It’s Time To Stop Pretending We Can Trust Gen. Kelly

Most of America breathed a sigh of relief when John Kelley accepted President Donald Trump’s offer to be his Chief of Staff, hoping the decorated general could finally restore some decency and order to the White House. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that he may not be the savior we’ve been counting on.

On Thursday, General Kelly straight up lied about U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson when he claimed she inappropriately boasted about securing the funding for an FBI building during the building’s dedication ceremony. Not once did Kelly refer to Wilson by her name, instead disrespectfully calling her an “empty barrel” on two occasions.

Wilson denied this account, explaining that she would never say that especially since she wasn’t even in Congress at the time the building’s funding was secured. As it turns out, though, there is a full video of her speech, which differs greatly from the hit job story Kelly told the press.

The video does show Wilson celebrating being part of a last minute, bipartisan push to ensure the building was named after two FBI agents who died in the line of duty. She did, however, share credit with Republicans who assisted in this effort, and then told stories about the two agents, Jerry Dove and Benjamin Grogan, to personalize the moment.

From this incident, we can see that Kelly is content to stoop to his boss’ level and attempt to assassinate a woman’s character based on lies. He not only lost credibility by inventing an easily contradicted story, he showed a lack of scruples by injecting himself into this petty feud between the president and a congresswoman who is a longtime friend of the grieving widow in the first place. (Read more about that saga here.)

Kelly’s criticism that it “stuns” him that Wilson would listen in on a “sacred” conversation between the president and the widow also seems hypocritical since he admits he listened in on that conversation, as well.

Let this be a wake up call – Kelly almost certainly does have a better head on his shoulder than Trump, but that’s far from a guarantee that he’ll use it as a force of good. He’s using his position to defend the president’s indefensible antics rather than try to fix the situation.

The entire administration is committed to these falsehoods. Trump tweeted that Wilson’s details of the call were “FALSE” even after Kelly corroborated them. Later, the White House officially stood by Kelly’s account of Wilson’s speech even after she denied it. Then when the tapes came out, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it was highly inappropriate for Wilson to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general.   

In other words: Kelly should be beyond reproach, even when caught lying.

In other other words: Who does this black woman think she is calling out these powerful white men about manners, integrity and decency? The White House defines patriotism and cannot be called out for a lack of it.

It’s disgusting. Kelly is not trying to thwart Trump’s worst impulses, he’s participating in them. We need to stop pretending Kelly is some kind of savior for the White House, and acknowledge his own complicity in this terrifying direction our country is headed.

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Marie W
Marie W11 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hillabout a year ago

Gen. Kelly has served this country with bravery & honor & distinction. It's a shame that the left's false "collusion" story has destroyed his reputation!

Marija M
Marija Mabout a year ago


heather g
heather gabout a year ago

Who is in power whom Americans can support and believe?

Kelsey S
Kelsey Sabout a year ago


Brian F
Brian Fabout a year ago

Bill Clinton took $500,000 for a speech, from a Russian bank that invested in uranium stock. Hillary sold 50% of our uranium to Putin, so she could get millions. That's the real Russia story, that we should be investigating.

Richard A
Richard Aabout a year ago

As typical, cannot remain on topic, instead falling back to the but Hillary, but Bill, but Obama, but Holder, but Muller, but the Podesta's, but Lynch position, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta Eabout a year ago

david f
What was censored ?? Please check more than one alt-right source.
Your rudeness is a given.

David F
David Fabout a year ago

The sky is falling around Hillary, Bill, Obama, Holder, Muller, the Pedostas, Lynch on all the deceit, bribery, extortion, kickbacks and racketeering regarding the Uranium sale to Putin.

All Fake News can do is censor and deflect to the pre-planned set up by congresswoman clown over a volunteered condolence call to a gold star family.

Mike Kelly
Mike Kabout a year ago

Meanwhile, Sgt Johnson's widow, Myeshia Johnson, confirms Congresswoman Frederica Wilson's account of the Trump phone call, and that Trump did not even know her husband, La David Johnson's, name.

Therefore, Trump/Kelly are full of sh*t, which Duhvid F. is using as his finger painting medium.