Manafort Keeps Lying and Colluding – The Latest News on the Mueller Probe

It’s been a busy few days for developments in Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion – while we still have a limited knowledge of what Mueller knows and what his strategy is, certain details have gone public that give us a better idea of what happened during Donald Trump’s campaign than we knew before Thanksgiving. Here’s what you need to know:


The Guardian is reporting a new juicy tidbit in the collusion saga: Paul Manafort met with Julian Assange at Londons Ecuadorian embassy on at least three occasions, including once just before accepting the position to lead Trump’s campaign. Although sources could not confirm the topic of conversation between the two, the timing is of course suspicious given WikiLeaks’s subsequent dump of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Manafort denies having ever met Assange, as does WikiLeaks.



Another person trying to distance himself from WikiLeaks is Roger Stone. Despite having previously bragged publicly about his access to WikiLeaks, now that the implications of that communication is looking increasingly criminal, Stone and his colleague Randy Credico are both acting like their original statements were all a bunch of bluster.

Unfortunately for Stone, there is an email of his own where he indicates knowing the kind of incriminating information that would be coming out about Clinton in advance of WikiLeaks’s dump. Stone now claims he was just participating in “political gossip” rather than knowing the actual details.



From the outside looking in, we’ve assumed that Manafort has been cooperating with Mueller given the plea deal he signed. Apparently, even after negotiating the deal with Mueller, Manafort continued to lie on a number of subjects to the authorities, which thereby negates the deal he made – aside from the guilty plea, that is.

We’re not privy to what lies Manafort has been telling, or whether this is actually bad news for Mueller’s investigation. Generally, in cases like this one, you’d need a key witness like Manafort to provide accurate information to implicate other key figures. Still, if Mueller is confident that Manafort has been lying to him, then he must be getting sufficient intelligence from elsewhere to back that up.



It sure looks like Manafort has been lying in a continued effort to show loyalty to Trump. After all, we now know that Manafort’s lawyers have continuously briefed Trump’s attorneys on the subjects Manafort has discussed with Mueller. Somehow, that’s deemed “highly unusually” rather than illegal. By knowing the subjects Mueller is broaching with Manafort, Trump’s own team can better craft a defense strategy and understand what kind of things Mueller already knows.

Quite likely, Manafort instructed his attorneys to feed information to Trump to increase his odds of receiving a pardon from Trump, which, for the record, the president is refusing to “take off the table.” Doing so would probably open up Trump to even more problems, but it may legitimately be Manafort’s best play to avoid years in prison.



On Thursday morning, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about Trump’s efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during the course of his presidential campaign. This is a different issue than his earlier guilty pleas for committing fraud and breaking campaign laws.

Trump told the press that Cohen was “very weak” and angling to get a reduced prison sentence by fabricating a story about Trump’s business dealings. The president added “there would’ve been nothing wrong if I did” negotiate with Russia, however.

Oddly, Trump’s own lawyers have released a statement saying that Cohen’s recollection of events surrounding a Moscow tower correspond with Trump’s own, so it’s not clear why Trump publicly accused Cohen of making up this story. It does explain why he clarified it would have been fine if he had done it, though!



Despite more incriminating evidence coming to the surface and a situation with the acting attorney general leaving the security of Mueller’s probe in question, Republicans in the Senate are still declining to pass something that would protect Mueller. Go figure!


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What a mess.

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Manafort is a fool if he thinks that trump has any concern or loyalty to him ~ pardon be damned...

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(Continued) as corrupt as this crook Trump and the Republicans. The Democrats can't win by only criticizing this crook Trump. They need to start supporting policies that we desperately need in this country like Medicare for all, free colleges, marijuana legalization, and a $15.00 mininum wage. Otherwise half the voters will stay home and this crook Trump could win again

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Of course it would be nice if this crook Trump was convicted and removed from office, but Pence is even worse than Trump. So the Democrats need to focus on ending their own corruption, allowing Bernie Sanders to lead the party, and supporting popular policies like Medicare for all. The fact that the leader of the Democrats refuses to support Medicare for all, proves the Democrats are aft

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