Minnesota Moves On Anti-Choice Legislation

The battle over abortion rights and access spread to Minnesota where the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee met and approved two new restrictions.

The first is a ban on telemed abortions, also known as “webcam” abortions. Neighboring state Wisconsin has taken up a similar measure. These bans seek to prevent doctors from assisting women in using RU 486 after consultation via webcam. It’s a practice that has been medically proven safe and that has increased access to reproductive health care for women in rural areas where clinics may be inaccessible or non-existent.

The second bill working its way through the legislature is a TRAP law–a targeted regulation for clinics that perform abortions designed to essentially “zone” them out of existence. This version would force any facility that performs 10 or more abortions each month be licensed with the Department of Health and be subject to surprise inspections.

Anti-choice Republicans control both the House and the Senate in Minnesota, so both bills are expected to pass. Gov. Mark Dayton (D), however, is a supporter of reproductive choice and has vetoed anti-choice legislation in the past, though he has not yet said whether he will veto these particular bills.

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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Therese Davey
Therese Davey5 years ago

Stop everyone and read the article properly. They want to ban webcam abortions not all abortions. And I ask the question would you let your daughter make such an important decision alone, without meeting a specialist support person just using a computer? I live in a country where there is no abortion, a very high birth rate and the lowest maternal mortality rate in the world. Women with ectopic pregnancies are cared for appropriately and do not die.
Wishing another contributor that they would die from an ectopic pregnancy is contemptible, wicked and ignorant. We are lucky to live in a democracy where all can and freely express our opinions and everyone should be able to do this particularly on a caring website women’s rights section.

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke5 years ago

ANTI-CHOICE Tea Party Members = Death Squads!

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey5 years ago

You do not get to force your religious beliefs on my body, unless *I* get to force *mine* on *yours.* Which means every Jainist Hindu in the country, who are probably at the extreme end of "pro-life" could force the rest of us to go strict vegan and refrain from swatting flies and mosquitoes, or killing mice and cockroaches.

So, "pro-lifers," how would you like to live with that?

Steve Gomer
Steve Gomer5 years ago

the only choice we have , is to file law suits(stopping all these laws from taking effect, until we can vote them out of office, then tell their replacements they will too be out of office if they try to pass or enforce these stupid laws

Steve Gomer
Steve Gomer5 years ago

it appears to me, that the republicans don't want to be re-elected(what with this assault against women, and new restrictions of medical malpractice laws they are attempting to force on everyone.

Looks as if they are tired of being in office and wish to be voted out, cause they don't seem to care what we think. All they want to do is ram laws down our throats that we don't want. even though they too an oath to protect the people and serve the people.

service to us means doing what we the people want , and not whatever the hell they want....

Carol O.
Carol O5 years ago

Krysti S: So you would force a woman with an ectopic pregnancy (ZERO chance of fetal survival and 100% maternal fatality rate) to carry the pregnancy and DIE FOR NO REASON? I hope this happens to YOU!

Lisa Hess
Lisa Hess5 years ago

The same people preaching about government staying out of health care and calling obama's health plan and intrusion on our rights. Do these guys even see they are hypocrites of the highest order. What dems can't talk health care but the GOP can decide what procedures are even done before you get a legal medical procedure. This is way out of hand and it seems to me we are close to a revolution in this country. We need to put religion back in the churches and out of the lives of those who do not believe or agree with there beliefs.

Sam Richardson

I sincerely hope the Governor veto's the bills. Women fought hard for reproductive rights and its wrong for Republicans to try and take them away.

Krysti Schwab
Past Member 5 years ago

i hate abortion in any form it is murder plain and simple let these measures pass minnesota oh by the way i am a woman an live in minnesota