Meet 3 Very Lucky, Very Cute Rescued Baby Raccoons (VIDEO)

When a trio of baby raccoons were abandoned by their mother, one kind animal lover came to their rescue. This inspiring woman and her friends fostered the young furry bandits until they could be returned to the wild. Best of all, they compiled a video of adorable highlights to share with the rest of us!

Watch as the little raccoons explore their new surroundings and interact with their caretakers.

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Image captured via YouTube video


.5 years ago

those babies are so lovely,hope they will lead a happy life,thank you

KAROLY Molinari5 years ago

Oh theyre so cute and tender, thanks so much for taking good care of them, God Bless you all !!!!

Mike Sforza
M S5 years ago

@ Jean W. My wife and I saved a baby raccoon after his mom and sibling were struck by a car. We took care of him for a week (in our condo) before finding a rehabber. Our cat and dog were present and we handled him without gloves. Nobody got sick. While I understand what you preach is the "safest" handling procedure it also sounds like we are dealing with vermin (which they are not).

As Nathaniel H. pointed out we washed our hands (before and after to protect our raccoon from any nasty germs we humans have on our hands and to protect ourselves as well).

Come to think about I should write about our rescue story.

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky6 years ago

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ---St. Francis of Assisi..."

Nathaniel H.
Nathaniel H.6 years ago

In Reply to Jean. All hands were washed after Raccoon contact. You are more likely to get the disease you are referencing changing a kitty Litter, or petting your cat on your lap, and then sticking your figures in your mouth. There is also a vast quantity of information, i.e. symptoms related to this condition. it is also treatable, (I can provide references if anyone would like:) Just do not put your hands in your mouth after having this kind of contact, and wash your hands after you 'pat' your cat, or any animal at all. (:

Jean W.
Jean W6 years ago

Beautiful little ones and glad they were rescued. One thing though, that I often see in such stories is the "rehabbers" handling raccoons with bare hands. I have taken basic rehab courses and one thing that they harp upon is that raccoons can carry some really nasty diseases including toxoplasmosis. Many of them are contained in the animals feces and these are very difficult to actually totally remove from cages etc. I love all animals - including raccoons - but in the rescue work that I do we are told over and over and over NEVER handle a wild animal with bare hands. What you had in this particular scenario is a whole bunch of different species including humans, dogs, ducks etc and it is totally possible to have a transfer of disease and parasites from one to the other. Cute but not smart.

Shaheen N.
Shaheen N6 years ago

Cute & adorable trio.

Aurea Walker

ANNIE S - W the F do the Chinese have to do with this lovely and touching video? Is the S in your name stand for shit for brains bigot? People such as you really, really piss me off! Are you so ignorant as to think we good ole Americans do not do the same? To the rest of those who have the effrontery to question or offer criticism of how the raccoons have been "human imprinted" etc.... If you know so much go volunteer and do good works instead of opining on some else's work! "WORK IS LOVE MADE VISIBLE" - Kahil Gibran. Nathaniel a 100&1 thanks for the loving work you do and for the endearing video of the kits, may they go forward and multiply.

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton6 years ago

They are so adorable!!

Nathaniel H.
Nathaniel H.6 years ago

I am responsible for the video. They had this kind of contact for a limited time. They have been released, and weened off of human contact far away from their original location. These are not the first set of babies that have been looked after. For all those concerned about human contact, etc... Lets look at the alternative Euthanasia, and death from starvation, dehydration in the wild. So... no matter the controversy. These animals get a second chance.