It’s A Miracle! Puppy Survives 4 Weeks In A Locked Car

Care2 has already brought you some amazing puppy rescue stories, but this one tops them all.

Kia the puppy is only 12 weeks old, but she has spent almost one third of her life locked up inside a car.

An employee at a Kansas City tow lot was marking cars for auction last Monday, May 6, when he saw a dog jump up on the dashboard of a Chevy Suburban. Alarmed, he immediately called police, who came out and unlocked the vehicle, freeing the puppy.

The vehicle was towed on April 8 because it had been abandoned on a freeway ramp. Kia must have already been inside the car, but somehow nobody saw her: not the police, or the tow truck driver, or the tow lot employees.

Last December, we heard about Rudy, an 8-week-old Labrador-mix who was left tied up outside the Humane Society of North Texas, but managed to chew his way out of his leash and break into the shelter.

Then there was the tale of six Australian shepherd mix puppies who were rescued from a recycling plant in Royal Oaks, California, not to mention the heartwarming story of a police officer who used his day off to rescue an old stray dog.

These are wonderful tales of endurance, but Kia’s story is even more impressive. How did this tiny creature manage to survive almost a month with no one to feed or take care of her? The tow lot employees really don’t know: they did find some leftover McDonald’s trash in the car, but no trace of any water.

It’s one thing for pups abandoned outside to scavenge for scraps, and to make it, but inside a locked vehicle with basically nothing to eat?

Another mystery is why no one spotted Kia inside the Chevy. Maybe she was really scared and was deliberately hiding?

Some more details on this mystery, from The Kansas City Star:

The owner, whom Rotert (Danny Rotert, spokesman for Kansas City municipal government) declined to name, showed up May 1 to inspect the car, but did not have keys to get into it. The owner never mentioned a dog, and it is not known if the owner was driving the vehicle when it was abandoned. The owner still owes $1,100 to retrieve the vehicle.

Once Kia was found Monday, she was brought to the city’s animal shelter, which is operated by Kansas City Pet Project.

“She came in about 2:30 or 3 p.m.,” said Tori Fugate, manager of marketing and development for Kansas City Pet Project. “She was really skinny.”

Although the dog is 12 weeks old, it appeared to be only 8 weeks old.

The terrier-schnauzer mix was emaciated and dehydrated from being trapped in the vehicle.

They named her Kia because they couldn’t think of any names based on the vehicle she was in that were fitting.

The Kansas City Pet Project is taking care of Kia for now, and they’ll get her vaccinations, and she will be de-wormed and spayed. And then she’ll need a foster home.

So any dog-lovers in the Kansas City area, here’s your chance! Any dog who can survive such formidable odds should make a great pet.


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Photo Credit: Kansas City Star video


kathleen t.
kathleen t4 years ago

Hell holes for millions of innocent animals burn ALL puppy mills down to the ground. What happens to the pups that never get sold , the mothers to old for breeding ?How and WHY these hell holes ARE STILL CONTIUING after ALL these years.We have ALL seen the horrors that are in these pits yet still going on .This is like autwizt ..? hitlers death camp.

Loretta P.
Loretta P4 years ago

I hope Kia finds a loving, forever home. She, like all animals, deserves to experience love and affection.

sylvie a.
.4 years ago

J'espère que ce petit pourra récupérer et retrouver une vie normale après autant de temps seul.

Paul Bodnick
Paul Bodnick4 years ago

Just weird. Maybe the car was stolen and the dog was left by the thieves. Need more info.

Nichola Mac Donough
Nichola Mac D4 years ago


Mike Kowalchuk
Mike Kowalchuk4 years ago

that is a very strong willed pup what a way to start a new life, this little pup disserves a good for ever home, as do they all.

Denise Extence
Denise E4 years ago


Lena Belaja

Слава Богу счастливый конец.

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

Hope there're no doggies facing the same suffering

Kay M.
.4 years ago

Wow what an article. It is a miracle that little puppy made it.