McCain Attacks Dietary Supplements: Fight For Your Health Freedom!

In early February, health conscious Americans began to hear of a frightening piece of legislation, introduced by Sen. John McCain, that would threaten access to dietary and health supplements many Americans depend on.

Referred to as the “Dietary Supplement Safety Act”, DSSA (S. 3002), this legislation would repeal key protections in the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), which stated that nutrients are food and, as food, you can have them in any form – and any amount – you like. If successful, McCain’s bill would give the FDA sweeping new powers to regulate the vitamin and supplement industry.

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The globalizing forces have long had their eyes set on the destruction of this legally granted freedom to choose high potency nutrients, each of which cuts into the huge profitability of Big Pharma products.

Thanks to a massive outpouring of opposition from the American public, it has been rumored that McCain will withdraw support from his own bill, and instead collaborate with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, on revised legislation that allegedly provides for transparency and safety within the supplement industry but without the intensive regulatory intervention proposed in S. 3002 (OverTheCounterToday).

These are only Senate rumors, however, and so far, McCain has remained publicly silent. The last public statement he made was his floor statement in which he seemed to misunderstand what was in his own bill.

Care2 has joined with the Alliance for Natural Health to keep the public updated on this important health issue, and to keep the pressure on senators all over the country so that they understand that Americans are staunchly opposed to this bill.

ANH reports that “there are also numerous rumors floating around that individual elements of the McCain bill will turn up as amendments to other legislation. We will be maintaining our steely vigilance against all other legislative efforts that might infringe consumer and practitioner access to US natural health products, on which so many Americans (and hundreds of thousands outside of America) depend.”

Help Care2 and ANH ensure the final defeat of DSSA!

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Also, Contact Your Senators Now to Tell Them Not to Co-sponsor DSSA

**Check out what our dear friends over at the Care2 Healthy & Green channel have to say about the Anti-Supplement Bill.** 

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Jeanne Johnston
Jeanne Johnston7 years ago

This is just more proof that Congress is out to help Big Business (and undoubtedly themselves) instead of representing the people who put them into office. Big Pharma is the same bunch who keep hammering us with ads for the latest dangerous Rx drugs (that list they deliver sotto voce at the end to downplay side effects that are worse than the condition you're supposed to be treating? Puh-leeze!) instead of time-tested, more basic alternatives that just happen to have been around long enough for the patents to expire and generics cut into their huge profits. These are the people who have made no effort to advertise the fact that vitamin D--available for free if you simply step outside for 15 minutes a day--has been shown to prevent and possibly cure things like breast cancer and MS. Shameless that McCain was obviously sponsoring a bill because it helped perpetuate his personal gravy train--he now seems to have withdrawn support and claims he had no idea what was actually in the bill. I'm afraid if someone doesn't start working for consumer rights there is no end to what they will try to rope under this umbrella. The way it is worded leaves it open to interpret that ANY substance you give your child, for example, could be considered a drug--meaning what. . . breast milk? fruit juice? aloe jelly on an owie? I think it is their goal to keep us sick and dependent--bastardize the food supply and hold the keys to the "cure."

Gunter K.
.7 years ago

Seth E.-
I suggest you change altitude rapidly and erratically. Change heading likewise...
And put your flackvest on.

You are going to be told just how much they "know"!

BTW - Sandra:
FDA stands for FOOD and DRUG Administration. I suggest YOU find out how it came about. It had nothing to do with homeophathy, unless your homeopathy and the "snakeoil" concoctions that flourished around the turn of the 19-20th cent. are one and the same. If that's the case then I'm surprised that your're still alive!

Seth E.
Seth E7 years ago

Don't get me wrong, I disagree with McCain's proposal, but I tend to agree that more oversight, testing, research, and education are needed.

For one thing, there are people who rely too heavily on supplements, when a proper diet would supply much of their nutritional needs, so they need to learn more effective ways to manage their health without having to rely on some pills to do it for them.

For another thing, not all herbs and other supplements have been proven so effectively over years; some effects are misconstrued, not all supplements work as consistently as people think, and there can also be dangerous interactions with other drugs, foods, or supplements.

Don't forget that ephedra was used for years and years before finally being determined to be dangerous and subsequently banned in many areas.

The most reasonable solution is proper research of these products, independent of influence from the pharmaceutical industry, with approval by a similarly independent FDA upon confirmation of effectiveness for particular diagnoses, just as with manufactured drugs now.

There's no question that there are many products out there that are nothing more than snake oil, and as these are not prescribed by doctors, if someone tells a friend about the miracles of any given supplement in curing their ills, not only might it not work for the next person, but it could even be dangerous for them to take it without more knowledge about what the substance is and what it can do.

April P.
April P7 years ago

this is what i put on the petition,this is soo rediculous i am sooo tired of the government telling us what to do its rediculous and i am tired of it.supplements help people not hurt them.find something else to try to be against i am sick of this wake up many things are going on in america and you pick the most stupid things to ban.another stupid thing is the tax on pop!!!! PLEASE WAKE UP WASHINGTON AND TALK ABOUT IMPORTANT ISSUES GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!! this is supposed to be the land of the FREE!

Eileen P.
Eileen P7 years ago

i have been sending around the petition to stop this bill from McCain........
really what it does is take away our freedom of choice.....i do not want to be on allot of pharmaceuticals as i age......they have side effects .........

here is a true story......a women went into Hospice to die.....they took her off all her medications as that is what Hospice does except for pain medications.......the women got totally better........

sandra d.
sandra d7 years ago

They have already been PROVEN, John!!!!!!!! Over centuries of use.

They are NOT harmful! You are comparing them to prescription drugs, which ARE harmful. Not the same! You are comparing apples to oranges and your request would be like making fruit growers prove that fruit is good for you or vegetables are good for you. We already know that, just like we KNOW that Vitamin C is necessary for good health. Nothing has to be further proven!

sandra d.
sandra d7 years ago

Jean S.--It is hardly a little hullabaloo over nothing. It is an attempt by the government and the FDA to completely get rid of supplements and vitamins and make sure we are forced to go to a doctor, who knows nothing about them, to get a prescription.

While the medical establishment and drugs kill about 1 million people a year, and vitamins and supplements kill 0--why don't you ask yourself why would Congress be bothered with trying to pass a bill like this for products that are safe? Logic would ask the question, "why don't they concentrate on cleaning up the prescription drugs who kill so many a year"?

Because supplements and vitamins ARE safe--prescription drugs are NOT. The FDA is infiltrated by drug company execs. who go back and forth between the FDA and working for the drug companies. They want to get rid of our right to buy vitamins and supplements unencumbered.

The FDA already has all the power they need and they have used it to bankrupt any natural product they can.

This is a horrible bill, which is why everyone who values their freedom of choice, should oppose it. Don't believe it is as simple as Ms. Feingold says. It is NOT!

John A.
John A8 years ago

Why shouldn't supplements be required to be tested?
If they want to tell me they are good for me they should be required to PROVE IT!!!
Otherwise they are just the latest in a long line of snake oil salesmen.

carole hagen
.8 years ago

Great article----read it!

gail d.
gail dair8 years ago