Michael Vick Dog Fighting Survivor Euthanized

One of the rescued pit bulls, otherwise known as the Vicktory dogs, saved from the dog fighting ring bankrolled by Michael Vick in 2007 was euthanized after coming down with an unknown illness.

11-year-old Ellen was living at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. Sadly, she began rapidly, and inexplicably, losing weight and muscle leaving her caregivers with humane euthanasia as the only choice after exhausting all other options.

Even though the opinion of many at the time was to destroy these dogs because they believed they would never have normal lives, the Vicktory dogs got a second chance at life proved them wrong and continuing to live as shining examples of what dedication and love can do.

“I’ve never had a dog who was so affectionate,” said caregiver Maddie Haydon. “She bonded with everyone she met.”

Even though she wasn’t allowed to interact with visitors directly until last month, per court order, Ellen still touched guests and others who met her.

According to Best Friends, many were hesitant to meet her after learning about her background, but soon changed their minds after an introduction.

“You could just see them change their perception,” said caregiver Tom Williams. “She went a long way toward helping not only the Vick dogs that are here, but pit bulls in general. She helped to dispel the myths about them.”

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William C
William C1 months ago

Thanks for the information.

W. C
W. C1 months ago

Sorry to hear this, thank you for caring.

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

So sad.

N Towle
Nan Towle4 years ago

Rest In Peace sweet Ellen forever remembered by the human hearts you touched with your gentleness and trust even after the unspeakable misery, suffering and torture that you endured at the hands of unworthy, despicable humans.

We take some solace knowing that you were rescued from the hell that you were in and got to know what is was like be loved by humans who appreciated you. You didn't die in fear. You were so worthy and loved. We are sorry that you didn't get a better life and more time in your new one. Be with the angels.

ryan burger
Ryan B4 years ago

Hopefully, if there is a hell, michael vick is in a dog ring and all the dogs he ever hurt get to come from heaven whenever they want to tear him apart and make him suffer.

Ellen Gaston
Ellen Gaston4 years ago

This video brought me to tears. How so many people exist in the world that can can do such unfathonable things to such wonderful creatures is demoralizing. Animal fighting must be eradicated from the face of the earth. Too bad we can't eradicate the evil knickle-draggers that perpetuate it.

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad4 years ago

I'll leave the forgiveness up to God in this case. Heartbreaking news..but happy knowing she is whole and healthy now and that she was saved. The last hands that cared for her in this life, were the hands of those who loved her, not the hands of an arrogant, no good for nothing, sub human by the name of Michael Vick!

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

laura r.
laura r4 years ago

Never eveer should anyone forget what he has done. I fear for his children, as well.

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

No forgiveness for this animal abuser and killer. He should be euthenized for his crimes. I'd like to thank these wonderful people who gave Ellen tons of love and tenderness I'm so happy she had a few wonderful months!!!Thanks