Love Saves Plane Full of Dogs: PHOTO GALLERY

They say good things are worth waiting for, and on this particular evening, passengers aboard an incoming Pilot-N-Paws flight from Louisiana would have to agree.  All the dogs on the plane are on their way to New Hampshire’s Manchester Airport, thousands of miles away from the gas chamber that was nearly the tragic scene of their last moments on earth.  And for those of you who can’t fathom exactly what a gas chamber looks like or what dogs inside experience, count yourself lucky because this is the stuff that keeps us up late at night.

The Warmth of Human Hands

Animal Aid of Vermillion Parish in Louisiana kicked off the rescue when they pulled the dogs from their intended fate.  Then, Animal Rescue Front, a small organization devoted to rescuing animals from the obscenely overcrowded animal control facilities and shelters in the South, set about the business of finding families and foster homes in the New England area.  

Because of these long distance rescues, the dogs, many of whom are as young as a year old, will have the opportunity to know the warmth of human hands, the softness of a sofa pillow and the satisfaction of enjoying a full bowl of healthy food.

The Dogs Meet Their Families & Foster Parents – PHOTO GALLERY

Anticipation sweeps across the tarmac as the nervous dogs deplane and find themselves in the arms of their new families.  Some might call it an instant love connection, but it’s more than that because the bond between dog and family began before they ever laid eyes on each other.  

There is a tremendous amount of pre-arrival preparation and that includes locating suitable adopters and foster families days before the flight takes off.  All the dogs on this flight were placed through the Friends of Manchester Animal Shelter, a New Hampshire adoption center that regularly accepts dogs from long distance transports.  See the photos

Take a Deep Breath

What this experience teaches us is more than just a simple exercise in teamwork.  It’s about rescuing animals from a hopeless situation.  These dogs, and the ones about to come through in June, were in an animal control center that offers no public adoptions.  They were miserable.  They had fallen through the cracks.  The idea of rescue seemed near impossible.  Yet one person had a vision that it could be done and everything snowballed from there.

The next time you find yourself sizing up a situation for an animal in distress, please remember this.  It can be done.  Take a deep breath.  Have a little faith.  Formulate a plan.

You Can Rescue, Too

We welcome you to share your success stories as part of The Great Animal Rescue Chase tournament to save one million.  And, if you’d like to help us rescue more dogs from the gas chamber, you may visit our website.

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Photo credit: Howard Simpson


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nice dog

Jack Price
Jack Price6 years ago

nice dog

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Claudia Cavallo6 years ago

Very nice story. I adopted my lovely dog Lucky 8 years ago because a lady almost drove over her, but Lucky was save. The lady had already 2 dogs and so I adopted this dog that now is the most important member of our family. Every one should have a dog, they change your life, in a better way!!!!

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blessed animals thanks b 2 God

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You are so right Heather God intended we should treat our animals well..and if he did not it would be pretty hard to explain why he gave them a Sabbath just as he gave man.. everyone even a donkey deserves a day of rest.

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Soo beautifully heart warming. Should be more lovely stories like this.

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