Ivanka Trump Returns to the Policy Spotlight to Push for a DACA ‘Fix’

One benefit of being an unpaid advisor to the president of the United States? You seem to be able to come and go as you please — one day sitting in for the commander-in-chief at a major international foreign policy conference, the next underplaying your influence in the administration.

But if there is one thing you can count on with first daughter Ivanka Trump, it’s that when President Donald Trump is in a tough spot, slammed with bad press and unable to accomplish anything amidst the chaos of his flailing White House, she can be reliably trotted back in to put a fresh, pleasant face on even the most divisive of topics.

So, here she comes again, the kinder, gentler Trump, trying to finally get some of the administrations key promises passed.

Despite her usual focus on women in business, paid maternity leave and STEM issues, Trump was asked this week to publicly support her father’s recent decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA — the program that allowed young immigrant children to stay in the country without fear of deportation.

Like President Trump, she carefully split hairs and proclaimed that it was really an issue for Congress to address — and that the executive order was simply a way to make that happen.

Trump told a panel last week:

I personally am of the opinion and the President has stated that we have to figure out a good solution that protects these innocent people, many of whom were brought into this country as children. There has to be a long-term fix and it cannot be bandaged over at a presidential level through another executive order that can be rescinded through another administration.

In other words, she tried to take a “we must destroy it to make it stronger” approach, hoping to gloss over the fact the future of these lives are now in the hands of a divided and dysfunctional Congress.

Immigration isn’t the only issue Ivanka is hoping to give a facelift to, either.

Now that official estimates show that the new GOP tax plan will benefit almost no one but the rich — and will likely raise taxes on low and middle income Americans — the younger Trump has claimed that women would allegedly benefit from the reforms.

How? By having more children.

The Hill reports:

“A significant expansion of the Child Tax Credit will help parents have more money at a time in their lives when they need it the most and give them the flexibility to make the best choices regarding their families’ care,” Trump said in a statement to Politico. “We’ve been deeply committed to helping parents afford the costs of raising and caring for their children since the early days of the administration and will continue to advocate for relief for American families in the coming weeks.” But her plan, which would double the credit from $1000 to $2000, does not appear at this point to have any sort of income restriction, meaning that a family making $500,000 a year with four children would receive far more benefit than one making $50,000 with only two children.

Meanwhile, Ivanka conveniently ignores current projections that the new tax plan would eliminate deductions for children, more than canceling out a doubled child tax credit, and that the removal of some of the lower brackets of income tax will instantly raise taxes on the most financially insecure.

Using Ivanka to highlight the gentle side of Donald Trump worked so well during the 2016 campaign that her mother, Trump’s first wife Ivana, claims that is the only reason he won the election at all.

And now the White House hopes this same tactic might finally get some legislation passed — no matter how unpalatable the policies really are.

Photo credit: State Department photo/ Public Domain, via wikimedia commons


Pat P
Pat P4 months ago

This is just hateful. Steal from the poor and middle class--give to the abhorrently wealthy and harm DACA youth.

Some DT supporters may be fooled by him and his lying family, the GOP, Cabinet members, etc.--but no one's life will improve, only the billionaires. Taking from the poor to give to the wealthiest is inhumane and sadistic! The majority of Americans will suffer--in one or many more ways--even those who didn't want these people anywhere near the WH.

Ivanka has no expertise in anything she pretends to do--except BS like her father. She can't even sell shoes without stealing others original designs and ending sued in court. It is obvious that she took speech therapy, talking like someone from finishing school--unnatural, no warmth. No, I don't like her or trust her. I wouldn't mind some of her wealth--but nothing else about her is appealing.

It's all a pathetic cruel con game!

ERIKA S5 months ago


Margaret G
Margaret Goodman5 months ago

Rhoberta E. wrote, “ … Deborah W who sometimes sits on that fence with dan b … “. Actually Deborah W is not a fence sitter. She has declared herself a Trump supporter.

Peggy B
Peggy B5 months ago

I am losing respect for Ivanka. I predict that Melania will leave or divorce Trump after the presidency is over. His last 2 wives had to sign contract not to badmouth him so she will distance herself silently.

Margie F
Margie FOURIE5 months ago


Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E5 months ago

@ Rachel -
daddy puts himself in a tough spot when he opens his mouth !!
Ivanka has absolutely NO experience in what she sticks her nose into at the WH and doesn't appear to be educating herself anymore that daddy is.
He is the POTUS in this situation , NOT daddy

Winn A
Winn A5 months ago

I have no respect for this woman. I doubt and don't believe anything she says. She's lost her credability a long time ago.

Rachel -
Rachel -5 months ago

If she's defending a family member in a tough spot, perhaps she took a lesson from Hillary Clinton.

M Q5 months ago

She should be booted out of the White House, she’s definitely a Stepford daughter.

Julie W
Julie W5 months ago

Mike C: You must have pretty low standards to think Melania is 'total class'. Some very 'classy' pics of her here!
http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/donald-trump-melania-trump-knauss- first-lady-erections
Can you imagine Michelle Obama doing this? Hell no!