Join the International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos

Saturday, June 19, In Defense of Animals (IDA) will be sponsoring their second annual International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos (IDAEZ) campaign to raise public awareness of the plight of elephants in captivity.

Elephant advocates from around the world will be hosting events and demonstrations to educate the public about what elephants need and why zoos just don’t cut it.

“Elephants are highly intelligent, complex and self-aware individuals who have evolved for long distance living. In the wild they range tens of miles a day, live in large, tight-knit family groups, and communicate with one another at great distances. Yet zoos keep elephants in tiny exhibits of a few acres or less, where lack of movement and standing on hard surfaces cause painful foot infections and arthritis, the leading causes of euthanasia in captive-held elephants. The stress and boredom of intensive captivity results in abnormal behaviors such as repetitive swaying and head bobbing,” according to IDA.

Intensive confinement, and the potential for a life of solitude, is causing more problems for elephants than it’s worth and scientific evidence is mounting against such conduct. A study in the journal Science surveyed 4,500 elephants and found zoo conditions shorten an elephant’s life by decades. 

“It’s time for zoos to set aside emotion and take a hard look at the serious problems elephants are suffering under their care. The bottom line is clear: If a zoo can’t meet the physical, social and psychological needs of these highly intelligent and complex animals, it simply shouldn’t have them,” said IDA Elephant Campaign Director Catherine Doyle.

IDA’s encouraging people to join the cause and stand up for elephants by participating in events, writing letters and educating people.  

Visit to find an IDAEZ event, start your own and learn more about why elephants don’t belong in zoos. 

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Mervi R.
Mervi R7 years ago

It´s truly a disgrace how we abuse just about all animals we can get our hands on... we as humans really need to ashamed of ourselves.

Alamzeb Akhund
Alamzeb Khan7 years ago


Alamzeb Akhund
Alamzeb Khan7 years ago


Sara T.
Sara T7 years ago

These poor animals. It makes me cry to think of their suffering.

Mary Carmen G.

Animals on a circus, it is one of the forms of humiliation for creatures that belong in the wild.
the tricks they are trained to perform are ridiculous, with a lock of dignity, and what they go trough to finally give the great 'SHOW'.
Just for the amusement of some.....Lets start creating a culture where animals are respected and trated with dignity.

monique l.
monique l7 years ago

Do protect elephant way of living
No more in circus and so on...

Liz Thompson
Elisabeth T7 years ago

poor animals...

Cindy S.

At first I was glad to see them in zoo's they were protected from poachers.

Kenneal P.

Carol L.
Carol Lopez7 years ago