Men Who Killed Veteran’s Dog Sentenced to Two Years

Afghanistan – Operation Redwing was a 2005 SEAL operation in which all members of the team, save one, died. That one, Marcus Luttrell, was severely wounded but managed to reach safety. He wrote about his horrific journey in a New York Times bestseller, “Lone Survivor.”

That should have been enough terror, enough loss for any one man.  His physical wounds healed with many surgeries and time, and to help him heal the psychic wounds of the loss of his friends, he was given a puppy.  A loving and happy labrador – DASY – her name stood for the first initials of four of his comrades.  She did what all good dogs do — she captured his heart, gave him unconditional love and was his best companion.

According to newspaper reports, gunfire woke him one night  and he fell back into the training that kept him alive before. He checked on his mother asleep in the house next door, then ran out the door.  He found DASY dead — she had tried to crawl away.  She had been shot and, as was later learned, kicked while she lay there by one of the two who were finally sentenced yesterday.

It came out in the trial that they thought it was funny, to get out of their car and beat and kick and shoot a dog to death.  DASY wasn’t the first dog they had killed, but Marcus Luttrell made sure she was the last.  He chased their car while calling 911.  The Texas Rangers caught and arrested the two.

The death of any companion animal in such a callous manner is horrible. Knowing what this dog meant to Marcus Luttrell and knowing what these dogs mean to the veterans that depend on them makes it even worse.  I have talked to veterans who have told me that their dog is the one who makes it possible for them to sleep, that they feel safe enough finally to sleep more than a few hours a night.

My husband told me about Lucy, the stress dog who was a great comfort to those at small FOBs and larger camps, where she accompanied doctors and psychologists who were counseling stressed service members.   Lucy was a lab, who wagged her way through camp, patiently allowing everyone to give her a scratch, a rub, a cookie.  Lucy would sit with a soldier, do what all dogs do – lean against a knee and wag, and listen. Listening with love and acceptance, the way dogs listen.

Michael Edmonds pled guilty to, and Alfonso Hernandez was found guilty of cruelty to a non-livestock animal.  Their sentence will only be 2 years, and a $10,000 fine.  Is this enough for taking the life of such a loving companion?  Remembering my own dogs, who lived long and happy lives, I cannot say it is.  I think I would want more.


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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Herwig Kavallar(This is not a photo of DASY)


Syd Henley
Syd H3 years ago

Two years in prison and a $10,000 fine, is just a very sick joke. For what those scum bags did not just to the dog, but what they have done to a brave man who has served his country and the civilised world, even twenty years in prison and a $100,000 fine would not be enough.
A proper sentence in my opinion would be for them to be sent unarmed to the most dangerous war zones dressed only in bright yellow underwear and be sent out well in front of army patrols, searching with their bare feet and hands for IED's & defusing them. Let them do that for the next 20 years without a break, and maybe, just maybe, if they survive they could be returned to civilised society.
Now there is a thought. perhaps the same punishment could be imposed on all animal abusers / killers, drug dealers and paedophiles, none of whom would be missed if they got blown to pieces.

Yvonne Wey
Yvonne Wey3 years ago

These scumbags of humans diserve life imprisonment or better still hang them from the next tree, I feel sorry for the owner having gone through so much then have this happen to his faithfull dog i

Teresa W.
Teresa W3 years ago

thank you

Vesper B.
Vesper B3 years ago

There needs to be a special place for people to hurt/abuse animals and people both here and in death.

Judie B.
Judie B3 years ago

May they get what they deserve by the general population, and never make it out alive.

Roberta Morrison
Roberta Morrison3 years ago

It certainly is not enough, unfortunately animals are undervalued by our legal system. Maybe if the punks had to be chained in chairs, and have to watch a bunch of Marines totally destroy everything they value, than then spend every nano-second of those two years living with vets, who knew what they did. That might make up for it.

Sandra Penna
Sandra Penna3 years ago

thanks for sharing.

anja santens
anja santens3 years ago

two years is not enough for this cruelty !!!!!!

Lyn Romaine
Lynelle Romaine3 years ago

Two years are DEFINITELY not enough. They should have been given a year for each year that the dog was old or for each year that she WOULD HAVE LIVED! AND the 10,000 fine paid in full to this soldier from EACH one. They deserve a whole lot worse but in our "Civilized" world this would have to suffice. Lowlife degenerates value THIER lives while they have no respect for others and they hate to pay out money!!!

Roslyn McBride
Roslyn M3 years ago

Bad enough this poor man who had already been through so much should lose his dog, but in such a manner, it must have been an act of cruelty against him as well as his dog. I don't think 2 years in prison (which is often reduced) for the attackers is enough.