It’s Not Over – Giuliani Admits He’s Asking Foreign Power to Help Trump Ahead of Next Election

Is working with foreign powers to tip the outcome of a U.S. election permissible? While the American people would probably respond with a resounding “no,” the government has, at best, wagged its finger in disappointment at recent collusive activities, so Rudy Giuliani, the president’s attorney, is plotting to do it some more.

By his own admission, Giuliani is headed for Ukraine where he intends to implore new president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate a couple of topics which he expects will be “very helpful” to his client Donald Trump. One is to explore the origins of the Robert Mueller investigation into Trump, while the other is to take aim at some financial dealings of Hunter Biden, the son of the Democratic Party’s frontrunner, Joe Biden. [A claim, incidentally, that Bloomberg has largely debunked.]

Giuliani insists he’s not breaking any laws by trying to enlist Ukraine to do some political dirty work for the Trump campaign since it’s not a matter of “foreign policy.” He does acknowledge that “some may call it improper.” You think?

We’re not just entering murky territory, we’re now knee-deep in that mess. The Mueller report confirmed that the Trump campaign met with Russian operatives hundreds of times and even shared polling data with the Kremlin with the expectation that doing so would prove useful.

The evidence also points to the Trump team knowing about and even encouraging Russia hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails if not participating in the act itself. On Meet the Press last month, Giuliani insisted there was “nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.” On the contrary, it seems outrageous that the Trump campaign would try to capitalize on a cyber-attack aimed at undermining our democratic institution.

Last year, Ukraine decided to stop cooperating with the Mueller investigation in fear that it might “provoke” Trump. Giuliani seems to be using that position to show how the new leadership in the country can endear itself to Trump. By the same token, it seems that Zelensky may think twice about even taking a meeting with Giuliani out of fear of repercussions from another administration coming into power in the U.S. in 2020.

Whether or not Ukraine participates in Giuliani’s scheme, the fact is that he’s doing it blatantly in the first place. These collusion scandals started with the Trump campaign downright denying the charges, only to eventually change their tune to “So what? It’s not a crime” when they were caught.

It definitely should be a crime, though. With this unethical behavior going unchecked by Congress, there’s no incentive for Giuliani to stop finding outside assistance to propel a wildly unpopular president to a second term.

In related news, we now know that Giuliani has taken on the authoritarian nation of Bahrain as a client, too. Especially if he’s willing to call in favors from foreign powers, how can he represent these foreign interests and the president at the same time?

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


heather g
heather g3 days ago

What are they drinking?

Joan E
Joan E4 days ago

What do you do to the treasonous lawyer, what do you do to the treasonous lawyer, what do you do to the treasonous lawyer early in the morning?

Truss him up with a runnin' bowline, truss him up with a runnin' bowline, truss him up with a runnin' bowline, early in the morning.

Susanne R
Susanne R4 days ago

David F. - Please spare me even more of your "explanations." Why is it that when you listened to it and I listened to it, we heard different content? Did you access the second link I provided in my previous post? Tucker admitted that he had been interviewed by "Bubba" and defended himself by saying it happened years ago.

For your convenience, I'm providing the link again.

And here's the actual transcript:

And where do you find talk show hosts like "Bubba the Love Sponge"? Doesn't the name alone give you reason to doubt the validity of his show's content? In the past, you've quoted Alex Jones, who declared himself mentally ill to protect himself against lawsuits. You also support Fox infotainment, which is often referred to as "Trump News." I'm starting to understand why you have such a strong bromance going on with trump. It appears that you have a lot in common.

David F
David F4 days ago

Susanne R. once again you fell for a highly edited (liberal young Turks) You tube audio, forwarded it to me claiming it was a video of the exact conversation. There was no video of Tucker and it never lasted more than seconds without clear edit interruptions.
Your link was a great example of the purest form of propaganda. Lie after lie in the form of mis-quotes and edit censoring.
One example was his stand alone statement in your link that women are primitive, basic and not hard to understand, if you listen to other audios he is clearly addressing the liberal feminist Alexis Stewart and Bret. edited out of the link you fell for.
I don't trust Fake News even a little, unless there is overwhelming evidence such as a unedited video on you tube with their mouth moving along with the words.

Susanne R
Susanne R5 days ago

David F. - From what I've read, Bubba the Love Sponge's show is on radio. How could there be video footage? So, to make you feel right at home, I'm providing a link to a YouTube video of the exact conversation.

The video provided by USA Today was the exactly the same. I don't know what you were listening to, but even though Bubba was more offensive to women than Tucker was, Tucker was definitely offensive. Turn your volume up. Get better speakers. Listen to the whole thing. Read the subtitles. There's no denying it.

If you really don't think Tucker was being racist and wasn't speaking in a manner that was degrading to women, then maybe you need to examine your own standards.

Other people heard it. You'll recognize many of them. See the video again and read their comments:

Who's gullible?

David F
David F5 days ago

Susanne R, once again you provide evidence that you are either complacent or very gullible and accepting your Fake News sources. I checked out your links that disparage Tucker Carlson speaking with a liberal shock jock "love sponge", Tucker was the one defending the liberals.
Worst of all there was no video recording, it was only a very obviously heavily edited audio recording that was rifled with answers and sentences that did not follow each other.
What's amazing is again, you fail to recognize that your 90% Fake News only presents what it selects, and omits what it selects.
You might as well have sent me a link to the Washington Post headlines.

The advantage of a video recording is it is far more difficult to censor and edit without it being obvious to the informed public.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E6 days ago

@ Susanne R
david and brian really don't want any criticism OR opposite POV.
Their goal is to try and disrespect and humiliate YOU . Comments like "educate you" are just degrading and it bolsters THEIR ego.
You have a great day !!

Susanne R
Susanne R6 days ago

David F. said: "I pointed out a Care2 Fake News headline out to Susanne last week where keywords were left out in order to misrepresent and promote anger against Our President. Susanne replied with four more socialist websites that repeated exactly the same thing. She doesn't get it."

Perhaps you should go back and actually READ my response, because what you're saying has no basis in reality. If you want me to find the link, I'll be happy to, but it will have to wait until later in the day. In your opinion, any legitimate news source is socialist. Why is that? Can't find what you're looking for on a legitimate site?

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E6 days ago

@ david f
You haven't used your go to "prageru" source for a long time. You remember the one that was debunked by so many members here?
You are trying to do a trump(or brian) as usual by hoping members will see how abused you are by those who refuse to do what you say, or always read what you post, or follow the politicians YOU adore and kiss .
No, david, the membership here is smarter than that and have thinking, reasoning brains and make their own decisions on who they choose to vote for.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E6 days ago

@ brian f
If all YOU have going for you is to sit all day watching canned youtube videos, I suggest you get out and get some fresh air !!
What is it Mike Kelly says , "get out of your Mother's basement" ?
I'm quite sure there are some reliable and educational youtube videos. I just don't think getting your political education from them cuts it.
Maybe if there was a how to great recipe on something ???
Remember, brian, fresh air oxygenates the brain (at least for some)