Millions Of Dead Fish And Birds Worldwide (VIDEO)

Since I first wrote here about the thousands of dead blackbirds, followed by the estimated 100,000 dead drum fish, both in Arkansas, there have been several other mass animal deaths around the world.

Wildlife Deaths Around The World

Here are just a few of them:

*  Two million small fish dead in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA
*  Hundreds of snapper fish found dead in New Zealand
*  50 to 100 jackdaws fell dead on a street in Falkoping, Sweden
*  450 red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds, grackles and starlings found on a highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
*  1,000 dead turtle doves rained down in Faenza, Italy

In the latter case, according to The Daily Mail:

Official results on the Italian birds are due tomorrow, but Rodolfo Ridolfi, a director at the regional zoological institute, said:’We are fairly confident the birds died as a result of massive indigestion brought on by over-eating.

The most likely cause are discarded sunflower seeds that were found on an industrial estate close to where the bodies of the turtle doves were found.

‘In essence the birds were greedy, ate too many of the seeds – which we have found inside them during autopsies – and this brought on the indigestion that led to their death.’

Why Did They Die?

Interesting – overeating and indigestion as cause of death?

Other experts have given New Year’s fireworks, thunderstorms, disease, cold weather and poisoning as possible reasons for the deaths.

Is Wildlife Mortality Normal?

The Economist last week provided an interesting link to a USGS survey of wildlife mortality for 2010, showing that incidents of wildlife deaths are actually quite common.

And check out this video from Chesapeake Bay; clearly this official isn’t too worried about the mass deaths there. But what do you think? What’s going on?

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Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

AnnMarie S.
AnnMarie S6 years ago

This is so sad.

Sue Cannon
Sue Cannon7 years ago

i read a science article online somewhere about shifts in earths magnetism caused by solar storms maybe causing these problems.

Cristina R.
Cristina R.7 years ago

this is not normal, but it was to be expected. after all the things we do to the environment, logically something big is gonna happen back. this time its big enough to have caught our attention

Tanya Griffin
Tanya Griffin7 years ago

How Stupid do they think we are???

Michael Gilfillan

Be very afraid. The canaries are dying and falling from the sky, floating belly up in the lakes and rivers...but by all means let that not deter us from our chosen path to prosperity for the select few!

Cheyenne Ziermann

Scary! What's even worse is that it's all our fault.

Manuela C.
Manuela C7 years ago

That's awful, and all our (humans) fault!

Ruth Serra
Ruth C7 years ago

There is so much pollution in the world that's why there are so many deaths not only of Animals but of people with so many different disease.

Carolyn K.
Carolyn K7 years ago

These shouldn't be viewed as isolated incidents. We are all connected, and so are these mass deaths.