Kidnap Kids from Same-Sex Couples, Says Bryan Fischer

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer espouses setting up an Underground Railroad to steal children from their same-sex parents. In a Tweet posted August 7th, he wrote:

The link leads to an article by Robert Lopez, an assistant professor of English at California State University-Northridge, who says he grew up confused because of having two mothers. Growing up at a time when nontraditional families were viewed with suspicion and homosexuality was kept tightly closeted, he probably did feel something of an outcast, but his is one experience, not a prototype.

Fischer’s next Tweet hammered on the theme of kidnapping’s being the righteous choice when the parents are same sex:

This one refers to Kevin Miller, the Mennonite minister who is on trial in Littleton, New Hampshire, for helping Lisa Miller flee to Nicaragua. Miller is the biological mother of Isabella Miller-Jenkins, a child conceived via in-vitro fertilization while Miller was in a civil union with Janet Jenkins.

After leaving the relationship, Miller renounced her homosexuality and regularly failed to comply with Jenkins’s visitation rights. Miller claims Isabella was traumatized by the visits. Since she and her daughter had become part of a fundamentalist, homophobic religious community, Isabella probably came to see Jenkins as an irredeemable sinner.

Bryan Fischer never runs out of hate. He followed up the first two Tweets with four more, all similar to the first in the series:

Here he refers to Janet Jenkins, who is legally as much Isabella’s mother as is Lisa Miller. The two mothers had a loving relationship until a miscarriage sent Miller into a spiral of guilt and self-recrimination that ended in her leaving Jenkins and poisoning Isabella’s relationship with both Jenkins and her parents.

Fischer never runs out of vitriol in his broadcasts for American Family Radio. On August 7th he said:

I stand by everything I have said in these Tweets. There is an Underground Railroad, and we need one for women like Lisa Miller. We need an Underground Railroad to protect innocent children from same-sex households in these kinds of circumstances.

What children really need protection from is the hateful rhetoric of people like Bryan Fischer. They need protection from church schools that refuse entry to them if their parents are not straight. They need protection from schools that fire teachers for not opposing gay marriage. They need protection from bigotry.

If Fischer and American Family Radio loved children the way they claim to, they would make sure those children and their parents are warmly accepted, whatever the family’s configuration. If they continue to espouse intolerance and hatred in the name of right-wing ideology, they must be prepared to shoulder the responsibility when crackpots take them literally.

The Christian ideals spouted by the anti-gay right run counter to the teachings of their spiritual role model. Jesus would be furious.

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

If Bryan Fischer hasn't broken the law yet, he is teetering on the brink. I believe the law states that inciting violence is a crime, so if he is suggesting kidnapping, even though he's too chicken-shit to do it himself, the authorities should keep a very close eye on him. You can always get some kook to do your bidding -- RE: abortion clinic and doctors attacks and murders.

Jessica Nielsen
Jessica Nielsen5 years ago


This world, so mind numbing.

timothy m.
timothy m5 years ago

Miller is certainly overstepping her legal bounds by preventing Jenkins from maintaining contact with the girl.

But how does Wellner know that "a miscarriage sent Miller into a spiral of guilt and self-recrimination that ended in her leaving Jenkins"? Did she interview Miller's shrink? Or is she just engaging in a little armchair psychiatry to suit her spin on the case?

stewart s.
stew s5 years ago

This wacko Bryan Fischer should be deported to Mars!!

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

Soon, these old farts, and their cavemen beliefs will die off, just like the dinosaurs.

I have not met ANY children of same-sex couples/parents, that are not much more well adjusted and accepting of all people no matter what their color, religion, socio-economic status, or beliefs.

The world is in good hands with the upcoming generation.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

What a dick.

Jessica L.
Janne O5 years ago

Kidnapping children from loving homes is never civil disobedience!

Brenda Trahan
brenda t5 years ago

Oh my god Gina, I cant stop laughing. A queer Cruella DeVille. You know, every time I see one of Elaines posts i'm going to die laughing. Thank you for that.

Nicole Bergeron
Nicole Bergeron5 years ago

So he wants people to BREAK THE LAW by stealing children that are not in harms way, instead of legally trying to help those that ARE in harms way from abuse?

Many same-sex couples cherish the children they get, just like many heterosexual couples, and single parents, but BOTH types of couples, and single parents, can be abusive and it is those types of parents (no matter the sexuality) that need to have their children taken away until the parents can get the help they need UNLESS they are a repeat offender, child molester, or child killer. And there are monsters that can hide in plain sight, and no one knows until it is too late. One's sexuality does NOT determine if one is going to be abusive or not.

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

I support complete political equality for ALL people!