Maryland Senate Approves Gay Marriage

The Maryland Senate on February 24 approved a bill that would give same-sex couples the same marriage rights that heterosexuals now enjoy in the state.

Five U.S. States Have Already Approved Gay Marriage

If the House also approves the measure , and Governor O’Malley signs it, which he has said he will, Maryland will become the sixth state in the U.S. to approve gay marriage. New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Connecticut, Iowa and Vermont have already approved gay marriage rights, as well as the District of Columbia.

The bill just squeaked by, with 25 votes in favor and 21 against. A majority of 24 of 47 senators was needed. Senator Allan Kittleman, Republican, of Howard, joined 24 Democrats to vote in favor of passage.

Opponents Promise A Referendum in 2012

However, opponents, who include Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Democrat-Calvert, declared that if the bill does become law, a referendum question would be on the 2012 ballot for voters to have the final word.

From the San Francisco Examiner:

The Senate’s only openly gay member, Sen. Richard Madaleno, D-Montgomery, told his colleagues that his partner — whom he married 10 years ago — is still a “legal stranger” to him in Maryland.

“This bill is quite simple, it has two parts to it: It reiterates that no religious denomination will ever be required to recognize, perform or celebrate any marriage that is against its beliefs. At the same time, it provides full equality under the law for thousands of same-gender couples in our state, couples like Mark and myself,” Madaleno said.

Kittleman, the lone Republican to vote in favor of the bill, recalled his father’s work with the black community during the civil rights movement. Kittleman, who is white, said his father would invite leaders from the NAACP and other civil rights groups to his house when he was growing up in the 1960s.

“We lived in a very white neighborhood, and we’d have the leaders of the African American community coming to our house talking and I would go to my neighbors’ later, I’d go see my friends and their parents would come to me and say ‘Allan, why do all those black people come to your house?’” Kittleman said.

Granting full marriage rights to same-sex couples might not be the same as the civil rights movement, Kittleman said, but “it’s the right thing to do.”

Kudos to Senator Kittleman and his father!

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Photo credit: Marc Love via Creative Commons


Oca Atadero
Oca Atadero8 years ago

We should legislate equality and non discrimination all over the world, so that LGBTs can live in freedom!

Give Life A Hand
Rae Z8 years ago

This looks like the start of something wonderful...

kenny s.
Kenny Stidham8 years ago

So.....EVERY TIME a 'man-woman combo" have sex it is to make a baby? Everyone here knows thats not true. If so why is there a multi-billion dollar birth control industry in this country. Birth control pills, rubbers, diaphrams, breeders getting tubes tied. All methods to prevent breeders from making more people so your arguments about gays not breeding doesnt mean a damn thing. Oh yeah. I know MANY gays that have fathered children and MANY gays that have given birth. Being gay is not a concept or a lifestyle nor is it a choice. You haters WILL get over yourselves. Gays will one day rule this country so get used to THAT concept and get ready for it. If you dont like it, move to the middle east.

Brian M.
Past Member 8 years ago

Congratulations, Maryland! You have joined the ranks of the very few states in the U.S. to successfully enter the 21st century!

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M8 years ago

Wonderful!! This is so awesome. Love is love. People need to learn to BUTT OUT of other peoples lives already. This is 2011, we ALL deserve equal rights. Straight couples get divorced at ridiculous rates. Marriage doesn't mean anything to most straight people. It is sacred for same-sex couples because they've had to fight for it for so long. Give them what they deserve! We all have the right to chose who we love. Gay marriage should be legal everywhere.

Jeannie Miner
Jeannie Fuchs8 years ago

Wonderful news! Congratulations Maryland

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal8 years ago

Way to go, Maryland!

Teresa R.
Teresa R8 years ago

Wonderful! Gay people should be able to love, and MARRY the person that they love. Hopefully, more states will follow.

Lindsey DTSW
.8 years ago

Timothy, I can't reproduce naturally (hysterectomy) - does that mean I shouldn't be allowed to marry?

And the 'Adam and Eve' bit doesn't apply. Since we don't base secular law on Christian biblical principles.

Timothy Hughes
Timothy Hughes8 years ago

Yeah, SO-
WHY was it Adam & Eve and not Adam & Steve ?

And>> How are 'gay' folks expected to reproduce?

[ Didn't 'Gay' used to mean Happy?--What Happened?
I question the whole concept and the legal support of it.
Perhaps legal rights for other groups like Pedophiles,Animal "lovers",..