Making Sense of Egypt: 5 Must-Read Articles

Jonathan Schell on the regional repercussions

“Millions throughout the Middle East were rejoicing as if they were Egyptians, and beginning to take action in their own countries, with incalculable consequences. And the repercussions are of course wider still. The long history of nonviolent, democratic movements that began in Southern Europe (Greece, Portugal, Spain) extended to Asia (South Korea, the Philippines) and to Eastern Europe and the great Soviet Union and elsewhere has been no respecter of national boundaries. A reason is that the spirit of freedom, unlike military conquest, is unconfined by geography. It flashes from mind to mind. It has come to Egypt and now radiates outward from Egypt.” [The Nation]

James Zogby on the implications for Western and Arab policy makers

“When the Egyptian people organized themselves demanding to be heard they introduced a new and potentially transformative factor into the political equation of the region. It will no longer be possible to operate as if Arab public opinion doesn’t matter. It will no longer be possible to act as if policies can be imposed and blindly accepted. No longer will we be able to consider only the Israeli internal debate or the consequences on Israeli opinion in our calculations. Arabs have been inspired by Egypt and empowered to believe that their voices must be heard and respected.” [Huffington Post]

Peter Beinart on America’s proud Egypt moment

The point isn’t that America is always a force for democracy. Far from it. But when nations rise up nonviolently against their pro-American tyrants, Americans across the political spectrum grow ashamed, and that shame can be the difference between a peaceful revolution and Tiananmen Square. These days, amidst our national self-flagellation and our anxieties about decline, that’s something worth savoring. [The Daily Beast]

Michael Schwartz on Why Mubarak Fell

“President Obama, let Egypt be a primer on how to judge the power that can be wielded by mass protest. It might prepare you better for the next round of political upheavals.” []

Steven M. Walt on Winners and Losers of the Revolution

“When Zhou Enlai was asked in the 1970s about the historical significance of the French Revolution, he famously responded that it was ‘too soon to tell.’ Given that wise caution, it is undoubtedly foolhardy for me to try to pick the winners and losers of the upheaval whose ultimate implications remain uncertain. But at the risk of looking silly in a few days (or weeks or months or years), I’m going to ignore the obvious pitfalls and forge ahead.” [Foreign Policy]

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Most Recent Care2 Coverage of the unrest in North Africa and the Middle East:

Obama Condemns Gaddafi’s Actions; Death Toll in Libya Estimated at 1000 [VIDEO]

Libyan Opposition Gains Greater Control; Mercenaries Roam Tripoli With Orders To Shoot; U.S. Tries To Evacuate Citizens (VIDEO)

World Leaders React To Gaddafi’s TV Address; Update On Protests In Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria and Egypt

In Televison Address, Gaddafi Vows To Fight On And “Die A Martyr”

Gaddafi’s Grip on Libya Weakens; EU Fears Mass Influx of African Migrants [VIDEO]

Egyptian Union Leader to Wisconsin Protesters: ‘We Stand with You as You Stood with Us’

An Arab Spring?: Developments in Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Bahrain [VIDEO]


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Written by Julian Brookes, a Progressive Book Club blogger


jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago


Oh and by the way Neil a reasonable life should not include bombing your neighbors. That's why Israel has a blockade in place not for the reasonable people but for the crazies who won't allow Israel to exist in peace.



Alex G.
Alex G6 years ago

This is one of the biggest moments in history right here. Hopefully it will turn out well in the end.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Noted and thank you

6 years ago

Thank you

Geraldine H.
Gerri Hennessy6 years ago

The people have been living under the heel of governments for far too long. In some countries we get to vote for them.. so we out them in the position of power .. hover we cannot fire them when they make a mess of it!!! We have an election today in Ireland but it looks like they are all gansters!!! We are getting crucified by taxes because the Top cats in the banks and the multi million developers made millions and haven't bothered to pay it back! So the banks have to be bailed out using the the normal peoples money!!! and these top cats and bank officials still have all their money and the big cars.No one went to jail .. If I cld not pay my laon they wld take back my car or my house without a second thought .. and now we will have a new lot making promises they will not keep and finding new ways to tax us!!! Great innit????

Nye S.
Nye Solover6 years ago

I sincerely wish that this would spread worldwide, and ALL corrupt politicians, in every country in the world needed to flee for their lives.

Arlene E.
Arlene E.6 years ago

Good luck.

Nelson B.
Nelson Baker6 years ago

I hope they obtain true democracy and don't end up with a government like Iran.

Colin Hope
Colin Hope6 years ago