Jobs Report Offers No Hope For Middle Class

The economic picture went from bad to worse as the pace of U.S. hiring slowed in May, with a meager 54,000 jobs added.  The slowdown comes after several months of strong job growth and guarded optimism that the U.S. economy was starting to slowly recover.

Meanwhile, McDonalds appeared to be the only bright spot for American workers, hiring 62,000 McWorkers, a number captured in the jobs report.  Without that surge in hiring for unskilled, low wage jobs, the United States would have actually lost jobs.

It is also important to keep in mind the impact of the anti-government fever ravaging state and local governments (and the conservative wing of national Republicans).  While the private sector added a total of 84,000 workers in May, local governments cut 28,000 jobs, 18,000 of those from education alone.  Government cut-backs means job losses, plain and simple.

It also means this country, at both the national and the state level, is laying the foundation for a less-educated, less-skilled workplace for the majority of its citizenry.  Add in the drastic cuts, or outright elimination of much of our social safety net and the vision of this country that emerges is nothing short of Dickensian.

There’s simply no delicate way to put this.  American workers are on the brink here.  Gas and food prices continue to rise and the housing market remains stagnant.  Workers wages are flat while productivity has increased and corporations sit on large cash reserves and keep executive pay astronomical.  Any hope that this country is the place where individuals, through hard work and persistence can transcend class barriers has long since passed.  There’s a boot on the neck of the American middle class and no-one in Washington seems much to care.


photo courtesy of Franco Folini via Flickr


William C
William C11 months ago


W. C
W. C11 months ago

Thank you.

Paul A.
Paul A.6 years ago

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Kenny West
Kenny Wes6 years ago

Say this to yourself just so you can hear how dumb it sounds
" republicans will create a lot of jobs" When you say it out loud it even sounds dumber.

Kenny West
Kenny Wes6 years ago

Hey stupid, if you want your dumb jobs back, stop buying products made in other countries. Gez's no wonder you don't have a job. Stop blaming the President. The reason the rich are getting richer is because they have out sourced your job and stupid you keep buying their product.

Joyce G.
Joyce G6 years ago

Yes I do believe it. I was there once. Had a job and home one month and a month later I was living out of my car.

Sylvia B.
Sylvia B6 years ago

"Anyone who votes for Obama in 2012 hasn't been paying attention to the cold hard facts.....Obama is a nightmare on our economy."

Actually, Diane OCD, the Republicans voted into Congress, Senate, and state governments has caused considerable damage with their short-sighted policies. If anyone had paid attention to the Repubilican platforms, the Republicans said they will take back the White House. Nothing was said about the common citizen getting it back. We don't even figure into their agenda, except as cannon fodder and prostitutes for their enjoyment after a long day of oppressing the people and stealing food from children. Some food for though for the ADHD-affected out there. However, without their daily dose of Ritalin, I'm sure they will conveniently blank it out anyway.

Roseann S.

this needs to seriously stop, and we need to invent and create new jobs no matter what

Robert B.
Robert B.6 years ago

Nice try Patti Tray...I worked hard and am not in the top 2% etc, I do want to be but will actually take what y hard work will bring. I will not be a victim and do not expect anyone to pay for my way! You Fatalist Socialists simply want to bleed everyone until nothing is left!

Juliet D.
judith sanders6 years ago

There is a government website on how to form a cooperative. People can get together to provide themselves with food, energy, you name it. If the state or federal government isn't going to provide, and large private industry just wants to scr*w you, consider providing your own capital and technical expertise.