Milwaukee Officers Won’t Be Charged for Tasing and Torturing a Mentally Ill Man to Death

On the morning of May 25, a Milwaukee woman concerned about the well-being of her her neighbor, 22-year-old Adam Trammell, called the police. After seeing him naked outside her door, she was worried that Trammell was having a mental break and might pose a danger to himself.

A pair of police officers arrived, and after giving Trammell — whom they mistakenly called “Brandon,” instead of Adam — a brief moment to open his apartment door, chose to break it down rather than wait 25 minutes for someone with a key to arrive. They then found Trammell naked and showering. Clearly disoriented, he was slow to respond to the officers who, after a single warning, tasered him and knocked him unconscious.

When Trammell awoke, he was even more disoriented. In response, the officers continued to use their tasers on him — eventually tasing him 18 times in less than 30 minutes. After this, Trammell was taken to a nearby hospital where he soon died. Medical experts later reported that Trammell also endured at least two dozen cuts, a black eye and a broken rib.

Below is bodycam footage from one of the officers involved. Please be aware that the video is disturbing and may be too graphic for some viewers.

Nearly a year later, none of the officers involved have been criminally charged. The most serious disciplinary action taken has beenĀ placing one officer on paid leave. The decision not to prosecute was announced by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm late last month, despite the damning medical reports and the bodycam footage.

Trammell, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, had been living in community housing designed for individuals with mental illness. These facts were not unknown to the West Milwaukee Police Department, as they admit in their own reports. This was not an example of officers failing to realize they were dealing with a mentally ill man — the police knew what they were getting into.

Trammell was deliberately and cruelly tortured to death. And yet the perpetrators won’t spend a single day behind bars — or even be charged and acquitted. What message does this send to other law enforcement officers? To the residents of Milwaukee, especially those with disabilities?

This incident suggests that Milwaukee’s disabled might just be better off trying to deal with crises without the involvement of the police.

Take Action!

Corporal Michael Rohleder and Officer Anthony Munoz of the West Milwaukee Police Department have been identified as the officers who entered Trammell’s home and tortured him to death. Right now, there are no plans to press criminal charges, and neither officer is expected to be fired. This is completely unacceptable.

Trammell’s family deserves justice. Tell Milwaukee County District Attorney Chisholm that he has a responsibility to hold all law enforcement officers accountable under the law by adding your name to this Care2 petition. Please remember to share it with friends, family and on social media!

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Photo Credit: Trammell Family


Marie W
Marie W4 months ago

Thank you for sharing

Karen H
Karen H10 months ago

Police aren't taught how to de-escalate a situation, so their first reaction is violence. Tase, shoot, choke, beat with a baton. Cops look at their beats as a war zone, and think any action can be used. There's no discipline for violence or bad behavior. If you know you're going to get away with it, go for it. Police departments stonewall DoJ investigations. In some police departments there are no clear guidelines on the use of force. Bottom line - cops aren't being trained properly. That needs to change.

Joan E
Joan E10 months ago

This is so wrong.

Vincent T
Past Member 10 months ago

thank you

Chrissie R
Chrissie R10 months ago

Thank you for posting your opinions.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E10 months ago

Go to your local police station and actually ask what you as a citizen can do !!
If you're not a part of a solution, you are part of a problem !!

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E10 months ago

brian f
Just stop it brian !!!!
YOU condemn ALL police and you know it because your hate filled posts indicate how much you want to rile up everyone.

This is what YOU are indicating when you collectively put down ALL police and you know it..
BTW, I AM liberal thinking but you actually would have difficulty finding a post that I promote Ms. Clinton who YOU voted for. I Liked President Obama for his character and his liberal thinking. Was HE perfect? NO.
I actually voice my opinion with MY politicians and MY vote accordingly. I LISTEN to their platform, go to town hall meetings write to the editor of papers. etc Whatever I can do.
Last year I had a councilman and a RCMP officer in my place talking about our homeless situation in the park across the street.
You think you are SUCH a martyr whining non stop on a computer while some of us actually get dressed, get out and get active in our communities.
YOUR police are YOUR problem but I would not defend ANYONE for abuse using power or force. Quit slandering me.
As a health professional for over 40 years, I treated and cared for ANYONE needing help. I was attacked both verbally and physically but I knew I had a job to do and used RESPECT to do my job. Some care givers are less than ideal too but I DON"T sit here and say they are ALL bad like YOU do
I'm not afraid of your words, your bullying or the fact that people LIKE YOU are causing this huge divide in our societies.. Go to your local police station and

Brian F
Brian F10 months ago

Rhoberta E If you care about police abuse and injustice, which is a systemic problem, then why do you criticize me for bashing the police? Most cops are not bad people, but too many of them are, and the ones who are honest, don't stand up and correct the bad cops. The Blue Wall of silence is pervasive in our corrupt police force. Your problem is you always defend corrupt people. Hillary, has nothing to do with police injustice, but the point is that you defend corrupt people like Hillary, in the same way you defend our corrupt police. Your trying to dance out of this, but its coming back to bite you in the face.

Marija M
Marija M10 months ago

Difficult to understand...

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E10 months ago

brian f
Read what you write !!! "the police are criminals who work for billionaires"
You are the twister of words for your own ego or stupidity?
Show me where I defend corrupt police brian because you can't !!
If I didn't know what you're like from years of your slanted and often wrong words I too would demand an apology..
YOU are the problem with your gross generalization and not much in the way of facts.
You STILL look foolish
Folks and members reading this, please ask brian what fracking the Iraq war and the TPP have to do with police injustice no matter where it is or in what country.