Ladies, Are You Dissatisfied With Your Vagina? Why Not Try Labiaplasty?

Are you in the market for a designer vagina? Labiaplasty can help you out.

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that trims the labia minora (the inner lips of the vulva) to fit neatly within the outer lips. It is the most popular kind of “vaginal rejuvenation” operation, with 2,140 surgeries performed in the US in 2010, and 5,200 worldwide. Other vaginal rejuvenations include procedures reducing the size of the labia minora and the labia majora (the outer lips), tightening the vagina, reducing the size of the clitoral hood, and reconstructing the hymen.

The number of labiaplasties may actually be larger. The BBC reports that in 2011 more than 2,000 labiaplasties were carried out on the National Health Service in Britain, and in the last five years there has been a fivefold increase in women seeking a perfect vagina. But there are undoubtedly many more procedures carried out in the private sector.

And how about a Barbie?

From Guernica:

Dr. Red Alinsod, a urogynecologist in Laguna Beach, California, claims that his most requested surgical procedure is the Barbie: a procedure that excises the entire labia minora. This results in a “clamshell” aesthetic: a smooth genital area, the outer labia appearing “sealed” together with no labia minora protrusion. Alinsod tells me he invented the Barbie in 2005. “I had been doing more conservative labiaplasties before then,” he says. “But I kept getting patients who wanted almost all of it off. They would come in and say, I want a ‘Barbie.’ So I developed a procedure that would give them this comfortable, athletic, petite look, safely.”

Why on earth do women want their vaginas to look plastic and smooth, like a prepubescent girl? And why on earth are women having this operation anyway?

In 17th century England, having distended labia was considered one of the definitive proofs that a woman was a witch, and ready to be hanged as such. Of course, such judgments were always made by men. Are women in the 21st century deciding on this surgery because they fear men will find them unattractive?

Undoubtedly, women are also being persuaded by the medical profession that this procedure is in their interests. As Jezebel reports,

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the vaginal rejuvenation industry was worth around $6.8million in 2009. This number is now undoubtedly much higher and does not take into account any procedures performed by gynecologists.

On the one hand, there is outrage, as there should be, about genital mutilation being performed on young women around the world against their will; on the other hand, there are women submitting voluntarily to labiaplasty surgery. What’s going on here? It seems that the escalating pathology of the vagina is just one manifestation, along with the desire for breast augmentation surgery, of a wish to deny any individuality in favor of a stereotyped perfection.

From Jezebel:

How can we convince our younger sisters and cousins and daughters that it’s perfectly okay if your vagina doesn’t resemble the porno or plasticized ideal? O’Regan [author of the Guernica article] notes some pushback, such as a Tumblr called “Show Your Vagina”, which showcases vaginas of all shapes and sizes and colors. Inspiring, yes, but not exactly persuasive enough to remind women bombarded with Photoshopped images of “minimalist” vag that there’s no such thing as a perfect vagina. Wait, scratch that: there is such a thing as a perfect vagina. It looks exactly like yours.

Can you imagine men having surgery to change the shape of their genitals? We are all unique human beings, and so our bodies are all unique and special. We’ve heard some very sad stories of young girls dying of anorexia, convinced that their bodies are “too fat.” So now there are women convinced that their vaginas are “too ugly.”

We need to change this.

To end on a lighter note, Brandi Glanville, from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has made her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian pay $12,000 for her labiaplasty surgery by charging it to his credit card.

From The Sun:

Brandi made the bold decision following his affair with LeAnne Rimes in 2009, whom he left his wife for and later married.

She said: “I decided that since Eddie ruined my vagina for me, he could pay for a new one.”

Brandi described the moment that Eddie found out: “A week after the vaginal rejuvenation surgery, he was on the phone screaming, ‘What the f–k cost you $12,000? Did you get a nose job?’.

“I responded simply, ‘Yes. A nose job.’ And I hung up.”


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David S.
David S3 years ago

Davidotunga D. is spamming for a greedy sick butcher who takes advantage of females with low self esteem. This so called "doctor" is creating Frankenstein-vaginas and laughing all the way to the bank. Any girl considering cutting off her labia minora needs to Google to see how many guys actually prefer a girl to have fuller lips, finding them sexier. Cutting them off makes a vagina look scarred with potential health issues in the future, including greater risks of infection, irritation. Part of the reason females evolved to have larger lips is to protect the the area.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown3 years ago

Davidotunga D., please stop spamming articles to this idiot doctor's website.

Elizabeth Kryzanowski
Elizabeth K4 years ago

I'm very much on your side, Donovan. Women are indeed just as guilty of inflicting genital anxiety onto men by ridiculing their penises, especially, in America, normal, intact ones.

Intact penis = the best kind! Leave the baby boys' sex organ alone.

Donovan Duckette
Donovan Duckette4 years ago

I guess circumcision doesn't matter! That's happens multiple times a day on helpless baby BOYS! The article address grown women, and 99% are outraged that a grown woman is being pressured. Your bias genital mutilation only feed that the penis doesn't matter.

I bet 70% outraged women here has said something negative about a penis size, shape, color..etc. I bet all those penis enlargement commercial rolled right off your shoulder, without a second though about the affects on some males (noticed, I said males) teenage boys feel this pressure as penis from any female geared audience, and read.

Some women here had the nerve to blame men. Review my statement and check it out for yourself. If you say, women isn't contributing to penis size anxiety, then how can men contribute to this. If you acknowledge, that women have played a factor on genital anxiety...then welcome to the club. Cannot what for the commercial like those penis enlargement.

Valerie F.
Valerie F.5 years ago

I didn't know that I sent this. I attempted to comment that I thought well, the plastic surgeons must be running out of money to popularize this, and was told that someone on care2 had to 'vouch for me'. I guess somebody did, but I wish they'd chosen some other story, LOL!

Christine Jones
Christine J5 years ago

Thank you pornography for yet another way of making normal women feel gross and in need of expensive, dangerous and completely unnecessary surgery so that they can look like a porn star. Let's be glad God/Nature/Whatever gave us our wonderful bodies and appreciate them as they are, regardless of size, shape or colour. Come on women; imagine how you could make the world a better place if you started spending your time, money and mental energy on useful, positive, kind actions, instead of being caught up with all this garbage. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me "I am fine just the way I am".

Klaus Peters
Klaus Peters5 years ago

Ladies, why so obcessed. You are worse than men.
My wife is happy with her private territory, but so am I. The reason why our marriage of 40 years is succesful is not the shape and size, but satisfaction and happiness that goes with it. No need to look over the fence to expect more.

Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen5 years ago

i just don't know. if someones labia looked exactly like a carnation. that seems like it is a little to much? they would have a multilabia and 10 lips. that sounds like a mutation, like when some cats are polydactyle

Debbi Ryan
Deb Ryan5 years ago


Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen5 years ago

i just don't know. if someones labia looked exactly like a carnation. that seems like it is a little to much? they would have a multilabia and 10 lips. that sounds like a mutation, like when some cats are polydactyle