Jell-O May Be Killing Trout in Yellowstone National Park

Jell-O may be used to kill off non-native trout in Yellowstone National Park. Yes … I said Jell-O. Illegally introduced into the park, lake trout heavily threatens the native cutthroat trout in Yellowstone Lake. Something the park service has been contending with since 1994.

I’m trying to picture a Bill Cosby commercial for this.

The biggest threat by the trout is its longevity. Compared to cutthroat trout, a lake trout can live up to three-times longer. On top of that, lake trout outweighs cutthroat trout by about 15 pounds. Once a lake trout reaches 4 years old, it starts eating cutthroat trout. A few later, it lives off of cutthroat trout almost exclusively.

But Jell-O isn’t the only consideration for removing the trout. Sorry Bill, no commercial deal just yet. Other possibilities include ultrasound, microwaves and electroshock.

Seriously? Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a movie starring some SNL alumni?

If “death by Jell-O” is chosen, it will be spread over the fish eggs to smother them. Most likely this will be done during late fall which is the fish’s spawning season. 

I have to say that is one un-honorable death; it’s Darwin Award worthy. But I have to ask, if Jell-O is chosen then why not use a pectin based product? Does it have to be gelatin-based?

The researcher–Al Zale–received a grant from the National Park Service and heads the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit at Montana State University. Zale and his team will continue to analyze different solutions and recommend the best one.

In case you were wondering, the Jell-O would probably be unflavored.

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Tomoko Harris
Tomoko Harris8 years ago

Well, if the adventive lake trout are threatening a native species, why not use gelatin as opposed to some harsh chemical? It is all natural, is it not?

Mary Hall
Mary Hall8 years ago

How very odd.

Aimee Polekoff
Aimee Polekoff8 years ago

They probably decided to go with Jello rather than another similar material because of the headlines. News spreads faster with novel-seeming solutions. Which article would you more likely read: "Invasive Trout Species Stopped with a Pectin-based Material" (where many people would not even know what pectin is) or "Invasive Trout Species Stopped With Jello"? Now it should be clear why the experts want to use Jello.

Linda M.
Linda M8 years ago

are you serious? this is one of the weirdest things i've ever heard.

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p8 years ago

it`s absurd.

Erika V.
Erika V8 years ago

This is ridiculous!

Valerie W.
Valerie W8 years ago

People are SO STUPID!!We are "suppose" to be the most intelligent species....Ha, Ha, Ha, what a joke!!We cause all the problems, NOT the animals,&, when we "try" to fix them, we just screw them up even worse!! That's what we get for interferring with nature.

Scott Z.
Scott Z8 years ago

Strange ... very strange.

Melissa Fatima Eulogio

Who said Jello can't help the ecological order of the sea?

Dorothy F.
Dorothy F9 years ago

If I read this correctly...are we fooling with mother nature?