Michael Vick is out of jail. Now what?

It seems that most animal lovers that I know have been keeping tabs on the Michael Vick case. You may remember that he was convicted of dog fighting and served time in prison for his crimes. He is now out and has talked with the animal welfare organization The Humane Society about helping with programs designed to prevent youths from getting involved in dogfighting, and also to help youths who have been involved.

The HSUS has worked very hard towards the enactment of strong federal laws to crack down on animal fighting. Laws were passed to ban any interstate or foreign transport of animals for fighting and upgrade penalties with amendments to the Animal Welfare Act in 2002. So why would a group that worked so hard against animal fighting now want Michael Vick to join their crew?

To help educate others about the horrors of dog fighting. According to the blog written by Wayne Pacelle, Vick “grew up with dogfighting as a boy, and that he never sufficiently questioned it as he grew into manhood”. The hope is that through education programs, as well as stricter laws, dog fighting may actually become a thing of the past.

If Vick has truly seen the error of his ways, I think that working with animal groups to help educate people about why dog fighting is wrong, is an great way to start to make up for what he has done. What do you think?

Igor Spanholi


michelle b.
michelle baldock7 years ago

Although Michael Vicks has been gaoled for dig fighting if he is truely repention he should be given a chance to attone for his actions. What better way than talking to people who are involved in this sport as he knows the horrors it entails and can speak from first hand experience..and educate others. His association with animals should be well monitered.

barbara b.

I really don't think Michael Vick is sorry, for what he did to those poor defenseless pit bulls. Alot of people don't care about pit bulls because they think they are dangerous dogs, not knowing that they are sweet, loving dogs that aren't born vicious they are trained by sick, uncaring people to be that way. If Michael Vick is truly sorry for his actions, he shouldn't just say how sorry he is, he should show it by helping animal charities with money donations, for the rest of his life. Let him help pit bulls and other animals get a second chance to a good life, like he got!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbara B.

Rosa Canas
Rosa Canas8 years ago

No, I am not agree that Vick works with animals again.
He abused and tortured many animals, for me can't have a second chance because he is a sick person, he need to be away from the animals.

Marsha S.
Marsha S8 years ago

I abhor the activities he participated in and the suffering he caused, but maybe, just maybe, he can establish a bond with an animal, one of love and trust.Can we say unequivocably that he can not be educated, that he cannot learn the power and happiness in mercy, kindness, and appreciation of other species God has placed on this earth in the very same manner we are here. other, father, sibling, familial relationships, protection of each other, love, play. I would hope God would provide Michael Vick the ability to become more human, more sensitive, more caring.It would benefit everyone for him to become what he was not.He can decide he does not like what he was or being defined as such.He can change that. I pray he will, but do not ask what I pray should he ever resume that arrogant, mean, nasty, inhumane immoral fool that displayed the worst characteristics a person could display.The world does not need violent miscreants in this world.

Katie R.
Katie R8 years ago

Ignorance is no excuse. Just because you were raised around it doesn't make it right. I question anyone who can take an animals trust and stomp on it. How can a person...any person with a soul or heart, look into the soft gentle eyes of a dog, cat, kitten or puppy and use it's death for their own amusement, tells me this person has no soul and no respect for life.

Elinor Israel
Elinor Israel8 years ago

Randall U - In response to your personal message saying that Michael Vick has paid his debt and should be given a chance: Sorry, but I still disagree. He should be MADE to give money to research and anything else that will help animals but, just as child molesters are not allowed around children, he should not be allowed physical contact with them. I wouldn't want him within ten feet of my animals.

Elinor Israel
Elinor Israel8 years ago

Personally, I don't care if Vick feels remorseful or not. I don't care what happens to him as long as he is kept away from animals. No, we cannot "see into his heart" but we are aware of the heinous cruelties that he inflicted upon innocent dogs. That;s enough for me to know that it's up to God to decide his final judgement. If it were up to me he would have ringside seats in the darkest place in Hell whether he is remorseful or not. All the apologies in the world will never erase what he did to those dogs. And because of the Humane Society having the audacity to actually suggest that he should work with animals I will not be renewing my membership. There are plenty other animals rights and welfare groups that really do help animals.

Gabriela G.
Gabriela G8 years ago

Once an abuser, always an abuser. Let's unite in protest against Vick by e-mailing the NFL if there should be even a glimmer of a chance that he be reinstated. Please, please, don't forget the many animals he tortured and abused without giving them a second thought, for his sick, degenerate enjoyment. He has proven he is unable of empathy toward other living beings. He MUST NOT become the poster boy for repentance.

Janina I.
Janina I8 years ago


The problem is, his motivation for being a spokesperson for animal groups may not be genuine. If he does team up with them, I'm afraid he would only be doing it to rectify his reputation and not because he truly cares about animal welfare.

Ladyfrog Lynn
Ladyfrog Lynn8 years ago

ok i agree i have doubts of his remorse, however,just remember, those who live in glass houses, just maybe he needs a second or yes a third chance. its now up to him and besides i do believe he would be more supervised as knowing he had a previous problem. he did serve his time to society, isnt that what are justice system is about
who to better have an understanding of what he did and now maybe he can educate others. after all our own government is hiring formers hackers because of their knowledge who to better help got to wonder???????