Kind-Hearted Veterinarian Heals Cat for Free


By RubyReynolds of Kenya

My neighbor called me through the hedge that divided our gardens.

“I think your cat is trapped between our outhouse and the fence,” she said.

I ran to see. Caught tightly between the diamond-mesh wire and the wall of the outhouse was a cat, crying pitifully. She was covered in blood and bedraggled, but her fur was thick and glossy. It was not my cat and I had never seen it before.

My neighbor’s dog had chased the cat, caught it and bitten it badly, but it escaped and ran behind the outhouse, encountering the wire fence. The cat had tried to climb up between the building and the wire and had become trapped in the tight space.

We tried to push the fence back to allow the cat to wriggle free, but to no avail. She was caught firmly by the wire, so I asked my neighbor for a towel. I wrapped the towel around my arm and reached in to hold the cat by the scruff of its neck. Gradually I crept my other hand towards the place where the wire was digging into her back. I managed to ease the tension and move the poor animal a little.

At this point, in her pain, she sank her teeth deeply into my right hand. I was tempted to back off, but she would not let go. I had no option but to gently drawher down and out of the trap she had gotten into. She maintained her grip on my hand as I wrapped the towel around her as well as I could with my left hand. I held her closely and stroked her with my left hand.

She Was Bleeding

There was blood caking her fur where the dog had bitten her. My neighbor, who had almost fainted when she saw the blood, recovered enough to offer to drive me and my attached cat to the local vet’s office. In the car she at last let go of my hand!

At the vet’s, the cat was sedated and examined. The vet found her back had been broken by the dog bite, and he said hefelt he should euthanise her, but that he wanted totry to repair the break. Amazingly there was no sign of paralysis.He saidshe seemed to be otherwise in good health, so he would try, but could not guarantee her survival. He said that if she survived he would keep her, so he would not charge us for the operation. He had obviously fallen in love with the beautiful cat and welcomed the experience he would gain from operating.

We Waited by the Phone

After a tense three hours, the vet reported that the cat had survived the operation and seemed to have all reflexes in good order.

Three weeks later, he phoned me to say that the cathad made a magnificent recovery and could walk and move normally. We enquired all around the neighbourhood, but no one had lost a cat. No one advertised in the local newspaper. No one replied to the advertisement we put in. We decided that she was homeless, so the vet who saved her life and paid for the ads was free to keep her. He named her Victoria, because of her victory over almost certain death.

She graced the veterinary office for many years after that. Her grey, red and white fur was always immaculate, and she was known as Vicky the Receptocat by all the customers.

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Thanks for caring.

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Thank you.

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Susan Griffiths
Susan Griffiths3 years ago

Thankyou for you bravery and kindness in rescuing this cat. I do hope though, that you have made sure that the area she was trapped in, can not trap another cat or animal. As for the vet - he is a true animal lover - not all are, particularly some of those who work for corporations experimental and testing laboratories. In this case kindness prevailed.

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Love this story

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I had a feline receptionist, Chloe, at my apartment..... sort of like a greeter at Wal Mart

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Fantastic. Great , Well done. What a Champion.

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Where are all the good vets?

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Thank you.