Serial Rapist: Finally Found Guilty 8 Years After First Attacks

Every year 25 million Americans go online in search of love. Of these, more than 120,000 end in “I do!” That’s a lot of happy couples, but in the search of finding your happily-ever after, others are not so lucky.

Take the 21 women in Philadelphia who turned to in search of love only to fall victim to the”worst date rapist in the nation’s history” – Jeffrey Marsalis.

He called himself “Dr. Jeff” in his online profile where he posed as a trauma surgeon, even going as far as posting pictures of himself in scrubs and with a stethoscope. At other times he masqueraded as a astronaut complete with a NASA ID or an undercover CIA agent.

For many of the women, his act was the same. He’d pursue them online, luring them in with lies of his professional accomplishments and ambitions. Then he’d ask them out on a formal date where the women would ultimately wake up in his bed the following morning feeling sick and unable to remember what had happened. Their conclusion – they had been drugged and raped.

None of the Philadelphia women went to the police right away, trying to convince themselves instead that nothing happened. It wasn’t until the police began investigating one of Marsalis’ ex-girlfriends who reported being date-raped that the women came forward with their stories – all of which were eerily similar: a bar, a blackout, and a confusing morning.

Ten of these cases were prosecuted in two separate trials in January 2006 and June 2007, but ultimately “Dr. Jeff” walked away a free man, acquitted both times and found not guilty of rape.

In April 2009, however, Marsalis faced rape charges for a third time in Idaho when another women, Jody, came forward with her story of being drugged and raped. In her case, Jody instantly knew the sex could not have been consensual because she is a lesbian.

Unlike the others, Jody also went directly to the police and hospital for a rape kit the day after the crime. There was also an eye-witness account from a taxi driver who testified that he saw Marsalis take Jody – who he was “half-dragging” – back to his apartment, not to mention a rambling, self-contradicting audio tape of Marsalis speaking to the police after his arrest.

This time Marsalis was found guilty of rape and sentenced to life in prison given his additional history in Pennsylvania.

Marsalis, however, still maintains his innocence:

“Let me make something very, very clear to you,” Marsalis said after the case’s conclusion. “I have never drugged anybody. I have never raped anybody. I have never forced myself on anybody. Ever.”

I beg to differ and thanks to Jody’s (and the women of Philadelphia’s) bravery and persistence, the one identity Marsalis was trying to hide most was finally revealed.

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John Hastings
John Hastings12 months ago

Yeah, I just saw this on ID too and it was so crazy U had to google "dr. jeff" in order to find this page. Glad he got sentenced to life in prison. Funny that it took a lesbian to finish his butt off. I guess he thought he could get away with murder practically. Maybe he did but oh well he is behind bars like the animal he is.

Mary T
Mary T12 months ago

watching his story on ID Channel...wish the good people of Philadelphia would have found him guilty for the rapist that occurred in that city...this type of person deserve capital punishment or life prison term

Tom Rose
Thomas R7 years ago

Disgusting and pure evil. May he rot in prision.

Prince Adewumi Adewale

What a beast! Is this another movie? When wil men learn to start controlling their urges? I feel for the victims!

Thomas Andrews
Thomas Andrews8 years ago


Yes, I was in fact thinking of the movie Clockwork Orange as well. The problem was that they were trying to integrate Alex after the damage had already been done and a victim does not want to confront their perpetrator in such a cruel fashion. Nothing should save him, as nothing should give the "grace" of saving Marsalis. Unfortunately the legal system might attempt to save the "justifications of existence" based on a worthless life only causing others, namely women, damage. The movie Clockwork Orange was disturbing and the general ambient was more than disturbing. One should be very cautious when viewing the issue of tolerance and living in a society that seems to have accepted violence against others. What is the good of having a conscience when trapped in a society tolerant of abuse and widespread aggression (transgressions)?

David K.
Dave K8 years ago


Ever see the movie "Clockwork Orange"? Maybe they should do to Marsalis what they did to the Malcolm McDowell character... although once he has a conscience again what's going to save him from the revenge of his victims?

Thomas Andrews
Thomas Andrews8 years ago

Regardless of privacy legislation you use modern technology like with kept and maintained domestic animals, you chip them and have them under automated complete 24/7 surveillance. You absolutely make sure to have them removed from any instance where such violations as they have perpetrated could ever be enacted again. Parole should be completely out of the question, but not incarceration in the classical sense. Removal from ALL normal unobserved modes and venues of social interaction. In the ancient days you would ostracize them and let them deal with wild animals. It's about preserving humanity and not letting scum become role models for other males. They also have to clearly pay for staying alive long enough to feel the full brunt. Nothing is ever learned from simple death. I'm not happy in a society that gives any "punisher", even a legally sanctified one, any authority. Since these people have lower levels of guilt, even brain surgery to make them "feel" more is justified. There is absolutely NO empathic component in these "mens" character makeup. It may sound harsh, but if you fix the situation, the offender can really be made to effectively PAY.

Thomas Andrews
Thomas Andrews8 years ago

I agree completely with Lisa C. The problem is also related to the sick stigma that a male oriented and delineated status quo has generated. The woman is targetted into the victim role by gender dictates nailed in place by this artifice of what everyone loves to call masculinity, when it is actually a rogue lack of impulse control, psychopathy and transgressing zones of privacy/intimacy while driven by sadistic paraphilic urges. I do not believe in a system of punishment that terminates life, nor in the false rectitude of trials and tribulations, as it does not confront and engulf the offender with the consequences of his vicious actions. It's about a control pathology and these people are part of a greater general wide scope social problem: nepotism undermining freedom and self determination of women (i'll leave out the ugly inclusive of men). Men get enough approval and validation. Men however have been able to get away with blue murder that women have to beg and barter for, yet still achieve nothing but the stale sellout feminist proxy of fatherhood rights and male vascillating on the slogan "but we are equal". Equal as any load of bull fesces. Nothing I would simply fillibuster, rather bust the chops of glorified male dominated parsimonious smug sanctity in away stealing the female body politic in objectivizing any woman.The offenders get full chemical castration with testicular removal and put on progesterone to break down the paraphilias.

Meredith D.
Meredith D8 years ago

I am disgusted by the amount of people who seem to be blaming the victim. Yes we should ALL be careful where we walk at night, because there are more evil people than just rapists lurking in the shadows. But saying that a short skirt is asking for trouble is just ignorant in this day and age. Besides, rapists will attack no matter what you're wearing. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers and it didn't save me.

As a rape victim I know how hard it is to report it and fight your attacker. You feel dirty afterward. All you want to do is take ten showers and go to sleep. I am so impressed by the women strong enough to report their attack and go to court to fight for their lives, which is what they are doing, because rape steals your life. It steals your sense of self, your sense of security, your sense of control over your life, not to mention your happiness. I wish I had reported the event, because it happened again, same guy, and I was still too scared and guilty to go to the police. I thought it was my fault for not reporting the first time, and that no-one would take me seriously. I never did turn him in, and now he could be hurting someone else. Please, ladies, be strong. Be stronger than me, and report this atrocity and help take an evil person off the streets. Your life might not be the only one you save.

Michael S.
Michael S8 years ago

Here's one for you Monica... Late 70's early 80's....New England, USA, Maybe Conn. or Rhode Island... Topic Big Dans Pool Hall.... Movie was made about this true story.... Find it watch it and when you do...Look at the following... See how many different men had their pleasure with this poor woman on a pool table in the back room of a bar.. You see Monica this was more than just rape it turned into what is called a Gang Bang.. When you watch it first see how many joined and participated...Look to see how many got up and left the bar... How many sat at their tables while this poor woman called out for help, and turned a blind eye to what was going on..Look and see how many stood and watched and did nothing to stop it..Then look and see what she indured and went through and how much courage it took to stand up and what she went through from the town folk as a result..

When you misinturpeted my what I said you failed to realise the obvious. The sample referring to the bikini..When have you ever gone to a beach and seen only one woman in a two piece bikini.. There are hundreds why did she stand out cause she stood up and charged rape.. The bikini was never the issue, it only became and issue when the rape occured..

For some it is easier to keep it to their selves.. Then to bring the claims of rape.. And have to walk down a street having everyone around you looking at you and whispering things they know nothing about..

People need to start supporting instead of gossiping