Labeling Of GE Salmon Might Soon Be Mandatory In California

Just last week, California State Assemblymember Jared Huffman introduced a landmard Assembly Bill (AB 88) which would require all future GE salmon sold in California to contain clear and prominent labeling.

The issue of whether or not to approve AquaBounty transgenic salmon for unlabeled commercial sale has been before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for many months with no decision.

Although the FDA maintains that it has conducted adequate inquiries into the health and environmental impacts of raising GE salmon for public consumption, Huffman like many federal scientists isn’t so sure that the administration has the public’s best interests at heart.

Just two months ago, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) revealed a document that proves the FDA knowingly withheld vital information during previous hearings regarding the approval of GMO salmon.

Stop Genetically Engineered Salmon From Reaching Your Plate!

Food and environmental advocacy groups applaud the bill, saying it will protect the public’s right to know how their food is produced.

November 22nd, 2010 marked the end of a two month public comment period on the labeling of GE salmon. Nearly 400,000 public comments have been sent to FDA, demanding the agency reject this application and require mandatory labeling of this transgenic salmon should it decide to approve it (CFS).

The CFS reports: “Public opinion clearly and consistently calls for food labeling.  Recent polls indicate that 95 percent of the public want labeling of genetically-modified foods, and that nearly 50 percent of the public would not eat seafood that has been genetically engineered.”

Despite this clear indication that most Americans want to avoid GE goods in their diet, the FDA has been unwilling to both admit their potential health risks and require companies producing GE foods to properly label their products.

If you believe GE salmon is unsafe for public health and the environment, please TAKE ACTION by signing the petition below:

Stop Genetically Engineered Salmon From Reaching Your Plate!

Image Credit: Center for Food Safety


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Genetically engineered anything is not safe to eat. The big chemical corporations like DOW and Monsanto need to be less greedy (thats a laugh) and leave our food and environment alone!

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All GMOs should be clearly labelled as such.

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Hell ya, go vegan... but for the world that hasn't grasped the concept... stop making mechanical animals, while you still can.. for a world so afraid of robots taking over, can't you see that you are creating aliens... who know what they will evolve into! And I thought labeling of GMOs was already becoming mandatory?!

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Things like this make me proud to be a Californian. Go AB88!! =)

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Interesting article...just as I have started adding more salmon to my diet!