Lesbian Political Action Committee Launched

Jane Lynch is one among many celebrities backing the first lesbian political action committee. The organization was launched this Wednesday to champion lesbians’ and women’s rights in the 2012 election cycle. A handful of famous personalities are backing the new organization, which is named LPAC, including Lynch and tennis star Billie Jean King.

LPAC’s website welcomes you by stating it’s the “First of its Kind Lesbian Political Action Committee.” Their mission is clear from the get-go:

Today a group of activists and donors launched LPAC, the first of its kind lesbian political action committee. The values-based committee sets out to positively influence policies that impact women by electing candidates who champion issues that impact lesbians and their families.

The Super PAC sets out not only to give lesbians a voice in the LGBT community but also in the wider political terrain during this election cycle. The organization plans to back candidates that champion reproductive freedom, gay and lesbian rights, and women’s rights. One advisory board member, Urvashi Vaid, is quoted on the website stating:

Iím involved in starting LPAC because I want to create fresh politics, one in which the lives of ordinary working women and men, LGBT people and people of color matter, and because I believe lesbians must step up and lead in solving our countryís challenges.

LPAC’s website outlines three major values that will remain central to the cause:

-Ending discriminatory treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals and their families;
-Protecting access to reproductive freedom and quality healthcare; and,
-Furthering social, racial, and economic justice for all Americans.

Needless to say that the Super PAC plans to back Obama and will focus much of its funding and organizing around ensuring that the president retains support before the November elections. Mitt Romney’s stance against gay marriage ensures that he will remain an opponent to LPAC in the coming months.

The organization hopes to earn at least $1 million dollars before the end of the year in order to oppose legislation aimed at curbing reproductive freedom and women’s rights.

The Super PAC adds a hopeful and promising voice to the fight against shrinking family planning options, and the attack against LGBT and women’s rights that GOP nominees are bent on enacting. Multiple states, including Mississippi, are embroiled in political battles that aim to shut down reproductive health clinics across the board in the name of stopping abortions. Health care legislation in this country is also under heated debate.

LPAC does not plan on stopping once the election cycle is over at the end of the year. The chair and treasurer of LPAC, Sarah Schmidt, affirms that the organization plans on doing more work once elections are over in order to ensure that lesbian, LGBT, and women’s rights remain a central item of concern and attention.

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Photo Credit: Greg Hernandez


Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

Karl O : THAT was a very funny comment!

I applaud any effort to get more women representation in government. Haven't the "boys club" screwed it up long enough?

Heather BennetT
Heather BennetT5 years ago

Lesbians rock!!!:)

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

An interesting war is brewing with the Lesbian PAC on one side and the Koch suckers on the other. I hope that the ladies win hands down.

Jen Matheson
Past Member 5 years ago

I love this!

irene fernandez
irene Fernandez5 years ago

Great move!

Felicia S.
Phyllis S5 years ago

SOunds great to me!!

Hellen Hoffman
Hellen Hoffman5 years ago

Hurray!! If all our Gay & Lesbian Americans will contribute to this pac...if all those who support the rights of the LGBT community, the rights of women to affordable health care, to make our own reproductive and health care choices, to equal pay and the rights of a first class citizen would step up with their dollars....those who believe in human rights, job equality, racial equality and, well the list goes on...IF all those who suppot these issues makes a commitment to support this LPAC with their money....(and there are lots of us) we can out spend the Koch brothers and Karl Rove!!! Remember, there are more women in this country and more Americans who support equality than there are of them. Let's put our money on the line for the rights of all and equality for all.

Betsy M.
Betsy M5 years ago

Good to have these voices/ issues heard.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks Sarah for providing this great news and I was heartened to note that their effort will not end after the November election. Sounds like this PAC has a good chance to be a mover on LBGTQ and other human rights issues.

Kynthia R.
Kynthia Rosgeal5 years ago

I notice they really dont care about parties, which is fine. The day a decent republican candidate is willing to grant me, a lesbian, the same rights that he enjoys, I may reconsider my vote.

Until then, I love the fact I have sisters putting efforts together like this. We now have to fight money with money