Michigan Woman Saves Siamese Cats from Neglectful Family


Written by Laura Townsend of Michigan

I had just moved into a new house when my goddaughter Stephanie called me in tears. She was living with her boyfriend’s family. There was a young male Siamese mix that was injured and no one would do anything for him. I drove out and told her to bring the cat to me. His tail was mangled and had gangrene and his left front paw was hanging uselessly. I took him immediately to my vet who had to amputate most of what was left of his tail and his paw was already paralyzed.

Sulu relaxing

I named him Sulu and the former owners wanted him back and became angry when I refused. I also demanded Stephanie go get the cat’s mother and bring her to me as she had told me that they had just taken a litter of her kittens and dumped them somewhere by a road as they were weaned and they didn’t want to take care of them or bother to find homes for them (I think the only reason they didn’t do it to the one kitten is he looks fully Siamese). They had said they didn’t have the money to get her spayed (funny they could afford beer and cigarettes). I told them if they didn’t give her to me, I was calling the Humane Society and the police and filing animal cruelty charges against them and that if I heard they took on any more animals, I would call them immediately.

The kitten’s mom (they called her Dice, but I called her Shadowdancer) was a beautiful, very small apple-head Siamese and I took her in to be spayed and they had to remove three of her teeth that had been broken. She was a housecat for the next 16 years and ruled the roost as matriarch (her nickname was Mighty Mite) until she died of cancer at the age of 19. Her son Sulu was with me up until a couple weeks ago when he passed away at the age of 18. I gave them the best care possible as I have done all my animals through my life (every one a rescue). They are my family.

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Susan Duncan
Susan Duncan4 years ago

More evidence that there really are good people in the world. After reading so many horror stories about the things deranged, sick subhumans do to animals, this kind lady is a balm for the aching soul. We have an elderly Siamese gentleman who will be 21 in August, fates be willing, and it is true that Siamese kitties are special friends.

Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 4 years ago

thank you so much,21/7

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

Hope there're more animal lovers like her

Kathleen G.
Kathleen G4 years ago

What you did will not be forgotten.Many blessings to you Laura T. you are a wonderful compassionate person with a heart of gold.We need so many more like you.


Thanks so much for rescued them!!!!!!!

Dale Overall

So wonderful that you rescued these cats from a terrible fate. It is too bad that people like these cannot be charged with neglect and cruelty. You gave these cats a much better life with a lot of loving!

Jelica R.
Jelica R5 years ago

Laura, good for you. But, did you save your goddaughter Stephanie from that jerk family, too; or at least, advise her to leave ASP. They are not her match.

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

People like that need to horse whipped and more.

Kathryn M.
Kathryn Mitchell5 years ago

Beautiful cats and beautiful human. The world needs more humans like Laura in world. I have been known to "catnap" cats from abusive homo sapiens. Great job, Laura... you will be rewarded for your compassion and empathy.

Bonnie Boduk
Bonnie Kaspers5 years ago

There are just too many humanoid dirtbags on this planet for my liking...and if I had my way, every single one of them would be rubbed out. Many blessings to those brave enough to take on the human evil that plagues so many of these loving animals!