Meet The New Face of Terrorism: White Guys

If you listened at all to Rep. Peter King (R-NY) or anyone else on the far right of the GOP, the future of this country is at risk from the ever-growing menace of the hidden Muslim terrorist. King dedicated Congressional time and dollars to investigating this menace, resulting in not much but a bunch of fear mongering.

But if the right were serious about tackling the issue of domestic terrorism they would take a look in their own backyard. Just last week the FBI arrested a 37 year old school bus driver who is suspected of vandalizing a central California mosque and firebombing a Planned Parenthood clinic last year.

Meanwhile five people in the Fairbanks, Alaska area were arrested on charges connected with a plot to kidnap or kill state troopers and a Fairbanks judge. The arrests came after an investigation revealed “extensive” plans including detailed surveillance on the homes of two of the troopers.

So who are these new breed of domestic terrorists? In Alaska they were part of the militia faction that supported Joe Miller in his Palin-sponsored run for the Senate. The group was part of the “sovereign citizenship” movement, a group tied to increasing violence against the institutions of this country.

As the Southern Poverty Law Center has noted, the number of “patriot” or “sovereign” groups has seen a sharp increase in the past couple of years, and their actions are getting more and more violent. Despite these facts though each time a clinic is threatened, a mosque attacked, or a group of militiamen arrested the media insists each is an “isolated incident.”

But there is nothing isolated about the increasing activity of these hate groups, or the copycat individuals they inspire. Rather than demonizing the Muslim community the resources of Congress would be better spent purging this country of the forces of hate festering in the right.


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ERIKA Sabout a year ago


Scott Freewheeler

The 16% are not Islamic. They are diverse and sometimes one off acts. The FBI have listed all of them. Use the link and go to the bottom of the page to verify.

Islam teaches we should treat all others as the ideal son would treat their ideal mother. The only ones who should feel the wrath of Muslims are those who illegally instigate war and oppression. If someone wishes malice on a non Muslim without this provocation they are not following Islam and must not claim to be Muslim. We should not apologise for them as this admits liability where there is none.

There is no compulsion in Islam. Islam is spread by Her beautiful Teachings, interest in superb Muslims with impeccable manners in social and business matters. Any pressure exerted would not last. If you force someone with a sword to their throat, as soon as the sword is gone they reject you.

There is no Earthly punishment for leaving Islam. These are just the lies of devils and those who propagate those lies before checking their validity. These unfortunates will suffer terrible consequences just by repeating those lies. It is highly recommended that any slander is only cast when one is certain of the facts.

If you find bad apples amongst a group it is foolish to judge the skills of the famer on the worst produce; judge the best - The Ahlul Bayt (alayhi s-salām).

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Hey Scott could the 16% others be partly Muslims. You think!
Sure everyone has a few bad apples, but when people say all infidels must convert or die. I sort of think their not my friends.

charles thomas
Charles Thomas6 years ago

Don't worry, they will clean up right nicely when they get a brown or black uniform and start roaming the streets and kicking in doors for the cause.

colleen prinssen
colleen p6 years ago

what about animal rights terrorists? animal liberation at all costs.

they support hunting people, killing hunters. its wrong to shoot a coyote -for any reason)(s)-, but it's ok to murder the coyote hunter and their family for "sweet vengance"


why are people crying about trolls here? I don't even know when someone is serious or not
"I want a snake but can't fathom the loss of an innocent life to sustain it, so horrible, Jesus is crying over it, how do I feed it tofu?"

those are real people.

you kill the killers, and abuse the abusers. rob the robbers and rape the rapists.

that is how people work

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago


Could you please provide the link to the original report from Duke University (not the various echo chamber blogsites)? Thanks.

Scott Freewheeler

All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that aren’t

CNN recently published an article entitled;

Study: Threat of Muslim-American terrorism in U.S. exaggerated Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group.

According to a study released by Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;

“the terrorist threat posed by radicalized Muslim-Americans has been exaggerated.”

From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database;

42% Latino
24% Extreme left wing
16% others
7% Jewish extremists
6% Islamic Extremists
5% Communists

Do we live in fear of radicalised Latinos?

Since Jewish extremists are more of a problem than Islamic extremists, why is there such a disparity of news coverage?

You don’t think that the CFR could be using is enormous influence on the news corporations which all are their members?

(All 18 of the largest media corporations are members of the CFR or ‘New World Order’)

But that would mean that we have been lied to....

Scott Freewheeler

It amazes me to see a thread about some non-Muslim people being prosecuted turns into yet another dig at Muslims.

Don’t you guys have anything else in your lives?

What is the intention behind the intimidation of anyone else who speaks?

Is it that social media sites contain decent people’s opinions as well as the usual mass media hypnosis? Is it your intention to spoil any civilised conversations so that people go back to being ‘programmed’ by their TV’s?

If it is you have underestimated us all. You can rant and hate and intimidate and bully but your efforts only serve to bring shame upon you and are a good lesson for those who may feel it is not dangerous to indulge in hatred.

Let it serve as a warning to all that hatred must be vaporised with compassion and mercy or it will consume you; you will lose even the pleasant qualities that you have.

You are welcome to dissect my words and pretend they mean something they don’t. I am glad if you do. While you do this to my words you may neglect to intimidate someone who may care if you hate them. I probably won’t even bother to read it unless I need a reminder to be grateful to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) that I have so much love in my heart.

Incidentally Mr. Ritchie; you have insulted a wonderfully decent, genuine and honest young woman. You know nothing of her and Praise God I am so grateful that you never will insha’Allah.

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx6 years ago


You have attacked many people on C2 and you clearly do not have any respect for anyone. You attacked an elderly lady and gentleman who were so disturbed by your ambush and bully boy tactics; I had to talk to them. Is there no end to your disturbing, bully boy, asinine hatred and behaviour? Like I said in the beginning...

Crawl back into your hole troll...

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx6 years ago

Mr M Ritchie... Crawl back into your hole troll...

You know nothing about me, you assume everything and you get it wrong every single time. The people who know me would laugh at all you have written about me because there is no element of truth in any of it, not one miniscule. Like I said you have assumed everything. That is the funniest part about your comment/comments. I giggle every time you make a comment about me, not that you make me giggle; it is how you describe me. I repeat again, you assume everything.

You are the one who spits out hate towards everyone who posts anything positive about Islam, Muslims and now white terrorists, what could it be next??? Read your own comments back, Oh, sorry you could not do that objectively, could you?
First and foremost your hateful derogatory language is not sarcasm. Sarcasm is caustic, scathing, sharp, bitter and can cut through the soul like a hot knife through butter, but sarcasm is not mindless taunting or spiteful speech. In fact merely spewing hatred is actually just plain bullying or hate speech. You have lost the ability to recognise, appreciate and most importantly use sarcasm appropriately. The result is that your words are just plain rhetoric and actually just plain hate speech and add slanderous for good measure.