Lady Gaga Praises Teen’s Anti-Bullying Fight (VIDEO)


Jacques St. Pierre, a 17-year-old from Etobicoke in Toronto, Canada, received a surprise recently after pop superstar Lady Gaga sent him a video message thanking him for his anti-bullying efforts.

According to reports St. Pierre, who is student council president of the Etobicoke School of the Arts, had experienced bullying while in elementary school. This, and recent stories of bullying and teen suicide, led St. Pierre to take action.

More from CBC News Toronto:

“I got called the gay kid, the fag, because I liked to be in the school plays,” he told CBC’s Melanie Nagy. “I lost my best friend because he joined in with the bullies. It’s not fun, I’ve been there, I’ve been bullied. Before that, I didn’t know bullying could affect people so severely.”

Motivated to do something about it, St. Pierre organized a school assembly with an anti-bullying theme. He also gathered pledges from fellow students, calling on them to agree to help combat the problem.

But he also sent dozens of emails to celebrities, asking them to give their support.

That’s when he received an email he won’t soon forget.

Below you can see Lady Gaga’s message to Jacques:

Click here to watch an interview with St. Pierre and read more on what he thought about Lady Gaga’s video.

Jacques kept the video message a secret until the day of his school assembly. It apparently had a big impact on his classmates, with several students quoted as saying that because of the assembly and video they now realize bullying is a serious issue.

As many readers may be aware, Lady Gaga was moved to action when news of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer’s bullying-related suicide emerged earlier this year.  She has met with President Obama to discuss the issue and has now launched the Born This Way Foundation to combat bullying and inspire young people to embrace individuality.

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gi Aurru
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Thank you Lady GaGa .

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Devon Leonard6 years ago

Thank you...I had not seen this before. Three cheers to Lady Gaga for calling out the bullies and letting them know we were gonna stand up and say "no more bullies!" This young man,Jacques is only just beginning to tap the genius creativity residing within him... I wish every High school student could hear about him, and what one person Can accomplish..!!!

Janis Jones
janis keller6 years ago

I love celebrities that do something for society. Thank you Lady Gaga!

Cindy B.
Cindy B7 years ago

The more I learn about L. Gaga, the more I admire her. She is SO MANY good things wrapped into one, so down to earth and full of love and respect for others. COOL, MAN! xoxo to LG and everyone.

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I love this "lady" with the huge heart! :-)

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Love this show of support!

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