Kony2012 Tied to Secretive Fundamentalist Organization

A new exhaustive investigation has found that Invisible Children, the non-profit behind the controversial viral KONY 2012 video, shares profound ties with The Family (aka The Fellowship), the secretive fundamentalist organization widely believed to be behind Uganda’s infamous ‘Kill the Gays’ bill.

The Family/Fellowship has been described as one of the most politically well-connected ministries in the United States. It shuns publicity and its members share a vow of secrecy.

Founded in 1935, its growing political clout was brought to widespread public notice by journalist Jeff Sharlet in books ‘The Family‘ and ‘C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy‘ as well as through extensive coverage on The Rachel Maddow Show.

The group follows the doctrine of Dominionism: conspiring to seek influence or control over secular civil government through political action with the goal of either a nation governed by Christians, or a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law.

Jesus = Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Bin Laden

Sharlet has stated that the organization fetishizes power by comparing Jesus to “Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Bin Laden” as examples of leaders who change the world through the strength of the covenants they had forged with their “brothers”.

The new report by Bruce Wilson found extensive social and professional associations between the two groups. At least two of Invisible Children’s programs have involved collaboration with The Fellowship and its members. This includes a network of elite evangelical indoctrination centers in Uganda, which groom Christian youth for future leadership roles in the country.

Those centers work to raise up a cadre of elite Jesus-centered leaders who will transform their nation along “Biblical” lines;  one apparent objective is the categorical elimination of homosexuality.

Commenting on the report, Wayne Besen, of the group Truth Wins Out, which has worked to alert the world to anti-gay religious activity, said:

“Given the incestuous ties, it is sometimes difficult to tell where Invisible Children ends and The Family begins. What is vexing is that both groups rightfully despise the murderous actions of Joseph Kony, but appear to be comfortably in the pocket of Uganda’s oppressive fundamentalist Christian dictator Yoweri Museveni. If these groups truly stand for freedom and liberty, it is difficult to understand their cozy relationship with the Ugandan strongman.”

Last month extensive funding  to Invisible Children from conservative Christian organizations, including from The Family/Fellowship, was revealed, but this new report is the first to connect the two so intimately.

Stealth evangelism

Alternet has reported that in a visit to Liberty University, a Christian college, Invisible Children leader Jason Russell encouraged students to use “extremely low-key, or stealth evangelism.”

Invisible Children, which releases the sequel to the KONY 2012 video today, has yet to comment on the new report.

US lawsuit

Last month, in an international first, a federal lawsuit was filed against an American anti-gay extremist over persecution of gay people in Uganda.

The anti-gay activism in Uganda, stoked by evangelical Americans, does appear to be backfiring: Voice of America reports a strengthening and more visible LGBT community there.

Frank Mugisha, head of a Kampala-based NGO called Sexual Minorities Uganda, attributes some of this progress to continuing international pressure to recognize homosexual rights.

Lesbian rights activist Joanitah Abang says it has become easier for the homosexual community to participate in public events, such as a march several weeks ago in which several dozen gay activists walked the streets brandishing posters. She says that under the watchful eye of the international community, police are no longer likely to arrest them at public demonstrations.

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sandra downing
sandra byers5 years ago

the family is one of the most evil networks in the usa. this kony2012 film is sad, no one wants children harmed. but - it is all part of the experiment certain people in our government and others want out there to cover up the real horrors of uganda. it's another side show, folks.

tens of thousands of ugandi families have been put in camps and their land taken for the production of oil in the near future. the government is propped up by extremists from the usa. uganda gets lots of our tax dollars, and not to help the people. no one hears about the way ugandi treats all their citizens. the family is not part of the evangelical movement, but welcomes their efforts around the world so the dirty deeds can be done.
actually, the family believes unless you are wealthy, you are not part of Jesus 0 = 0. may sound confusing until you read up on their organization. they believe that god started wars so the masses could be killed in biblical times. only the people of success who have money and power are "loved" by Jesus. governments around the world have "prayer cells" inbedded in their high ranks. this includes the usa where they are most powerful in politics to prayer cells in germany, australia, and most other allies of the usa.
anyway, democrats as well as republicans court this group for power and they, the family, have free access to the halls of congress. four of the republicans who were booted out of jobs, including the gov of south carolina, belong to

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Here is a message I just sent the President of the United States, Barack Obama:
The American Public is too wise to be stampeded into yet ANOTHER endless War, this time in Uganda, the Sudan and Africa, for Africom and control of Africa's Natural Resources and Oil. That inaccurate and irresponsible film Kony2012, is NOT going to fool very many of the people very much of the time. It is so much PROPAGANDA for another - yet another! - War we DON'T WANT. We KNOW it will not be a "limited" engagement in either time, or in numbers of troops or "advisors". After all, that is just how things started in VietNam, isn't it? We have learned SOMEthing from that.... And we DON'T want The Family, who sponsored the film, to dictate Foreign Policy... This manipulative "hard sell" film is NOT selling us!

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W5 years ago

Read my first in-depth article about them about 6 mo, before whatshisname, gov. of SC took off. He was part of that group which is why he didn't bother apologizing like he should've.

That "faith" believes in their self-righteousness to a fault and is one of the most dangerous organization on the planet. They are also extremely secretive.

Really? This has escaped that many people? (50% when I signed off)

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

Nothing to add to the great comments here - except Green Stars.

David L.
David L5 years ago

"THE FAMILY" has a chapter down here in Oz ~ wherever that go here, they make trouble...

IT has always been known that the Kony2012 founders and organisers were from some fringe/fundamentalist Christian religion(s) ~ they didn't deny or hide that element..

IF it turns out that they belong to "The Family", then that IS bad news, though not really any sort of surprise..

"Kony2012" has always been suspect ~ just like "the Family".

As for the founders ~ the mental breakdown of one of them last month only confirmed many peoples suspicions ~ while I wouldn't be surprised if THAT video overtakes their Kony video on YouTube within a few months !!!


Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Noted. Thanks.

Tessie Mcdonnell
Tessie Mcdonnell5 years ago

I don't know how to react to this. I was so pumped about KONY 2012. Now I'm just kind of shaky about it. No matter what, I'm doing cover the night. If I bring up invisible children or not, we need to raise awareness.

Ken W.
Ken W5 years ago

Gee Oh Pee

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.