It’s About Time We Protect the Hunters, Says Idaho

In November, Idaho residents will be voting on a controversial amendment that will make hunting, fishing and trapping a right protected by the state’s constitution.

The amendment, HJR 2, was introduced by Sen. Lee Heider (R-Twin Falls) under the guise of protecting traditional hunting methods and the heritage of hunters, but probably isn’t much of a surprise considering that it’s coming from a state that thinks it’s cool to use live animals as bait to kill wolves.

Idahoans Against Trapping launched a campaign against the amendment and makes some very good points about why it shouldn’t be voted for, starting with the obvious: Idahoans already have the right to hunt, fish and trap and if it’s defeated, nothing will change.

The group also argues that changing the state’s constitution to cater to special interests sets a bad precedent, the amendment will lead to lawsuits at the taxpayers’ expense, it will interfere with regulating wildlife and that issues involving cruelty, such as trapping, should remain open for public debate.

According to the group, “The intent of this proposed amendment is to eliminate the right of Idaho citizens to decide wildlife issues by majority vote. Its passage would take those decisions out of the Legislature and the initiative process and put them in the courts. State laws pertaining to wildlife would be regularly challenged as unconstitutional. Judges would be saddled with the difficult task of determining where regulation ends and prohibition begins. The rights of our children and grandchildren to weigh in on these issues will have been eliminated.”

Possibly the most disturbing thing about this amendment is that it will forever protect the cruel and barbaric practice of trapping in the state. Traps are notoriously inhumane and they don’t discriminate. Animals who are caught can be left to suffer in agony for long periods before anyone bothers to check their traps, while non-target animals, pets and people are needlessly put at risk.

An undercover investigation of trapping conducted by Born Free USA and Respect for Animals last year brought to light the horrific brutality that goes on behind the scenes of what some like to defend as a sound wildlife management practice.

The amendment is supported by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission, along with the National Rifle Association (NRA), which wants ensure hunters can use traditional methods and “eliminate any opportunities for well-funded animal rights activists to ban the use of certain methods like archery tackle or dogs for hunting.”

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Rosemary Lowe

Oh, boo hoo, Kaleb. "you hate seeing the animals you shoot suffer"? Then, why are you hunting if you have an ounce of insight or compassion? No, you would not hunt if you truly had compassion, and respected non-humans. By the way, when you are referring to the plural of a "wolf" it should be "wolves."? You hunters/trappers should hang your heads in shame for the destruction and suffering you inflict on those who cannot fight back. Why don't you have a hunt against another hunter? The two of you could have one heck of a day out there, shooting at each other: may the survivor never, ever hunt again.

Rosemary Lowe

Oh, come on, Kaleb, the first thing out of you hunters' mouths is "...I hunt for food." You know this is just your rationale for contuing to be an Animal Serial Killer. You good o' boys out there love to take your beer & burgers with you--we see it all the time, with the fast-food, beer can trash you leave behind in the Killing Fields.
If you guys had any real intestinal fortitude (I will put it more simply for you) "guts" you would hunt each other--that would be "fair" hunting. Frankly, I suggest you put yourself out in Grizzly country, in the Spring, Unarmed. Let us see who the winner is, Kaleb. Get a real life, you will feel much better about it, once you quit killing.

Carole S.
Carole S4 years ago

Empathy is something that people have on a scale of none - a psychopath, sociopath to those at the other end, highly sensitive and caring for others. Obviously, Kaleb, you fall in the sociopath category as you cannot even comprehend what we are upset about regarding your hunting innocent animals that cannot defend themselves and that you feel nothing when watching them suffer and slowly watch the life, that you took, leave their bodies.

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

Protect the Hunters???? Let's serve up all these ignorant maggots to the Lions!!! What a ridiculous statement. These Hunters are destroying the ecosystem and ruining Nature as it was meant to be. Just fed up....

Kaleb S.
Kaleb S.5 years ago

ok all you people are idiots. "save the wolfs",,, "hunters need to die" are all of you animal lovers? like really... im a hunter.. i hate seeing the animals i shot suffer. i don't kill for fun. i hunt for food. think people we are helping all animals in the wild cus the wolfs eat the elk and deer and everything else and there is a limit so hunter don't kill to many wolfs... you guys posting on this page saying that hunters have no hearts and we need to die.. wow i say

Rosemary T.

I think we should send the hunters out without any weapons and let them be hunted by the very animals they have been trying to kill.

Rosemary Lowe

Hunting is not a "sport" for the terrorized animals. It is a cowardly act. I urge those who understand this to get a copy of: John A. Livingston's book: "The Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation, and One Cosmic Instant: A natural history of human arrogance."
This is a tremendous book, which exposes all the human myths which enable this species to continue to destroy all of nature and her other beings. A search should bring it up. It's on but many good bookstores should be able to get it, if they do not have it in stock.
John Livingstone was a Canadian naturalist, writer, professor and activist for the natural world.

Phyl M.
Dai M5 years ago


dianna Inscoe
di inscoe5 years ago

DAMM those hunters! I'm seriously thinking about a visit just to start shooting the hunters who have NO BUSINESS shooting wolves, THEY AREN'T A THREAT TO MAN! Man is a serious threat to them!

Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen5 years ago

Myriam G. yeah but even those people will say "still no reason. Human's don't need meat, it's toxic to us anyway. Yes, even hunter gatherers, even Natives in the Article circle. they should all join this century.

if they want hunting trips for hunters. maybe they can make trips to educate or ridicule other people

the'd be more than happy to put these folks in their place.