Mexican Government Puts Monsanto’s GE Corn On Hold

Amidst the drama of the USDA’s recent decision to deregulate both GE alfalfa and sugar beets, the Mexican government has quietly decided to reject Monsanto’s request to expand testing of genetically modified corn.

Monsanto was one of three international biotechnology companies that began cultivating pest-resistant or herbicide-resistant corn less than two years ago in small, controlled experiments in Mexico after an 11-year moratorium was lifted on corn altered using biotechnology” according to NASDAQ.

When all three companies requested permission to enter their second phase of testing last fall, Monsanto was the first company to be told “no”.

The head of the Interministerial Commission on Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms (Cibiogem), Reynaldo Alvarez Morales, said more information and tests are needed before he will allow more planting of GE corn.

Corn is a staple food crop in Mexico, intricately intertwined with the country’s cuisine, history, and culture. Authorities are concerned that Monsanto’s genetically modified corn will contaminate native species, and could cause both health and environmental issues.

Local growers also worry that a Mexican approval of GE corn will leave them with the nearly impossible burden of proving to buyers that their crops have not been contaminated.

Not accustomed to being told no, Monstanto is, of course, appealing the government’s decision.

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William C
William C2 years ago


W. C
W. C2 years ago

Thank you.

Jim Ven
Jim V2 years ago

thanks for sharing.

Susan V.
Susan V7 years ago

PS on Velma's comment - just GROWING the Tainted corn will taint other crops in Mexico and harm the bess as well. WE should do everything we can to SHUT DOWN MONSANTO, BAYER, AND DOW and replace them with companies that do not put greed above life.

Susan V.
Susan V7 years ago

Please go to my petition now for an update on the GE Alfalfa issue. A San Francisco judge sided with Monsanto in a case to try to reverse the approval of GE Alfalfa, and the Center for Food Safety is appealing. Please keep the pressure on the USDA and on Obama.

Also let them know you support the farmers fighting Monsanto's seed tyranny and tell Walmart to REJECT Monsanto GE Sweet Corn.
This one urgent!

Thanks, Susan V

Velmapearl Hawkins
Velma Hawkins7 years ago

Instead of killing or choppin the entire crop, use it for biofuel.....not consumtion.

Jerry t.
Jerold t7 years ago

Eventually, we will have to uproot everything and replant with real seed.
Let's put creation back into the hands of the creator.
M does not serve GMO in they're cafeterias. I have often wondered what it would be like to have one of those thousand dollar a plate dinners, and afterwords reveal that all of the food is GMO.
How about a GMO foodie show on FOX? Oh, I better shut up. They're corrupt/dumb enough to do it.
GMO pollen spreads about, so GMO things 'just for cattle' isn't.
To give them fare credit, M food is the only food I can talk about without getting hungry.

Elena B.
Elena Belikova7 years ago

It's very wise of them to put that hold. I hope Monsanto will have no other chance to get its trash into Mexico again. It's not just occupying a certain territory. There is a pollination magic which converts non-Monsanto crops into Monsanto's ones automatically (according to Monsanto's filthy policy), letting it sue whatever farmer they like. I've seen a video where a Mexican farmer was complaining that they have just a few places, quite high in the mountains, where they can still cultivate their organic corn. Indeed, corn for Latin America is like bread, it's essential for them, and it's scary to even imagine what Monsanto can do to Mexico and other countries of Latin America.
I wish and hope it will be totally forbidden in as many countries as possible!

John Browning
John Browning8 years ago

I nominate Phillip I.' s comment ( 2-18-11, 6:13 AM ) as the best of the bunch. And don't forget People. Bill Clinton's NAFTA forced this GE trash corn on Mexico in 1994, wreaked their agriculture, creating the whole immigration problem ot the last 17 years. Why does Monsanto take no blame?

Danielle S.
Danielle Savage8 years ago

This is great news! I want to hear more like it, thanks.