It’s Primary Day In Nebraska And The Senate Race Is Tight

Oh, to be back home in Nebraska today, where I could be eating a Runza, hitting the Henry Doorly Zoo, and watch the Republican senate primary race up close.  Because apparently, it just got interesting.

Up until recently, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning looked like the sure thing.  Of course, he did once compare welfare recipients to racoons, but that tends to be an asset, not a liability, in a GOP primary campaign.  And with his push to rescind the Affordable Care Act and fight the administration on health care reform, he should have had no problems getting the endorsement.

But as always, the Tea Party has decided they need their own candidates, and they picked state treasurer Don Stenberg.  Stenberg received endorsements from FreedomWorks, Club for Growth, and even Tea Party Senator Jim DeMint.

Yet for once, the Tea Party backing might be hurting their candidate more than helping.  With “the establishment” and Bruning going after “the Tea Party” and Stenberg, that’s left State Rep. Deb Fischer an opening to gain momentum, mostly because no one bothered to campaign against her.  And in two last minute endorsements — one from Sarah Palin, and one from businessman, failed presidential candidate and Nebraskan Herman Cain, as well as some last minute negative ads on her behalf, and Fischer has suddenly gone from nobody to frontrunner.

Is the establishment candidate going down?  We’ll see tonight, as the votes come in.

photo credit: wikimedia commons


Maui Gal
Maui Gal5 years ago

Fischer will eat kerry's lunch.......just like what would have happened if kick back benny nelson would have ran....he was too chicken knowing he would have been damaged big,,.wonder what dirty hairy promised kerry so he would run since he turned it down the first time...hmmmm

Chris Cole
Chris C5 years ago

Get it right...the spelling is KERREY! You'll be seeing alot more of him when he's Senator.

Maui Gal
Maui Gal5 years ago you want me to mail you a Runza with fries? I voted today and I am anxiously waiting for the results....but I don't think I will be surprised....I'm sure who I voted for will win the primary....and I think that person will go on to beat Bob Kerry.

Duane B.
.5 years ago

In American politics the loser is almost always the American taxpayer!