Is Scott Brown’s Basketball Vid A Slam Dunk Or An Air Ball?

There’s nothing quite like an unscripted, “everyday folk” moment on the campaign trail when you are a politician.  And if it takes a few tries to get it, well, that happens, too.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was visiting a youth center when someone on his campaign caught him on video making an “amazing” half-court basketball shot.  The campaign quickly spread the video, which was especially lauded by conservative-leaning sites.  “Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown has gained new bragging rights for his campaign — his basketball prowess,” crowed Newsmax. “[N]ow his campaign is circulating video of the underarm throw, complete with Brown being mobbed by third-graders in awe of his accuracy.”  They even sent it out to supporters, with kudos from a former Celtics player.

But as Politico reports, that “amazing” shot actually took five tries to sink.  “Brown’s communications director, Marcie Kinzel, told the paper she was watching the senator try to make the half-court basket at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center last Friday, and only began videotaping it on her iPhone during his third failed attempt. Although Kinzel caught the fourth miss, the ‘Scott Brown’s Amazing Half-Court Shot‘ video the campaign posted on YouTube showed only his final, successful shot — and the celebration that ensued among the community center kids watching from the sideline.”

So, does it matter?  After all, a half-court shot is pretty hard, no matter how many times you try.  And does anyone really want to watch a video of five (or even one) failed shot before the real highlight of the stop?

But it still feels off.  The campaign attempted to manufacture a snippet to use as a fundraising and public relations pitch, while at the same time pretend that it wasn’t a staged event, but a natural looking, unscripted moment.  It’s that sort of facade that tends to put voters on edge.

What do you think?  Was the video campaign a slam dunk or an airball?

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Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

Who cares? It was an air head handling the ball. Go Elizabeth Warren!

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

Bragging rights for his campaign when he hits the mark 20% of the time. Try becomming a weatherman with a record like that and not a senator.

James M.
James M5 years ago

So very Scott Brown even if it takes him 5 times to show how great he is. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him because of his tough childhood and give him out votes to sell us Republican claptrap. He really supports the 1% but he tries to show himself and his truck as part of the 99%. Forget it Scott Brown! You're part of the Tea Party crowd looking to be part of the 1%. You talk about your rank and military reserve duty but you were never in a combat unit and you're not a military hero. You're an out and out smarmy bottom feeder.

Ellyn V.
Ellyn V5 years ago

Meh, I live in MA and I'm not really a fan of Scott Brown but I don't think this is anything different than what any other politician or celebrity engages in for attention.

Chris Cole
Chris C5 years ago

Just another Scott Brown LIE!

Steve R.
Steve R5 years ago

Scraping the barrel again Robin?

It's called a photo op - like the ones Obama also likes to indulge in.

Ho hum!

patricia m lasek
patricia l5 years ago

Big feckin' deal!