Kansas Doctor Will No Longer Plan Do Abortions Due To “Potential” Protesting

Anti-choice activists once more learn that they can stop abortion by threatening to cause as much noise and disturbance as possible where ever the procedure is performed.  This time, their target is doctor in Wichita who has been trained to perform safe medical abortions, as the city has been lacking in providers since the murder of Dr. George Tiller two years ago.

After learning that Dr. Mila Means received training, anti-abortion activists contacted her landlord and told them they would protest the clinic, affecting all of the businesses in the building, unless the landlord filed for an injunction to keep Dr. Means from providing abortions there.

Via KansasCity.com:

A Kansas physician has agreed not to perform abortions at the space she leases in a Wichita office complex, delaying a lawsuit by her landlord, according to court documents made public Monday.

Dr. Mila Means asserts in the documents that she is not performing abortions at the site and does not presently intend to do so. Means said she is seeking alternative office space for her medical practice. She also agreed to give Foliage Development 30-days notice if she later decides to perform abortions, so that a hearing on a temporary injunction could be held.

The development company filed a lawsuit earlier this month arguing that performing abortions at the multi-tenant office building would be a disruption and nuisance to other tenants and create an unsafe environment. Following the agreement with Means, Sedgwick County District Judge Douglas Roth dissolved a temporary restraining order and canceled a hearing for a temporary injunction that had been scheduled for Tuesday. All court proceedings in the case were stayed for six months.

“She is not performing abortions at that site at the time being and really doesn’t intend to and is looking for alternative space, so there wasn’t much of a reason to have a hearing,” her attorney, Lee Thompson, said. “The attorneys were able to resolve that by agreement for the time being, preserving everyone’s rights if down the line it becomes an issue again.”

Anti-choice activists don’t even need to actually protest anymore — just the threat of their protesting combined with well-placed allies means that they can stop women from having abortions simply by cutting off their access.

Troy Newman, the leader of Operation Rescue, an anti-choice extremist group, was subpoenaed to testify in the lawsuit before it was put on hold.  Newman was no doubt expected to detail the types of protesting, yelling, praying, signage, etc. that could be expected in front of the building, as well as how their sidewalk harassment would affect any customers or employees of the rest of the businesses in the building. 

If this “pre-protest” lawsuit can work to stop doctors from performing abortions in Wichita, what is to stop anti-abortion groups from just threatening action in other states to shut down new, or even current providers throughout the country?

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

There are so many things wrong with this situation, that it's hard to begin.

That a group can threaten against a legal personal medical procedure and a qualified medical doctor for following the law, says a lot about the gutlessness of law enforcement and the landlord, who are kowtowing to rabble-rousers. What happened to women's rights to make a choice about their own bodies?

It was smart of the doctor to try to find a new location, so that other businesses wouldn't be affected -- but if it is a lone building, like other abortion clinics, it is more dangerous for the abortion provider, her nurses, patients and those escorting them.

A dilemma I do not like. The law is not being upheld. The rabble, like in Rome, are winning by being immoral and unethical. All their fine talk about "saving lives" means nothing, when they do not care for women's lives and doctor's lives.

I truly despise these protesters, and do not think them moral.

Amber M.
Amber Beasley7 years ago

awesome! I'm gonna go threaten to protest! maybe I'll save a life.

abortions arent done in hospitals because it's such a gruesome procedure. plus personally I think it would be disgusting to be killing babies in a place that also brings them into the world.

Jasmine Shalev
Jasmine Shalev7 years ago

I think its kinder to abort a baby that will only grow up to be hated and seen as a burden on society, that I think is cruel. And don't give me that " oh but he could be the next christ" yeah not likely much more likely is the next manson considering that child has a very good chance of being neglected.

Shannon G.
Shannon G7 years ago

Lindy you said "The anti-choice protesters are trying to FORCE people to obey THEIR rules"

As I stated before, it is their right to freedom of expression to protest. If the building owner would like to prevent haveing this occur on his property it is within his rights to take actions that will prevent it. I also stated that the actions of a few that have been violent are not a reflection of people who happen to be pro-life. What you are doing by labeling all those who are pro-life as terriorists is the same thing that some people accuse conservative folk of doing to Muslims-labeling all as extremist.

I do not condone violence by those who are extream against those who are pro-choice. But dont lump all of those who choose life as someone who is trying to control your choice, because it's simply not true. I could care less what you do with your body, it's your choice. I just happen to choose life above all eles. Im not in a position to judge, I dont judge you for your beliefe and I would apprieciate it if you didnt judge me for mine.

Laura K.
Laura K.7 years ago

All i know is how "HORRIBLE" getting an abortion is first hand. not to mention the guilt i have had to this day and the utter sadness for not being able to know the child, (the soul) that i selfishly murdered many years ago. i wish i would have never walked into that clinic!

Lindy E.
Belinda E7 years ago

Shannon G says, "Comparing someone who you disagree with to the taliban is no better then comparing Obama to Hitler, your lowering your IQ by calling names." I'm sorry, but I agree, they ARE like the Taliban. The Taliban aren't violent, either, as long as people obey them! The anti-choice protesters are trying to FORCE people to obey THEIR rules - in this case by threatening to disrupt business for the entire building. When sufficiently frustrated by the public's refusal to obey them, they have even resorted to murder. This is not terrorism???

Lindy E.
Belinda E7 years ago

Gerlinde asks a good question: Why AREN'T abortions done in hospitals? Is it because hospitals are under so many special restrictions that clinics don't face? Is it because the demand for abortions exceeds what the hospitals can supply? Does anyone know the answer?

Marie W.
Marie W7 years ago

Anti choice people are rabid, biting, chewing and spewing hate. That's how they get their way.

Julie W.
Julie W7 years ago

Don't want to go too off-topic here, but why is it that the anti-choice people are so successful?

Could we have similiar protests about GM crops that actually worked? Petitions don't seem to be having any effect.

PJ Granieri
.7 years ago

If FOX NEWS would stop the hate, they incite the mentallity of not so sane people or raticals to go after the same people FOX NEWS WANTS TAKEN OUT AN ANY OTHER NEWS THAT REPORTED IT...PUT THOS OFFICES IN A HOSPITAL AN LEAVE US WOMAN ALONE...WE have the freedom that is our choice since you men have not been butt-raped so don't tell me what to do when I am raped by "you" a 'man" to give me life so the choice if mine...you may get an std I give life..REVOLUTION IS IN ORDER I THINK...