Judge Orders NY To Release Animal Testing Records

A New York judge has ordered the state to release information about psychiatric experiments it has been performing on primates.

The NY Office of Mental Health has been performing experiments on rhesus monkeys, addicting them to alcohol and other drugs, and then testing the effectiveness of various medications at breaking those addictions. OMH tried to block a Freedom of Information request by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for records relating to these experiments.

PCRM is a nonprofit organization that focuses on preventative medicine, does research, and advocates for ethical standards in laboratories and in the medical industry. PCRM is against animal testing.

The New York OMH’s reasoning for blocking the request was that providing all the documents requested would put scientists at risk from what they call “animal-rights terrorists”.

Luckily, Justice Richard Platkin of the New York state Supreme Court saw through these flimsy arguments and ordered the state to provide the documents. The OMH may still appeal, but hopefully they realize they’re fighting a losing battle.

New York is trying to conceal the details of its experimentation, not because they fear retaliation from “terrorists” — an absurd and failed attempt at fear-mongering — but because people who torture animals for a living do not ever want the public aware of exactly what’s going on in their laboratories.

The institute where the experiments were taking place is publicly funded so the public has a right to know exactly how their tax dollars are being spent. If their money is being spent to addict innocent animals to dangerous drugs, simply to watch them suffer through withdrawal, then the public has a right to know.

We’ve seen enough times the callous attitude vivisectors have towards the animals in their care. The veil of secrecy over animal testing isn’t for the protection of scientists from activists, it is in place to keep the public unaware of what vivisection is. If the public knew the truth about the torture and scientific fraud animal testing represents, they would refuse to support it, publicly or privately, and that is why laboratories have a vested interest in keeping us in the dark.

The PCRM has a legal right to obtain information on publicly funded animal testing, and the state OMH has no right to block their request for documents. The more we know about animal testing, the better.

In order to educate the public about the need to end animal testing, we need to exercise our legal right to demand that the industry tell us exactly what they are doing.

Photo: Ryan Somma


Linda P.
Linda P8 years ago

Thank you PCRM and Justice Richard Platkin.

Patricia A.
Patricia A8 years ago

I've been against animal testing for decades and continue not to use anything made by Procter & Gamble. They stopped animal testing on most of their products, but still continue to murder animals in the name of selling drugs and dog and cat food. Ironic: dog food being tested on dogs through torture and killings! Only buy cosmetics from "The Leaping Bunny"!

Tori W.
Past Member 8 years ago

trying to pull a fast one! our tax dollars at work and none of it fooled this judge...good for him...the real issue is that labs can hide anything they want to "protect their secrets from industrial espionage." at least, that is the go to excuse they always offer. every lab should be an open transparent lab...this is likely the reason that major diseases have not been cured as yet..because every lab, every agency, every company is NOT SHARING any data...talk about selfish little kids...let's open all labs to public scrutiny and transparencies and ELIMINATE THE PARANOIA! we need solutions, cures and not more rhetoric spin from the spinmeisters!

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M8 years ago

This is disgusting!!! Test the drugs on human addicts. I know plenty who would be MORE than happy to help you out... Seriously. They are doing something wrong or they would just give up the damn records. The people in charge of the cruelty are the terrorists, not the animal lovers. I wish those horrible "scientists" would all get the same treatment as the poor animals they test on.

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C8 years ago

They should test on humans, not animals!

Wim Jansen
Wim Jansen8 years ago

Just open your eyes, "scientists", and study the addicted people around you. This kind of study (where the addicted people deliberately persist in their addicted state)is ethical acceptable, maybe gives some benefit to addicts and spares the harmless animals. But really, some "scientists" are addicted theirselves to some obscure practice. And that is dangerous in the first place!

annie statton
christine s8 years ago

It's a sad sad world for animals.

annie statton
christine s8 years ago

It would be a wonderful world if we could wake up every morning ,knowing not one single animal is being hurt by us humans.as far as I know,there are many many ways of testing without using animals and many tests that do not need doing at all. I once saw a test on tv,where they put a dog on a hot plate and watched as he kept jumping,trying to stop his paws being burnt-----------what does that explain?--if your feet are being burnt ,you try to jump out of the way. If they have a totally,totally good reason for doing an experiment,then no animal should suffer AT ALL. I hope this day comes yesterday.

Karen W.
Karen W8 years ago

seems like there are plenty of humans addicted that they could use to experiment on....

Lynnette Bower
Lynnette Bower8 years ago

I love the PCRM!!!!!