vice Presidential wish list.

Via Politico:

Romney was in Virginia Beach yesterday attending a fundraiser at the home of State Sen. Jeff McWaters.

The $1200 per plate event brought up some interesting data points regarding Governor Bob McDonnell.

Romney said that McDonnell has been an “incredible governor” and will be on “any candidate’s short-list” for Vice President. Now, considering that the candidate was in Virginia Beach – effectively McDonnell’s hometurf, that statement should be taken with a grain of sand. But he reiterated that the short list is “McDonnell, Governor Christie of New Jersey and Marco Rubio of Florida.”

Politico poses that Romney may not have been angling for them as running mates, as much as trying to woo them into supporting his campaign.  Christie especially would be a significant coup, as so many Republicans are still trying to push him into the race as a presidential candidate.  A “with Christie as my co-pilot” plan wouldn’t just get the key conservative (and his followers’) support, but keep him solidly out of the race as well.

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W. C
W. Cabout a month ago


William C
William Cabout a month ago

Thank you for the article.

Horsehockey Horace
Past Member 6 years ago

As a Tea Party Democrat....I hope he picks Christine O'Donald........! Seriously......!

Dominic C.
Dominic C6 years ago

The choice of VP is a very serious objective.

Dotti Lydon
Dotti L6 years ago

If I were forced to choose a candidate for POTUS, might Mitt be the lesser of the evils? I don't know. Just asking. And Brian, Paul and Sarah, these posts by Linda C. - do they not sound familiar to you?

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Brian F I couldn't agree more.

Romney's choices just show how far to the right he really is and how far to the right he wants to take this country.

Deborah King
Deborah King6 years ago

Jean C.--probably a few months worth!

donald baumgartner

Bachman or Palin would be GOOD picks, GUARNTEES Obama's Re--election!!

Sarah B.
Sarah B6 years ago

and I'm guessing you're attempting to refer to the calls for Obama to incite the 14th Amendment to squash the debt ceiling debacle, but therein lies another problem with your statement: it's not re-writing something when the Amendment already exists. Been there since 1868 actually. Invoking a 143 yr old Constitutional Amendment is far from re-writing the Constitution. Check into the GOP's Cut & Cap proposal if you're interested in NEW Amendments however. There you will actually find an attempt to change the Constitution.

Sarah B.
Sarah B6 years ago

Linda C. YOU are the one who clearly has no idea about Romney's "successes" ... care to talk about same sex marriage, pro-choice initiatives, universal healthcare, and all his tax/fee increases as MA governor? or shall we all throw our heads in the sand and pretend Romney is mr. super conservative here to save the day with all his 'experience' in job creation and consistent backing of conservative ideology? LOL

Might I suggest you google his failed run for the MA senate in the 1990s, his campaign for governor, and the resulting information that was leaked about his company's business ethics both before and after? But in the meantime, allow me to summarize: local job destruction via outsourcing, and lots of it. Fired people in order to rehire a portion of them for lower wages & less benefits. Made over 2million a year in the process. 47th worst state for job creation & economic recovery following the 2001 recession under his leadership... And THIS is the man you want in charge of our national recovery & job creation effort???!!!!

And as an actual MA citizen may I kindly ask you refrain from pretending to know anything about my state or it's governance?? There's so many lies & examples of your lack of knowledge on the matter within just your one paragraph it's actually mind boggling!

and I'm guessing you're attempting to refer to the calls for Obama to incite the 14th Amendment to squash the debt ceiling debacle, but therein lies another problem with y