Jack Black is Nathan Spewman: A Mis-Informant on a Mission (VIDEO)

Hey Jack Black and America Ferrera fans, take a look at this.

Black stars as Nathan Spewman, “Professional Mis-informant” and Ferrera as a diligent third grade teacher in a two-part video satire put out by Health Care for America Now (HCAN). The videos point at the sad state of misinformation mania as we head into the elections next week.

HCAN’s impetus: “the growing dominance of the American political process by big corporations and the super-wealthy is real. These special interests are making a brazen attempt to buy our elections, and the Chamber of Commerce is leading the way. They’ve already aired more than 8,000 television ads and have pledged to spend a record-breaking $75 million from sources they won’t disclose, including foreign corporations and governments.” 

Sporting a yellow Charlie Brown look-alike t-shirt, Jack Black’s Spewman has been hired by big corporate interests to infiltrate a third grade classroom and, well, spew lies about President Obama, health care and the impending elections. “Did you hear Obama’s gonna kill our Grandmas?” he whispers to a boy during story time… “Don’t tell anybody, Obama’s the devil,” he tells two girls in the playground…

Do the kids buy it, or not?

The videos, which have gone viral, would be even funnier if they weren’t so painfully, uncomfortably close to the truth.

Take a look:

Part I:

Part II:



Here are transcripts for the two videos:


“Stop Spewman”

“The Mis-Informant Part 1 – with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman”

Video: The camera pans over the outside of an elementary school, then moves into a cheerfullly decorated classroom where the teacher, played by America Ferrera, is speaking to a class of third-graders at their desks. 

Ferrera: “Okay, class. Today we have a new student joining us, and I need you to be super-duper nice because I’ve been told that he has a medical condition, so he might look a little different.”

Video: A mustachioed Jack Black enters the classroom wearing a backpack and Charlie Brown shirt.

Black: “Hello, fellow eight-year-olds! I’m Nathan!”

Black in voiceover: “I’m Nathan Spewman, professional misinformant.” 

Video: As Black/Spewman speaks, the video shows shots of the him participating in groups he’s “infiltrated” — an book club reading Eat, Pray, Love; a yoga class; and a group of firefighters. The video then shows him with a tall man in a suit, representing big corporations, in front on an oil derrick. The corporate man hands Spewman a wad of cash, and the two laugh evilly. As Spewman finishes his self-description, the video shows him poses in front of an American flag. Text on the screen: “Mis-Informant”

Spewman in voiceover: “I’ve infiltrated dangerous academic revolutionaries, crazy Satanic cults, and unpatriotic slackers. All for the purpose of helping greedy corporations spread the sweet stink of misinformation across this great land.”

Video: Back in the classroom, Spewman marches in and sits at a desk. 

Spewman: “I’m a kid like you, but I’ve got enlargitis, and it sucks. But at least I pay for my own medical bills, which is rad, and deeply American. You know who else pays for their medical bills? Justin Bieber, he wrote a song about it.”

Ferrera: “Nathan?” (as in, be quiet now)

Spewman: “Sorry, teach.” He mouths “Justin Bieber!” at his fellow students. 

Video: Ferrera is reading from a book to her class, who are all seated on the floor for storytime. 

Ferrera: “Then the big white rabbits and the jacks with long legs…” She continues reading faintly in the background as the video moves to focus on Spewman. 

Spewman, whispering: “Hey, Mark. Mark.”

Young boy in glasses: “It’s Marty.” He goes back to listening. 

Spewman: “Hey, did you see that popular kids program on TV last night? Oh my God, it was so funny!”

Marty: “Shhh!”

Spewman: “Hey, did you hear Obama’s going to kill our grandmas?”

Marty: “What?”

Spewman: “Did you ever hear of a death panel? Say your good-byes now. For real.”

Ferrera, scolding: “Nathan!” 

Spewman: “Sorry.” 

Ferrera raises her eyebrows skeptically at him, and makes a “locking my lips” motion.

Video: Spewman in the elementary school bathroom talking on his cell phone.

Spewman: “Take it from me, my word is gold, kids are idiots! They think cartoons are real! Pokemon is like a documentary to them! They believe in the tooth faaa –  (cutting himself off as a young boy walks in) — hi, Mom! It’s just that I pooped my pants, and I have a lot of boogers!” (The boy flees, Spewman keeps talking.) Mmhmm. Wheeeww. Man, I’m good.”

Video: The class is drawing pictures, Spewman is sitting next to a girl drawing a picture of a smiling woman labeled “Me Doctor”

Spewman: “What are you drawing?”

Girl: “That’s me when I grow up. I’m going to be a doctor like my Mom and Dad.”

Spewman, laughing meanly: Hahahahaha! Hahaha! That’s the worst job you could ever choose! Hahaha!”

Girl: “Why?”

Spewman: “Because Obamacare is a socialist plot to, um,” (looks at notes he has written on his hand) “take the decisions out of the hands of our doctors so they’re all going to quit! Bye bye doctors!” (He crosses out her drawing.) 

Ferrera, sensing trouble, comes over and kneels beside them: “Guys? What are you working on, what are you drawing?”

Video: Spewman’s picture is seen to be a bearded stick figure labeled “Barack” dressed in a long robe and turban, holding a stick of dynamite and saying “Allah”

Spewman: “Obama… in his birthplace of Jerkistan”

Ferrera: “Nathan, when’s your birthday?”

Spewman: “Uh, my birthday is…six years ago. June.”

Video: Ferrera and another woman standing on the playground speaking to the cameras. 

Ferrera: “They said it was a disease that makes him like that, but I think there’s something weird about it.”

Video: Spewman siting on a bench by the playground, three young boys walk by. 

Boy: “Hey, does enlargitis make you a turd burglar, too?”

Spewman: “Ha. Ha. Good one.”

Video: Girl in pigtails approaches. 

Spewman: “Hey, little girl. I mean, girl that is the same, we’re the same.”

Girl: “Hey. I really doubt we’re the same.”

Spewman: “You do?”

Girl: “I like lying too.”

Spewman: “I’m not lying!” (Girl smiles conspiratorially.) “Okay, I am. But I do it for a good reason. I get paid a buttload of cash from greedy billionaires.”

Girl, creepily: “I’ve been to prison.” 

Spewman: “Really?”

Girl: “No. I was lying. I want to spread lies just like you.”

Spewman laughs condescendingly: “Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. This is an elite and   highly specialized profession. It’s been in my family for generations. Watch and learn.” He walks purposefully away. 

Text: “Next time on The Mis-Informant”

Video: Girl in pigtails yelling at a group of her classmates; leaping out of her seat during class and pointing at the teacher; gesticulating wildly in front of a chalkboard

Girl: “They’re going to put a thousand bees up your noses and fart on your beds!”; “You LIE! You hate America!”; “Obamacare!”

Video: Spewman posing in front of flag, the screen reads “Mis-Informant”. 

Text: “Stop Spewman
          Stop the lies
          Spewman Hotline: 206-438-3964
          A project of Health Care for America Now!”


Video: Two girls eating lunch on a bench, Spewman approaches. 

Spewman: “Ah, that looks like some good snacks. Don’t tell anybody, Obama’s the devil.”

Video: Repeat of introduction in Part 1. 

Text: “Last time on The Mis-Informant”

(Video recap of Part 1.)

Text: “And Now”

Video: On the playground, Spewman sits on the ground (with difficulty) beside a boy who’s sitting on a ball. 

Spewman: “Hey, buddy. How about those Democrats killing the economy? It’s a real bummer, huh? You bet it is.” (The boy takes his ball and leaves.) “Yeah, tell a friend! All right.”

Video: Spewman approaches a group of four girls who are sitting on a foam mat playing Uno, and sits outside their circle. 

Spewman: “Hey, how’s it going, you guys? Did you hear that global warming is a lie?” (Girls are ignoring him and continuing their game.) “Yeah. Scientists say for sure that it’s not true and they apologized and they’re throwing a big party on the white house lawn.” 

One girl: “Go away.”

Spewman: “Okay.” (Leaves hastily.)

Video: Spewman talking animatedly to three children leaning on a wall. 

Spewman: “And then an army of 16,000 IRS agents come to your house and put you in JAIL if you don’t by health insurance.”

Girl: “Yeah, that’s not going to happen.”

Girl in pigtails from part 1 appears beside Spewman, shouting: “Are you a Communist? They’re coming with guns and wild dogs. And after they kill your parents, they’re going to put a thousand beans up your noses and fart on your beds!”

Spewman, whispering: “Bethany, go easy!”
Mop-headed boy, scared: “What can we do to stop it?”

Bethany, yelling: “You can YELL! At the top of your lungs! I don’t want Obama beans up my nose!” 

Video: Back in the classroom, Ferrera is writing on the board. 

Ferrera: “And this is how you spell ‘Enough’.”

Bethany, leaping from her seat and pointing at Ferrera: “You LIE! You hate America!”

Ferrera: “No, Bethany, it’s a fact. This is how you spell ‘enough’.”

Bethany, marching up to the board: “Oooh, so this is how you [with air quotes] ‘spell the word enough’” (She circles the ‘gh’) “There’s no need for these letters.” (Shot of Spewman confused but impressed.) “What could this mean? GH. God Haters. GH. Good Health. Health Care. OBAMACARE!” (Class murmurs.)

Ferrera: “Okay, Bethany, why don’t you go back to your –”

Bethany: “Don’t you SEE? This woman is a socialist IRS agent, armed with thousands of beans that she will put up your noses.”

Video: Reaction shots: Spewman impressed, class shocked and awed, Ferrera horrified. 

Ferrera: “I what? I don’t have  beans!” Class murmurs, Spewman singsongs “Terrorist!”

Bethany: “And YOU spell enough with a F. For FREEDOM!” Class cheers Bethany and jeers at Ferrera, throwing things and overturning desks. 

Video: Shot of Ferrera leaving the classroom becomes a picture of Spewman leaving school in his little boy outfit and walking into the sunset. 

Spewman voiceover: “And just like that, mis-information is spread like the wings of an eagle, soaring high above the freedom-loving people of America. Professional mis-informenting is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.” (Spewman hurls away his backpack.) “And as for Bethany, she became a professional misinformant too. The best.”

Video: Fox news logo with “Kids Channel” added in crayon. Shot of Bethany in a suit and pearls behind a desk, with text in the “title bar” reading “Top Story: What do Liberals want to do with beans?” and a picture of kidney beans and a nose labeled “Liberals & Beans” in the upper left corner. 

Bethany: “Coming up: beans. Does liberal America want them in your nose? Here’s a hint: yes. Yes they do.” (She smiles at the camera.)

Video: Spewman posing in front of flag, the screen reads “Mis-Informant”. 

Text: “Stop Spewman
          Stop the lies
          Spewman Hotline: 206-438-3964
          A project of Health Care for America Now!”





jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago


Rita Delfing
Rita Delfing7 years ago

I enjoyed that I love Jack Black he always makes me laugh. Good way to spread the message.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal7 years ago

Mis-Informant....how much does that job pay?

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Jake Davis
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heh heh! =D good stuff! =)

...sad that this is what we've come to...

Susan McKowen
Sue McKowen7 years ago

Glad to hear these videos have gone viral!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

I will truly be glad when the electios are over. I am soooo tired of all the BS.

David M.
Eva Daniher7 years ago

I've e-mailed every member of our parliament in Ireland to say that the safest long term employment prospects are in the satirical 'arts'. We've no shortage of this kind of Spewman in Ireland. Well done to everyone involved.

John Williams
John Williams7 years ago

To bad its true, the part about corporations and billionaires trying to sabotage the truth. Heck they even pay for adds on Care2 trying to get us to sign their petitions so they can keep milking the cow for profits. I don't object if only they would tell us the petitions and ads are being paid for by corporations and their ad hock groups (check out the one about taxing food to counter obesity and declining health as an example - who do you think foots the bill for the ad)

MarLeah Manning
Jodi Moreno7 years ago

@ Chrystle - WOW! What a jerk that lady was to you! I'd like her to define what she believes is a "real" Christian, because those out there right now, standing on their "convictions", don't appear very Christian-like to me. What I was taught does not conform to the most fervent of those out there.