Meet 40 New Leaders of the Progressive Movement

The New Leaders Council, a national organization that develops progressive leaders in cities around the country, has just released their list of “40 under 40” people to watch out for. The honorees include media makers, social media activists, technologists and community organizers. Stay tuned to Care2 for blogs from some of the 40 under 40 themselves!

The best thing about the list? It’s very diverse in scope. From gender to cultural background to career path, these forty leaders are representative of a new progressive movement. NLC Executive Director calls them “political entrepreneurs.” What does that mean?

“A political entrepreneur is a leader who is intolerant of complacency and the status quo,” Borelli wrote in a blog for Huffington Post. “It is someone who has the determination to find innovative solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. And it’s someone trained with the requisite leadership skills to confront today’s complex challenges. Many of today’s leaders – political and otherwise – believe that social change begins with the next election, news cycle or fundraising period. NLC sees things differently. We believe that leadership in the progressive movement needs to build for the long-term, with a sustained investment in the progressive leaders of tomorrow and the ones that are having an impact today.”

2010 honorees include:

  • Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club
  • Cheryl Contee, Founder, Fission Strategy
  • Stephanie Schriock, President, Emily’s List
  • Jay Goyal, Ohio State Representative
  • And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Tracy Van Slyke, Project Director of the Media Consortium, where I work.

NLC’s strategy is sound, and if you’re lucky enough to have an NLC chapter in your community, consider applying for their 2011 leadership instituteAccording to Borelli, “This year alone NLC graduated nearly 200 alumni from 11 different cities across America. And next year NLC will be expanding to even more cities across America including Des Moines and New Brunswick, among others.”

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I had a progressive movement this morning...

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Bee Hive Lady
Fiona Ogilvie7 years ago

Excellent leadership. It will be something to look forward to.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart7 years ago

I consider myself politically "progressive", but still, I had to open this article not to find out who these people are, but to find out what "THE Progressive Movement" is. Instead, I found out that there is a list of people, not "to watch", but to "watch out for". (as in "avoid" or "beware of"?)
I wish the "40 under 40" well... I assume THEY have the command of their languarge that is required to accomplish their goals.

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Thanks for the warning Rita Walpole; this is just the sort of thing we need to be aware of and to pay attention to, so we are making wise choices in whom we back.

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