Little Dog Left in Park Flees Rescuers for Weeks

Written by Ed Kostro of Illinois

I first heard about this homeless little canine from one of my neighbors who often walks his dog through a nearby park at night.

“I spotted a tiny black and white dog several nights ago very timidly peeking out from some evergreen bushes.  But when I approached him, he raced away from me in fright.  And now, for the past several nights, he’s been following after Misty and me as we walk through the park, but always at a great distance.  I’m guessing that someone dumped this poor little guy in the park.”

“Thanks for telling me about him.  I’ll head over there tonight, and I’ll see if I can catch him.”  Little did I know that for the next several weeks, this abandoned little dog would lead me on quite a chase.

This wouldn't be easy...

I started out by quietly sitting on a park bench every night, right after dark.  And every night without fail, I would soon spot him forlornly pacing all around the park’s perimeter.  It seemed to me that he was very sadly hoping, and waiting, and searching for someone to return here to retrieve him.  I soon became convinced that someone had indeed dumped him here to fend for himself.

Now I was determined to help him, still not realizing what a difficult task this would prove to be.  I started following after him every night with some food and water in hand, and he started racing away from me every night with his tail tucked firmly between his legs, and a terrible distrust of me in his eyes.  I guess I can’t blame him.

He Could Scale Six Foot High Fences

Every night now, after leading me all around our neighborhood, he would eventually return to his hiding place in the park bushes.  After several nights of nearly getting close enough to him to get a leash around his neck, I named him ‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ since he could literally scale six-foot tall fences to elude my grasp.

I eventually decided to stop chasing him all over town, and I started leaving food and water for him right next to the evergreen bushes.  He was now extremely grateful for my nightly offerings, but his broken heart just would not allow him to put any trust in me.

After several more nights, I decided that the only way to save him was to trap him.  I started placing his nightly meals into one of my cat traps, and now, he would very warily pace all around the trap, but he wouldn’t enter it.  This went on for three painfully long nights, but after the third, his hunger and his thirst were great enough for him to throw all caution to the wind and finally enter it.

He Began Eying the Tiny Toy on the Floor

Cases like this one only end well when rescuers exercise patience and determination.

As I carried him home that night in the cat trap, he shook and shivered and very morosely stared into my eyes, wondering what his fate would be.

As I do with each of the terrified street orphans that I manage to corral these days, I set up a cozy little bed for him in my garage, and I very patiently hoped that his trust  would return.  Thankfully, after several days it finally did.

I entered the garage one morning with his meal and a small rubber dog toy.  He very gratefully ate his breakfast, and then he began eyeing the tiny toy on the floor.  Suddenly, he picked it up and very cautiously brought it to me, dropping it into my lap.  I immediately tossed it to the far side of the garage, and I joyously watched as little Jack raced after it, grabbed it, and raced back to me with it, wagging the happiest little tail that I had ever seen.

Today, our Jumpin Jack, the abandoned, frightened, starving little park dog, is once again a very happy little guy, and his favorite game is still fetch.

The photos used in this story were representative images.  We have just one photo of the real Jumpin Jack and he’s a beauty.  Take a look

Story brought to you by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

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Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 4 years ago

great,good on you jumping jack,thank you for sharing 15/7

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo5 years ago

It's such a nice story, good the rescuer had such a patience. I'm so glad for this dog.

Dianne D.
Dianne D5 years ago

I love happy endings. So glad you didn't give up on this poor little dog. Curses to the person that abandoned it and to all who abandon or abuse animals. I tried to catch a feral cat once to get her spayed. Same thing happened to me. She'd get close (food always works) but no cigars. Finally trapped her, got her spayed and she has been with me for almost 15 years now. She's still feral and will hiss at me, but has never bitten. I can get her into a carrier if she needs to go to the vet, but it's up to the vet to figure out what to do once I get her there. When I moved out of the apartment, where I found her and cared for her, into a house, I trapped her and she moved with me. She lived in my house for about a month until I got the cattery finished in my backyard, and has since lived in the cattery with a pet door so she can go in and out of the house as she wants, but can't get out of the backyard - not that I've seen her try. She's developed a little arthritis now, so spends more time indoors on her heated pet pad.

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

Human is such a misused word don't you think?

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago

Blessings on you for rescuing Jumping Jack!
How people can abandon these dependent little beings, and then, I assume justify it to themselves is beyond me--how could they not worry about them? So very cold and heartless!
Thank you so much for giving Jumping Jack a home, and another chance to be loved and valued!

J.L. A.
j A5 years ago

this little guy apparently has strong survival skills

Carrie Anne Brown

great article and ending! thanks for sharing :)

Bruce S.
Bruce S5 years ago

The poor dog is just MUCH SMARTER than the people trying to catch him. -lol

Heather C.
Heather c5 years ago

Bless your heart for stepping in and ensuring this poor little waif would not be left to fend for himself in such desperate circumstances. I hope your good karma will come back to you 1000 fold.

Waheeda S.
Waheeda E5 years ago

Bless you for your efforts. Jumping Jack is adorable. Shame on the cruel person who dumped him!!