Major Quake Hits New Zealand – VIDEO

They had an earthquake last September, and were thankful that damage was slight.

But now, after the 6.5 quake that struck the South Island of New Zealand just before 1 pm local time on Tuesday, February 22, it’s a different story.

Hundreds Remain Missing

Officials there say that hundreds of victims of the earthquake remain missing. In Christchurch, rescue workers are sifting through rubble and buildings damaged in the earthquake that struck on Tuesday afternoon.

From The Guardian:

Prime Minister John Key says that the death toll now stands at 75, but that the figure is likely to rise. Officials are being quoted as saying that some 300 people remain missing. Foreign rescue workers are joining the search, now in its second night.

The timing of the mid-day quake meant that many workers were trapped in office buildings. An AP reports cites rescue workers who found that in some cases, concrete floors had simply collapsed upon one another.

But relief workers found a woman alive early Wednesday, in the four-story Pyne Gould Guinness office building — after she had called reporters Tuesday night to tell them that she was alive and trapped in the building. Ann Voss suffered several cuts and broken ribs, but is expected to recover.

While she was trapped, Voss, who is Australian, spoke on the phone several times with her son and family members.

Here’s more from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Ms Voss said she had plenty of time trapped under four storeys of rubble to reassess her priorities in life.

“Like not worrying about stupid things like: `Oh my God, where’s my bag?’,” she said.

“What does that matter? They are things you can replace later. You can’t replace people.”

Ms Voss says she believes her desk saved her.

Her son was happy that it had.

“She’s a very good mum,” he said.

The Sun Came Out!

There was some initial confusion about Voss’s rescue, because two women, both named Ann, were found alive in the Pyne Gould Guinness building Wednesday.

The other was Ann Bodkin, about whose rescue Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said, “The sun came out the moment she was removed from the building. It was like God turned on the lights.”

A light shining in a very dark tunnel.

Maybe we can all use such events to focus on what is important in our lives – not our bags!

To see what’s going on in New Zealand, check out this video:

Photo credit: kiwinz via Creative Commons


julieanne bowes
julieanne bowes6 years ago

sadly the count is now at 161 dead and many still missing. very sad...i returned from my first visit there last november, weeks after the first quake and was amazed at the damage from that (we don't get quakes in aus) so this one must of been horrendous. NZ is an unbelievably Beautiful part of the world. I wish them strength to get back on track.

Darya Tumanova
Darya Tumanova6 years ago

thank you. chilling.

Frank S.
Past Member 6 years ago

how sad for them

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C6 years ago

After watching this on the news everyday, I feel so sorry for these people. Such an awful thing to happen.

Paria Daiejavad
Paria Daiejavad6 years ago

Gosh, that's terrible.

Olga Lustosa
Olga Lustosa6 years ago

I feel so sorry for the victims. Every country and every person who has the condition should help and get involved in the re-build of the houses.I have a daughter who lives in Adelaide and then, I felt it happend next to me too. Live strong!

Rosie Thomson
Rosie Thomson6 years ago

I am in Christchurch New Zealand where the quake has struck. If we did not have the help from around the world we could not go on. The support from other countries and people in the community to others has been over whelming.Over hundred and fifteen people are dead in our beautiful city. We have to support each other at this time. Students have been out in droves digging up the liquefaction that has occured in most places in Christchurch. Our own local Canterbury television Channel has collapsed as have many other buildings. I would not wish this nightmare on any one. I am one of the fortunate to be still remaining in my own hone. Ohters homes have simply collapsed around them. The emotional toll is huge. The earth quakes are a natural phenomenen and no one is to blame for a disaster like this. The earthquake was shallow this time and that is why there is so much damage. Buildings can be repaired but the lives lost are of course the biggest disaster of all.

Bruno Moreira
Bruno Moreira6 years ago


Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago

We must help in any way we can.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

This is an opportunity to make a difference for others.