The Internet in Iraq: A New Tool For Genocide

Six hours. You can get a lot done in that time if you have access to the internet. Pay your bills, do some online shopping, find a dozen or so gay Iraqis to murder…

No wonder Abu Hamizi, aged twenty-two, a computer science graduate from Iraq, has made somewhat of a career out of tracking down gay Iraqis to be tortured and killed, as the Guardian Observer is reporting.

Daily, Hamizi sits trawling through gay chat rooms so that his friends in a Sadr city militia can “find those people who are destroying Islam” and stop them. When asked if this means killing them, he admits, yes, sometimes.

The deputy leader of one militia thought to be responsible for the murder of over 130 gay men this year alone, told the Observer:

“Animals deserve more pity than the dirty people who practise such sexual depraved acts… we make sure they know why they are being held and give them the chance to ask God’s forgiveness before they are killed”.

And how are they killed? As the Guardian reports, it’s as brutally and inhumanely as possible. One Iraqi mother woke to find her son’s blood smeared over her door and a note telling her where to find his body: it had been mutilated, the genitals removed and his anus filled with glue.

“I will carry this image with me until my dying day,” she said.

What are the police in Iraq doing about these killings? Not much. They attribute the violence to sectarian rumblings rather than anti-gay attacks, even in the face of militia groups that claim they are taking at least two people a day to be interrogated for being “puppies” – a gay slur in Iraq.

It is even thought that certain elements of the police are in fact co-operating with militias as they try to cleanse Iraqi society of its so-called “impure” elements. This is an allegation that the Iraqi government are quick to deny, but the rumors persist, and just how much control the government has in Baghdad’s slums remains to be seen.

Under Saddam Hussein gay Iraqis enjoyed relative freedoms. With the fall of Hussein in 2003 however, the American invasion prompted several militias to begin “cleansing” their nation in the chaos that ensued, in order to wash away the impurities that the West supposedly brought with them.

It is believed that retaliation against Westernization is one of the key driving forces behind the gay killings, because, tellingly, it is those who look Westernized, who wear their hair in certain styles or who have shaved their faces, or even dress in a certain way, that were prime targets in the beginning.

This is not so now. With this report from the Guardian Observer, a new wave of violence has been revealed; militias are finding gay Iraqis in their homes, in the streets, wherever they might be, and are taking them away to be maimed and tortured, sometimes killed.

The question must be asked, with the malitias new, systematic approach of seeking out its victims, has the murder and torture of gay Iraqis now progressed to genocide?

At the very least, the pogrom against gay Iraqis has one blogger asking, “This is the freedom young Americans died for? And American tax-payers were bankrupted for?”

You can read and download a full Human Rights Watch report on the worsening humanitarian crisis for gay Iraqi’s by clicking here.

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Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to Iraqi LGBT.


Cony D.
Cony D8 years ago

Clearly, the issue here is violation of human rights. It is pointless to blame anyone (religion, U.S.A.,etc.).Each one is responsible/accountable to his own actions. What we should bear in mind is that, no one has the right to take anyone's life, or even one's own life. Likewise, no one has the right to inflict harm to anyone too. These are definitely evil actions. People who perform such inhuman acts are sick, they should not justify their evil ways as their way of fulfilling the teachings of their religion."Thou shall not kill" is one of the Ten Commandments of God in the Christian Bible, and I believe in Islam, believers are taught the same too.
We can always show/express our concerns in a more civilized/rational way. Correction can be done without inflicting harm to anyone physically, emotionally, or psychologically. If we value/respect the life and rights of animals, then the more we should respect man's life and rights regardless of race, faith, status in life and gender. For the latter is more precious than the former or more than any other form of life here on earth.
There are laws enacted to protect human rights, when well implemented, all we need to do is obey these laws. Then perhaps things will be placed in the right perspective.
Thanks to Care2 for having sites as this one where anyone can express his point of view, and where one can learn valuable lessons in life.

Paul P.
Paul P8 years ago

Lionel M: Excellent comment !!!

Fran Saykaly
Frances S8 years ago

So: gays are perverts, ay? I would say this story makes it very clear who the perverts really are. Amazing. Religious zealotry of every stripe gives perverts, sadists and the totally depraved an excuse to commit their acts of barbarism and cruelty, at least in THEIR minds. The depths of human cruelty and brutality never ceases to astonish.

Max M.
Max M8 years ago

I had hear about these killings but was not aware how pervasive it is. Once again, I try hard to not blame Islam, but the uneducated vulgarity of those that claim to be Islamic. I do not know much about the Koran, but cannot believe that it sanctions the brutality and murder of women, children and gays.

David Weitzler
David Weitzler8 years ago


It would be more accurate to say that we are impelling them towards the splendor of democracy but which they are only parodying.

Bernardette Genovese

Lionel, i do not think this article is preaching anything to anyone - it is just bringing a sadistic genocide to our attention. Had it not been for articles like these, we would hardly be aware of the cruelty of these murders. Different nations have different beliefs WILL NEVER excuse torture and murder so please do not trivialise these atrocities. And people who care about their fellow human beings WILL NEVER turn a blind eye.

Lionel M.
Lionel Mann8 years ago

This is what happens when a country is destabilised; law and order go out of the window.
Having for many years supported and armed Sadaam Hussein the U.S.A. changed its tune overnight. That in itself should give prospective allies of the U.S.A. cause for second thoughts.
Any ten-year-old who had read the history of Iraq would have known that autocratic government is the only appropriate system to control the various warring sects. Yet ignorant Bush and his brainless lackeys blundered in, having invented a tissue of lies to support their wildcat military adventure in aid of Manhattan's financial ambitions.
It will be decades and much bloodshed before the country is settled. In that region blood feuds last for generations; those many thousands who have lost loved ones as a result of the aggression will reap revenge upon the quislings who have supported the invaders. You count only American casualties. At a very conservative count at least five hundred thousand Iraqis have perished as a result of a futile attempt to impose the U.S.A.'s pitiful pathetic parody of "democracy" upon them. Life there has become very cheap, as witness the completely casual murders recorded in this article.
Too, however, you should consider that the social ethos of another nation does not necessarily match yours. Who are you, when you consider the current chaos in your own land, to preach to others?