Make-up with Natural Beauty

Alima is the sum of its parts,” states owner and founder Kate O’Brien. This appreciation of the individual carries through everything the B Corp does. Each employee is essential to make Alima great. Each customer is valued for making the company possible and shaping the future.

It all began in 2004 with O’Brien’s concern over the lack of natural cosmetic options for her daughter. She wanted a selection as “gorgeous and varied as in a department store,” but without the fillers and preservatives that are harmful to people and the planet. Her answer: mineral make-up.

Mineral make-up is like traditional cosmetics, minus the fillers, lubricants, preservatives and other ingredients some companies add to extend and preserve their products. These fillers are often harmful, to both people and the environment. By relying on naturally preserved ground up minerals, Alima achieves the same effects of opacity, shimmer, and color without the additives. As O’Brien explains, “ultra-pure mineral make-up allows pigments to stand on their own.” It’s not easy to find the right formula but the result is stunning. Skin can breathe, making mineral make-up hypoallergenic and a good option for those with sensitive skin. With 60 shades of foundation, the product is inclusive of all ethnicities.

Between product and practices, B Corporation certification was a natural fit for Alima. In line with their environmental mission, mineral makeup is healthier for people and the planet. Additionally, Alima is committed to recycling, decreasing waste and utilizing wind energy. Even the packaging is made from FSC certified recycled content.

On the social side of their mission, Alima shines not only through customer care, but in the treatment of their workforce. O’Brien appreciates her “wonderful and creative staff,” who each “bring their own sensibilities.” While talking about Alima’s future growth, O’Brien is most excited about offering extra benefits and perks as only a larger company can.

Since their 2009 certification, Alima has consistently grown. This requires frequent re-evaluation and the company looks to the B Impact Assessment and other B Corporations for guidance. Alima is proud to be a part of the local Portland business network and share ideas of innovation and support. They strive to act as a leader in sustainable business. Working with the B Corp community, Alima will serve as an example of cosmetics done right.

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Learn more about Safe Cosmetic Legislation.



sondra o.

Love it! I am going to buy it!

Loo Samantha
Loo sam7 years ago

thanks for sharing.

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan7 years ago

I just got this from the website,
At Alima Pure™, they never test their products on animals, and neither do their suppliers. The truth is, there’s no need, because they use pure cosmetic-grade mineral pigments that are safe and gentle.
hope that puts some minds at rest,they also seem to do a recycling scheme.I am going to see where I can get some.

Anna Strike
Anna Strike7 years ago

how many animals were tested on to get the perfect results?

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare7 years ago

Great idea! I pray that it kicks Shiseido's and Loreal's butts! :D

Patricia Y.
Patricia Y7 years ago

How about this--natural beauty with no make up?

francalina des stans
stella bleu7 years ago

Catherine T, you're right: the Body Shop's products are full of undesirable ingredients - full of junk.
Desire O, for your info, there are a lot of vegan or/and non tested safe and natural products out there. It's all about being interested and concerned about what you put on your skin and doing your own research.
The skin is our biggest organ and when you put something on your skin it goes straight into your blood stream, potentially exposing your body to toxic chemicals. No, they are not eliminated since they by pass stomach acid; they are stored in fatty tissues and may eventually create diseases.
If you care about your health, research ingredients, read the labels and buy responsible and safe cosmetics.

Dave Abbott
David Abbott7 years ago

Wouldn't it be soooo much better for them and the planet if women just stopped smearing their faces with all this junk. I've had soooo many chuckles about women saying not to treat them as objects when they spend so much time and money decorating themselves

Catherine Turley
Catherine Turley7 years ago

just in case anyone wants to know... the body shop is owned by l'oreal. a company without a conscience.

Camila K.
Kamila A7 years ago

mineral makeup looks beautiful on women and healthier too