Life After Abuse For Patrick and Dexter (Video)


Some of the best qualities about pets are their ability to live in the present and not feel sorry for themselves. Two animals covered in past stories, Patrick the pitbull who was nearly starved to death by his owner and Dexter the tiny kitten beaten with a baseball bat are not looking back at the atrocities inflicted on them. In fact both animals are doing very well.

Patrick was discovered in Newark, NJ by a maintenance worker after the dog had been thrown down an apartment garbage chute. He had been nearly starved to death by his owner.

The dog went through weeks of intensive care, blood transfusions and a surgery to remove a foreign object.

Thanks to the skillful hands of veterinarians at Garden State Veterinary Specialists, Patrick has made a miraculous recovery and has proved to be a loving animal that holds no grudges for his abuse. He continues to be in the custody of GSVS and the veterinarian who saved his life.

Below is the latest video of him playing, just like any other pup.

Dexter was rescued by a little boy playing at a Florida park after he and three other children witnessed the kitten being hit with an aluminum baseball bat by Wilana Joenel Frazier and her two sons.

The tiny black and white kitten was taken to PetLuv Spay Neuter Clinic with severe head trauma. He has spent the last month recovering from his injuries and getting round-the-clock attention from his vet-tech foster mom, Tiffany Sroka.

At first Dexter had to be force fed and suffered from constant seizures. Veterinarians also feared the kitten was blind. But once the swelling on Dexter’s brain began to subside, he started to eat on his own and even regained his vision.

There were candlelight vigils in honor of Dexter and his Facebook page had more than 1,600 fans. 26,000 people signed a petition to have Frazier prosecuted.

On July 23, the little kitten was declared healthy enough to live with a permanent family. He was adopted by his foster mom, Tiffany.

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Photos: Hernando Animal Services/ Pet Luv Spay and Neuter Clinic


Fi T.
Past Member 2 years ago

The abusers should pay the price

Fi T.
Past Member 2 years ago

The abusers should pay the price

Natalie T.
Past Member 3 years ago

No words, only tears.

Tanya Selth
Tanya Selth4 years ago

I was just reading the article article that Dexter ended up having uncontrollable seizures and ended up having to be put down due to his abuse. Too sad.

jana dicarlo
Jana DiCarlo4 years ago

That horrid woman - what is she teaching her children. She needs to be put in JAIL for a long time, and her children placed in better homes.

How would she liked being beaten with a baseball bat? How would that feel? Might happen to her in prison!

What losers!!!

Lyn Romaine
Lynelle Romaine4 years ago

That wicked mother AND her evil spawns needs to be locked away with lobotomies done on all of them!

Henry G.
Henry G4 years ago

How in the name of God could somebody just throw away such a beautiful dog. Thank goodness the maintenance worker found him. God loves his little creatures, man destroys those that can't defend themselves.

Renee H.
Renee H4 years ago

Thank you so much for the update on Patrick's story. I cried the first time I saw a picture of him, I just wanted to give him tons of food and tons of love. I am so happy to see him acting like a happy go lucky dog.

Winn Adams
Winn A4 years ago

No words.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W4 years ago

thank you